Al-Thiker (Remembrance)

Sheikh Ghailani said about the remembrance of Allah ; You who are proud of yourself , you who are rich ; dont go to the extreme , be close to the sessions where Allah is remembered . Trust your (Sheikh) and listen well to him . You who befriend the devil and trust (him) , kick (him) away to save your faith , remember your God to eliminate the devil . Always remember Allah , when you eat and drink , your tongue and heart , say The only saviour for man is Allah (mighty and sublime be He) the devil will be defeated by remembrance of Allah .
Prophet Muhammad (P) said (these heart are to be exhausted , but by reading the Holly Quran and attending the sessions of remembrance these hearts are to be revitalized .
The sessions of those well informed people who have sound knowledge of religion purify and soothe the hearts . Once a man cam e to  Al-Hassan Al-Basri complaining of having cruel heart , Al-Basri told him Remember Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) with those true believers who always remember the creator , those who truly imagined the thereafter and ignored the life of this world , and who found self-realization in the obedience to Allah and is the refrain from sins . Dont despair ,for the mercy of Allah is so great , always remember Allah , recite the Holy Quran , abide by the suna of Muhammad (P) and attend the sessions of Remembrance . Your heart will be revitalized like a barren land saved by rains , if you keep on remembering your Creator to win the good in booth world . If you solely rely on yourself  and on the surrounding creatures with no link with Allah , You despair and loose Rely on Allah in every step and let your heart be preoccupied with Him .
    Lexically ; Remembrance (Al-Thiker) means to memorize something and keep it on ones own tongue . For the Followers of (Attariqa) it entails endeavour to overcome ignorance in order
 to see and observe motivated either by fear or by love . It is to forget everything except Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) 1

The Divisions of Remembrance
A- Remembrance by tongue (speech) : which comes out of the heart , eagerly done by the devoted person who enjoys listening to such remembrance .
B- Secret Remembrance : which is done by those elite and fully devoted believers . It mean the identification of the person who remember with  the (Remembrance) in such a totality that no distinction is possible .         
Remembrance by speech is a but a start ; the real remembrance is that of the heart ; the true believer (Al-Saliq) remembers his creator by his heart ;Sheikh Al-Ghialani said (The real remembrance is done by the heart ; tongue is but a slave of the heart )2 .
Sheikhs of (Attariqa) agreed that the most efficient guide to the way of virtue and righteousness is more remembrance of Allah ; Abu Al-Saood ibn Abi Alashaer says (The steps that the (Mureed) should adopt are ; more remembrance of Allah by speech with  a living heart .. more remembrance together with faithfulness could turn a clay into pure gold)3.
Our Sheikhs considers Remembrance as essential step on the right path of virtue ; thus the (Mureed) must always remember Allah being the only cure for the heart .
Sheikh Ali Al-Marsafi says The Sheikhs found that the best efficient drug for theMureed is the remembrance of Allah , those who remember Allah are like those who clean a rusty silver by a pebble , and those who dont , like those who clean the silver by soap) .4
By remembrance the devil is defeated ; Prophet (Muhammad)(P) said (Ye , believer , Exhaust your devil by saying No devil is exhausted by this remembrance just like a camel exhausted by overloads ).
  Remembrance is Sheikhs from the tongue to the heart if the (Mureed) keeps its repetition with enjoyment till it become a warm cure to the heart .5

Remembrance in The Holly Quran 
Remembrance (Thiker) as a word had been mentioned in the Holy Quran in various meanings . in some verse, it came to mean (Quran); Allah mighty and sublime be He) said (We have , without doubt , sent down the Message , and we will assuredly guard it (from corruption)


It also came to mean collective prayer(Jamaa),
Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Ye , who believe ! when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (The Day of Assembly), Hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of God))


   Remembrance is also mentioned to mean Knowledge :Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (If ye, realize this not , ask of those who posses the Message)  .


  In some other verses , more than thirty verse , (if ye remember Me : I will remember you . Be grateful to Me , and reject not faith ) 

 In this verse , the remembrance of Allah by the believer is to be made so that Allah Remembers his slave (the believer) . Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (may Allah be pleased with him) said (To remember Allah to make yourself remembered by Allah , His remembrance to you is best and most honourable than you to Him)
(Remember me by eagerness and love you , I remember you by intimacy , remember me with grace and praise , I remember you by gratefulness and reward , remember me by ( Attwaba-repentance . I remember you by forgiveness , remember me by invocation , I remember you by bliss, remember  me by demand , I remember you by giving , remember me with no ignorance , I remember you always , remember me by regret , I remember you by generosity , remember me by  apology , I remember you by forgiveness , remember me by heart , I remember you by removing grievance , Forget me not , I remember you safely , remember me in need and I remember you when you didnt remember me temporarily and I remember you forever , remember me truly and I remember you smoothly , remember me greatly and I remember you generously , and the greatest in the Remembrance for Allah)  .
For the believers that there hearts in all humility should engage the remembrance  of God of the Truth which has been revealed (to them) 


Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) promised those with remembered Him with the good bless : (And give thou the good news to those who humbly themselves to those whose hearts when God is mentioned Are filled with fear ) 

 Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said ( And celebrates has praises as He has directed you )

 Which entails good remembrance of Allah begin the guide of all begins who has endowed man the best gifts.
Some other verse refer to Remembrance and urge the believers to abide by , like the following :
 Then Al-Mighty said(Then celebrate the praises of thy lord again and again and glorify Him in the evening and in the morning )

(For men and women who engage much in Gods praise , for them has God prepared forgiveness and great reward) 


(Ye have indeed in the Apostle of God A beautiful pattern(of conduct) for any one whose hope is in God and He final Day and who engages much in the praise of God)

