Al-Sheikh was born in 1336 H,1915 A.D in Kerbechant in a religious family , for his father was the Sheikh of Al-Tarriqa and guidance who was succeeded by his son Al-Sheikh Hassan , thus, he was brought uo at the hands of two honourable Sheikhs .
          From the early beginning of his life he was kind-hearted and generous . It is narrated that when he was chiled he asked his father to give him a ram to slaughter it and give it to the children of the village who were all his friends . And when some people interfered to refuse his request , his father said ,Obey his order for those children have a right on him which he sees while you cant . The dearest ones to his heart were those very poor children . He liked to serve them he was ten years old .
      Most of the people found that he had much wisdom inspite of his age. He often interred to reconcile the struggling parties .  People often communicated to his father his deeds . Who encouraged him .
      The angolic spirits hovered over this adult branch if that good tree.That was his beginning . He liked to be like the other Mureeds in standing between the Sheikhs hands in modesty till they imitated his behaviour . When he got maturity he practiced the ridding of horses . He used to go hunting on his horse . He always did not like to be accompanied by anyone , for he preferred to be alone with himself . He clung and holy-war till he got the high degree of succession . Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-Kasnazani liked him too much for his greatness . modesty and ability to serve the sound religion and he often took him as a companion when he went to the mountain to worship Allah . He stayed with him days and nights and he went to the mountains to worship Allah . He stayed with him days and nights and he was the only one who accompanied him in his seclusion and served him . He became the only means which connected the Sheikh with the Mureeds in his last year .
Al-Sultan Hussein told him that he is to be in charge of the Mureeds and so he nominated him as the successor after him which he was alive . He commanded the Mureeds to follow their new Sheikh and also told them that all the matter of Al-Tariqa are at the Sheikh Abdul  Karim and he lept himself to his seclusion till he died . Thus , the Mureeds became gathering at Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim who took charge of their affairs .

His Traits
      The ideal image of Al-Sheih Al-Sultan Hussein and his father and grandfathers is represented in the personality of  Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim Al-Kasnazani who liked horsemanship and was generous , brave , and well-constructed . He had the marks of esteem and dignity in addition to his patience . He had neither spite not anger to any person .He was eloquent and short in speech . When he talked in religious matter he became happy . He spoke loudly when he advised the people . He liked poor people and he talked to them gently when they came to him .He refused to admit anyone who has these traits to came into his session . He followed the same steps which his brother and father had already followed in their running of the Mureeds and Al-Tariqa , and in their preaching and guidance .
      He was highly interested in obeying their rules among the Mureeds , for he is the high source to Al-Tariqa Al-Aliya Al-Qadriya .
       He gave the spiritual knowledge and Ahwal to the Mureeds . He always advised them to have good conduct and creed .

His Tolerance 
He like the repentant and always invoked a blessing on him . He was tolerant and kind to the Mureeds and he made then eager to approach Allah . He often forgive the erring . When someone complained to him somebody he said ,Allah sees us and them , thus , be patient . We ask Allah to guide them to the right way .  when his speech reached the ears of those oppressors , they at once became kind-hearted . In the following day we found and they had repented and reformed themselves . He knew the remedy to these disease . In his speech there was a power of right . This power which the righteous men liked , is hated by the viscious ones .

The Reliance
He relied too much on Allah . He was not ever hopeless . When you ask him about anything , he says on Allah Allah is generous . His phrase was a cure to each disease . He often warmed the Mureeds from life to which he described all the things which the Mureeds themselves heated .

His Seclusion
He secluded himself in a small room prepared to him in which there were a straw mat , a small table on which there was the holy Qura'n . There was a sword hung on the wall . He spent most of his day reading a loud the holy Qura'n and doing his collects , praying , and doing much supervegatong prays . They often heard him crying in his seclusion . He had special invokes to read . He beseeched Allah too much . He was crying much and laughing hess . He spent most of his day fasting . He often was satisfied with water . He ate but a  small piece of poor food . He did not eat or drink much but tea .

His Religiousness
He abandoned life and had many semons about religiousty . He always warmed people from life and said about it that , 'It is soft in touch sharp-teethed poison tongued and our capital fund in it is what we were created for " in response to the holy verse ( I have only created Jinns and men , that they may serve Me) .
      His religiousness was clear in the simplicity of his clothes which were also rough . He hated the new clothes . He had a light slipper of cotton which only the poor drad . The greatest sign of his religiousness  that none sat with him and went out , but became a hating the life and preferring religious to luxury .

 His Migration And Guidance 
He migrated to the village of Mirkhaw in Iran . He went into that village and stayed at it and then , thousand of Mureeds and lovers gathered round him . He devotede his efforts to guide creatares and to spread the teachingt of Al-Tariqa among people . He stayed there about a year , then , he left for Sunindej and stayed in it for a while in which he gave the Tariqa to thousands of people ; then he removed to Mashhad city where he met thousand of the heads of tribes . He preached and guided him and they became his followed him wherever he went .
       Thus he moved in all the directions of Iran carrying his teachings about religiousness piety and guiding the Mureeds and offering him his advice , building the Takya and mosque , reconciling people with each another thil he went into Tahran where he met a great number of people then , he came back to Mirkhaw , then to Benjwin in Iraq and settled in the village of Boban where he built a Takiya and a house in which lived with his family near the baard-line between Iraq and Iran . He called to avoid life and its vanities shiting people into the spiritual and physical elation His Tariqa was widely accepted . It contained millions of Mureeds . Its fame reached many countries such as  Afghanistan , Pakistan, Iran , and some countries in the back countries such as  Zambia where many Takaya were opened .
    At last Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim moved to Kerbechant , the place of his father settled down after many surveys for guidance covered most of the Iraqi governorates such as Baghdad , Musil , Babylon , Nejaf , Anbar , Tekrit , arbil , Al-Suleimaniya and others .
   In those governorates he built many Takiya . While he was in Kikuk , he made a campaign to visit the holy land in Mecca to which a large number of mureeds and poor joined . They went to visit Mecca and the tomb of the prophet peace be upon him - .
     He went to be a guider till he departed from his life in 139H . He nominated his son Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazani to be his successor .

