He is the Sheikh of Sheikhs, the luminary lantern, Al-samadoni temple,the saviour of mankind and demons (Jinn). The one who gave a rebirth to the Sunna and religion .He is Allahs grey hawk and the honest master .He is descended from pious and religious parents .His father, Abdullah al-Zahid Ibn Yahya ,Ibn Mohammed Ibn Dawood Ibn Musa Ibn Abdoullah Ibn Musa Al-Joon Ibn Abdoullah Al-Mahth Ibn Al-Hassan Al-Muthanna Ibn Al-Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn abe Talib May Allah be pleased with them all, is one of the most honourable men .His mother is Um Al-Khair Umat Al-Jabber Fatima Bint Al-Seid Abdoullah Al-Sanmaei Al-Zahid Ibn Al-Imam Jamal Al-Deen Al-Seid Muhammad Ibn Al-Imam Al-Seid Muhammad Ibn Al-Imam Abu Al-Ataa Abdoullah Ibn Al-Imam Kamal Al-Deen jesus Ibn Al-Imam Al-Seid Abu Alaa Al-Deen Muhammad Al-Jawad Ibn Al-Imam Ali Aridha Ibn Al-Imam Musa Al-Kadhim Ibn Al-Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq Ibn Al-Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Ibn Al-Imam Ali Zen Al-Abideen Ibn Al-Imam Al-Hussein Ibn Al-Imam Ali Ibn Abe Talib may allah be pleased with them .
On her  authority it is related that she said ,When I gave birth to my son Abdoul Qadir , he didnt suck the breast at the day of Ramadhan .People at that day could not see the crescent moon of Ramadhan .They came to me and asked about it . I told them that he refused to take my breast .Then we all knew that it was the first day of Ramadhan and it went to be famous in Jeilan that an honourable family delivered a child who does not suck at day.It is said that his mother was pregnant with him at her sixty year .It is also said that no woman can be pregnant at sixty but the Qureishi and a fifty but the Arabian .
Our Sheikh was born in (740 H),(1077 A.D) in Jeilan which lies behind Tabristan . The knowing Sheikh Shams Al-Deen Ad-Damescui said that he was born in Al-jel town which has two positions ,the first is a vast district nearby Deilams country and the other is the Sheikh Abdoul Qadirs town . His father is one of the Sheikhs of Jeilan whose alls were replied and when he gets angry , Allah mighty and Sublime he be immediately revenges him and when be like something ,Allah gives him it .He was in spite of his weakness doing much supererogatory worships , and making much remembrance .He had the ability to predict and foretell things before they take place .

The Beginning Of His Journey 
Al-Sheikh Abdoul Qadir Al-Ghailani was brought up in that religious and pious family till he was eighteen . He than asked his mother to devote him to Allah and she did that . He left for baghdad the country of men . It is narrated that when he went into Baghdad ,Al-Khidhr Peace upon him- stopped him and prevent him to enter and told him that he was permission to let him come in now but till he spends another seven years .He resided at the bank of the river for seven years eating vegetable .One night he heard a voice calling him to enter Baghdad .He entered Baghdad in that rainy and cold night . He came to the corner of Al-Sheikh Hammad Al-Dabbass who told his followers to put down the light and close the door . Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir sat at the door and Allah mighty and sublime .He be-made him sleep .When he woke up , he opened the door and came in ,then Al-Sheikh Hammad stood ,embraced him , wept and said,My son the state is ours today , but tomorrow it will be yours , thus , when you are appointed to it be just for the sake of his while hair .

His Way Of Sufism
He may Allah be pleased with him- took the chaste reg from the judge Abu Saeed Al-Mubarak Al-Makhrami who was as that time Sheikh of Attariqa who received it from Al-Sheikh Ali Al-Hakari who received it from Al-Sheikh Abu Faraj At-Tarusi,from Al-Sheikh Abdoulwahid Al Yamani, from Al-Sheikh Abu Baker Al-Shibibi andd from Al-Sheikh Aj-Juneid Al-Baghdadi and from Al-Sheikh As-Siri As-siqti and from Al-Sheikh  Marruf Al-Karkhi and from Al-Sheikh  Dawood Al-Taai and Al-Sheikh Habib Al-Amir and Al-Sheikh  Al-Hassan Al-Basri and from the sea and pivot of the Sheikh of Attariqa  our master Al-Imam Ali Ibn Abe Talib-may Allah be pleased with them- He took it from our great master Mohammad peace be upon him- who took it from Gabril peace be upon him- who received it from the Right- Mighty and Sublime He be .

His School
Abu Saeed Al-Mubarak Al-Makhrami had a school in Bab Al-Azj which was committed to our master Al-Sheikh Abdoul Qadir Al-Ghailani may Allah sanctity his spirit-where he preached people amd also where his religious honours (Karamat) had appeared . The school soon was fully filled with people who were to attend his sessions .Because of the great number of people ,he was compelled to sit at the fence leaning on the door to talk to the people .This school was enlarged by the rich men who gave their money to buy the neighbouring lands and the poor worked in constructing it themselves .
The constructing of that school was completed in the Hijria year 528 . It was attributed to him . He headed it in preaching, teaching and giving religious guidance in addition to his exertion in his knowledge and work .
Because of his wide knowledge he gave opinions to the four creeds .He was visited by a great number of people from all the countries . The sacrifices were given to him . Most of the knowing and righteous men gathered round him .They took wisdom and advice from him .To him , the responsibility of teaching the Mureeds in Iraq was committed .People differed in his great good traits .
A great number of patrons and pious knowing had graduated from his school .They spread in all the direction of the world carrying his teaching to guide people . At their hands many guilty persons had repented .And many of the Jewish and the Christians had been converted to Islam . On the pulpit he acknowledge right loudly and criticised  who side with the oppressors .
When Al-Muqtafi Li-Amerillah the Commander of the faithful appointed Judge Yahya Ibn Saeed who was famous as the oppressor Ibn Al-Muzahim on his Puplit said You have appointed the most oppresive ruler on the Muslims . What will you answer be tomorrow when you meet Allah ? The Caliphate then trembled and cried and immediately disposed that ruler .