His religious Honours (Karamat)
His Karamat are countless , for his life was all in all karamat to serve Islam and Muslims .
     It is worth mentioning here some of these karamat and that which were done by some of his Mureeds after they had taken the permission to do them . They did many extraordinary acts such as holding the electrical wires , eating snakes , scorpions , shooting at their heads and stapping their bodies with daggers .
     Stapping with swords and going into fire are some of the karamat achieved with the sake of his invokes in addition to healing from cancer and sterility , and heart-disease , melancholy and madness .
 one of his karamat was that one of his Mureeds was condemned to be imprisoned 20 years in Al-Ramadi Jail . Because of the Mureeds family beseeched Al-Sheikh much , the latter sent a later to one of his Caliphates in Ramadi asking him to help Mureed and set him free . It was a surprise when the caliphate knew that the prisoner spent only 3 years , but his faith in his Sheikh plushed him to inquire from the manager of that Jail the duration that prisoner spent . After cheecking the records he was told that prisoner had finished his whole punishment time and would be released in the other day . The next day the Caliphate came back home and the prisoner was with him .
 While Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim was coming out of his room , a man from Al-Aghwath was carried inside the Takiya by his servants . That man was afflicted with cancer wich all the doctors failed to cure when Al-Sheikh saw him he said , he has no cancer , rather it is an effective poison went inside his body 40 years ago . One of that men companions told the Sheikh that it was right . For a snake stung him that time . Al-Sheikh then said . let him drink milk and sit him in the Takiya and he will be cured .Later , he removed his health and began walking again .
 One of his Mureeds called Muhammad Khatoor got intestinal-concer which the doctors failed to heal and they decide that he is going to die inevitablyb . His family brought him to Al-Sheikh  and told him the doctors view . While he was sat at the Sheikh ,  the Sheikh threw at him a cigarette and saud , have it . He knew that this cigarette is his suitable cure . He had it , and then , his health began getting on well gradually .
 In his time , a group of Mureeds was coming back home after they had visited him , and on their way the oil of their car ran out . The driver was not a Mureed , he got bored . The Mureeds got down and began making their remembrance . They , then asked the driver to try to start the car again in the hope that there might be some oil in the tanker . He laughed at them and said , I worked in this job since I was child , and they insisted him till he gave up . At the moment when he turned the switch on , it started working . The driver , then raised his ten fingers and said I witness that there is no Lord but Allah and that Muhammad is Allahs prophet . This accident did not happen in the whole history .
 One day he was sitting with guests in the afternoon , then , he commanded his Mureeds to do some miracles to prove the existence of Allah and His ability and the soundness of the creed . He asked them to hold the snake which was in frint of the guests , but they told him that there was no any snake . At that moment a snake came creeping towards the Takya where he and his guests sat . They hold  it and presented it before the guests and after they had finished , he commanded them to release it in a far place .
 When he was in the village of Omorghan in Al-Suleimaniya , some of the knowing men were at him discussing about the subject of karamat . They mentioned Omar Ibn Al-Khatab Hadith (Ya sariya Al-Jabal) . Al-Sheikh , then , smiled and said , this is very easy for the patrons . If you like to show you a similar think Ill do . Haj Aziz come here , Haj Aziz was in another village called Kereazat in Shahrazoor which was one day-walk far . In the next day Haj Aziz came and the Sheikh welcomed him and asked him about his coming Aziz said , I heard you calling me , then , I came , All the attendants got astonished at that karamat .
 He had a small box wen he used to put the money of the Takiya and from which he spent the daily expences of the Takiya and from Mureeds , called Muhammad , who had the responsibility of administering  the financial camec asking Al-Sheikh to give him the expence o that day . Al-Sheikh smiled and said , You Muhammad the box is empty . Be patient till Allah shows as an acted way ; Muhammad said , I became satisfied and rest and it was not long when the Sheikh called me and said , I heard flatter the box . Go at it quickly and see that Allah might have given us . When he opened it , he found it fulled with money .
 After he departed to the world of immortality . I determined to do the Umarat and pay a visit to the chaste Mohammedan tomb and Mecca . I went before that to visit my fathers tomb in Kerbechant with more fifty Mureeds with me . When er got there and entered the tomb of Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim , I wanted to touch it to seek its blessing . It shoke plainly and continuously that everyone saw it till green coverlet was about to fall . It began calming down gradually till it was stable , then I said good-bye and went out .  
THe book of Attariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadriyah Al-kasnazaniyah-Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazani Al-Husseiny