His Compilation And Books
He had complied many books such as Al-Ghania;Al-Mawahib Al-Rahmania;the Interpretation of the Holy Quran;Al-Risala Al-Ghawthia;Tanbeeh Al-Ghabi to Ruyat Al-Nabi ;Ser Al-Asra  in Al-Tasawuff;Futooh Al-Ghaib Yawakit Al-Hukam;Al-Faidh Al-Rabbani and Al-Faidh Al-Rahmani ; Risalet Al-Wassiya ;Al-Fujnthat Al-Rabbaniya .

His Departure
Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani died in Baghdad on Saturday the 8th of Rabie the late in (561 H),(1165 A.D) after he spent his life in worship and service of Allah .
     He was buried in his school in Bab Al-Azj in Baghdad . Because of the great number of people who attended his funeral and crowdedness ;they could not bury him at day , so he was buried at night .
Al-Sheikh Abdoul Qadir Al-Ghailani was endowed with status of closeness to Allah and honouring .The greatest patrons submitted to him and those who love a knowledge of Allah make him as their source . Between his hands the flag of polarity was held. He was crowned the crown of Ghawthiya . He acquired both the apparent and the inward knowledge .And every patrons in all the lands of the world had seen that and submitted to him and heard Al-Sheikh Abdoul Qadir saying My foot this is on each patrons neck .

His Religious (Karamats)
In many famous tales narrated by a group of great Sheikh it is related that he may Allah sanctity his spirit- said, talking to people my foot this is on each patrons neck in his session there were all the Sheikhs of Iraq ,among them Al-Sheikh Al-Najeeb Al-Sahrawardi and Al-Sheikh Gathib Al-Ban Al-Musili;Al-Sheikh Abu Al-Suood Ahmed Ibn Baqir Al-Attar and others ,all who were attending there stopped their heads except one man from Asbahan who didnt bow his head then he was damned
 It is narrated unanimously that he said The first place I visited is Baghdad while I was young .When I reached the minaret known as Um Al Quroon where I met Al-Sheikh  Udei Musafir who was young too .He asked me where are you going ? Mecca, I replied .He sked me would you like me to accompany you ? I am just at the very beginning I answered .Then we walked together .After some distance we met a very slim Abyssinian bondmaid with her face veiled .She stood and gazed at me and said ,You boy,where are you from? I am from persia , I responded .She said You have me tired today .Why I inquired . Because I was right right right now in Abyssinian and I was told that Allah enlightened your heart and bestowed you with many things that are not given to anyone other then you . So I wished to know you .I want to accompany you and break my fast tonight with you .We bagan walking on one side of the valley and she is on other .When it was the dinner time we saw a dish coming down from the sky . When it came nearer to us , we found in it six loaves bread , pickle and beans. She , then said Thanks to Allah who honoured me and my guests when he sent down to me every night two loaves .Each one of us ate two loaves .Later on , three cups came down to us full of water which was more delicious than the clear water . She then went in that night .
 He said that in my holy-strife time I heard a sayer saying You Abdul Qadir , You havent been created to sleep . We have liked you when you were nothing , so do not forget us while you are a a great thing    .
 He said I did not eat till I hear someone says for my sake eat and I never drunk till I hear voice says drink for my own sake and I have never done anything till I am commanded to do it .
 Udei Ibn Musafer said that once it rained while the Sheikh eas talking , then some people went . He raised his head up to the heaven and said I bring together , you separate.It then stopped rainning on the area of the session whereas it continued on the other areas outside the school .
 On the authority of Al-Sheikh Abu Al-Qessem Omar Ibn Masuood Al-Bazaz that an old man came with him a young man to our Sheikh and said invoke a blessing upon him , for he is my son.He was not his son,but they were in a bad relationship .Al-Sheikh then became very angry and said,Did it teach to his extent ? He went into his house and then wide fire ,another place went on fire. He said I saw the calamity is going to cover all of Baghdad because of Sheikhs anger. I hurried and entered on him . I found him very angry . I sat beside him and began asking and beseeching him to be kind or all people today are going to perish till I could calmed him down . The disaster then went away and the whole fire went down .
 They said one day Tigris overflow till Baghdad was to be flooded people then came to our Sheikh asking for help . He hold his staff and came to the river . He fixed it injected his staff at the terminal of the water and said,stop here , the water immediately began coming down .
 Omar Al-Baza said once I went out with Sheikh to the mosque on Friday the 15th of Jamada the first in the year 556 and none greeted him. I wondered whu is it so today whereas in each Friday we could not reach the mosque easily because of the great crowded of people who came and great the Sheikh , and while I am in my thoughts , he looked at me with a smile and then all the people came hurringly to
great him I said to myself ,this stete is better than the first He turned to me and said ,you Omar , You wanted this ,did not you know that the peoples hearts are in my hand thus, I can turn them away from me or bring them close some it I wish?.
  Our Sheikh religious honours (Karamat) are countless and If we attempted to mention them we would have written many volumes .But we preferred to remind the reader with some of them and if he wished to read more about them , he has to go back to the books which contain them .

The reference
The Book of Attariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadriah Al-Kasnazaniyah -Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazaniy Al-Hussieny.P373-380.