(Ye who believe ! celebrate the praises of God , and do this often)


(That we may celebrate try praises without stint , and remember theee without stint)

(Ye who believe ! when you meet a farce Be firm , and call God in remembrance much (and often) that ye man prosper)

There is no limitation as to how achieve (Remembrance); the Al-Mighty said (When Ye pass (congregations prayers , celebrate God praises , standing , sitting down , or lying down on your sides)

Thus he who remembers can do so while standing , sitting or lying on side.
Remembrance can be done in various transparent , morning or evening and it is not subject to specific time .
  This is indicated in various verses of the Holy Quran :
 The Al-Mighty said (And do thou (O reader!) bring thy Lord to remember in thy (very) soul , with humility and in reverence without loudness in words in the mornings and evenings; And by not thou of those who are unheedful)


(And celebrate the name of thy Lord morning and evening)

(lit is such a Light in houses which God hath permitted to be raised to honour , for the celebration , in them of His name , In them is He glorified in the mornings and in the evenings , (again and again ). By men whom neither Traffic nor merchandise can
divert them from Remembrance)

(Therefore be patient with what they say , and celebrate (constantly) the praises of thy Lord before the rising of the sun and before the sitting . Yea celebrate then for part of the hours of this night , and of the sides of the day : that thou maybe have (spiritual) joy)


Others believe that Remembrance should follow each prayer , and it should be limited Remembrance as it is mentioned in the Prophetic Hadiths; sometransparent before prayer and after or within the prayer as mentioned in the Holy Quran . The Al-Mighty said (Verily , I am God , there is no God but God I , so serve thou me (only) , and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise)


/left]     The Al-Mighty said (But those who will prosper , who purity themselves and glorify the name of their Guardian Lord and (lift their hearts) in prayer)

     Remembrance , both before and during the prayer , is possible , the Al-Mighty said (When ye pass (congregations) prayer celebrate Gods praises)

 In some chapters (Suras) of the Holy Quran , Remembrance is ordered to be celebrated in specified situations explained in the suna .
   The Al-Mighty said (That they may witness the benefits (Provided) for them and celebrate the name of God , through the days appointed ) 


( And those who , having done something to be ashamed of , or wronged their own souls earnestly bring God to mind and ask for forgiveness for their sins)

(So when ye have accomplished your holy rites , celebrate the praises of God , as ye used to celebrate the praises of your fathers , yea with for more heart and soul)

The last verse calls for more Remembrance after the rites of pilgrimage , as we usually remember our fathers . The Al-Mighty said (Celebrate the praises of god during the appointed days)


those day are the three days after the tenth when the pilgrimage stay in the valley of Mina for prayer and praise , they are called days of (Al-Tashriq).
     In some suras of the Holy Quran , the believers are warmed if they dont celebrate the Remembrance :
The Al-Mighty said (But if any turns away from the Remembrance of his Lord . He will cause him to undergo a serve penalty )


(If anyone withdraws himself from Remembrance of (God) most gracious , we appoint for him an evil one , to be an intimate companion to him)


(Satans plan is (but) the excite enmity and hated between you , with intoxicant
and gambling , and hinder you from will ye not then abstain )


The Al-Mighty said (Ye who believe liet not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of God . If any act thus , the loss is their own)


(Nor obey any whose heart we have permitted to neglect the Remembrance of Us, one who follows his own desires , whose case has gone beyond all bounds)

(The hypocrites they think they are over reaching God ,But He will over reach them : when they stand up to prayer , they stand without earnestness to be seen of men , but little do they hold God in remembrance) 

(But whosoever turns away from My message , verily for him is a life narrowed down , and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of judgment) 


   Commenting on his last Sura , Ibn Jubeir said that (God makes man devoid of satisfaction and miserable ; other mystics said , if man abstains from the Remembrance , he will be upset living in
darkness) 1we close up this augment by what the Al-Mighty said (For without doubt , in the Remembrance of God , do hearts find satisfaction)

Thiker (Remembrance) In The Holy Prophetic Hadiths
So many prophetic Hadiths had refereed to Remembrance and the reward (Thawab) and forgiveness endowed to those who remember Allah ; is same Hadiths , Prophet Muhammad (P) warned those who abstain from remembrance ; in the Qudsi Hadith , the Prophet said that the Mighty said (He who remember Me by himself , I remember him through my angles , and if he remember me in public , I remember him to Allah , the Al-Mighty) 
  On the authority of Al-Sheikhan ,al-Tirmithi and Ibn Maja , the Prophet (P) said that the Al-Mighty said (I am as my servant thinks I am , I am with him when he makes mention of Me . If he makes mention of me to himself , I make mention of him to Myself , and if he makes  mention of Me in an Assembly , I makes mention of him in an assembly . better than it . and  if he draws near to Me a hands span , I draw near to him an arms length ; and if he draws near to Me an arms length , I draw near to him a fathoms length . And if he come to Me walking , I go to him at speed ) .
    On the authority of Abu-Hurayrah , who said that the Prophet (P) while passing through the mountain of (Hamddan) , said (March , this is (Hamaddan) , we hanters; then they (the listeners) said : who are the chanters ? , the Prophet (P) said : Chanters are those (men and woman ) who remember Allah all the time ) 44
On the authority of Ibn Majah and Ibin Haddan , the Prophet (P) said Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said : I am with my servant (the believer) if he remember Me) .
On the authority of Tirmithi Ibin Hayan , Ibin Majah and Al-Hakim this Hadith was said (That a man said to the Prophet (P) : Would you tell me , Messenger of Allah , which of the teaching of Islam should I abide by since they got increased) , the Prophet (P) answered : Your tongue is still wet by the remembrance of Allah) .
Through Ibin Abi Aldunyah , Al-Tabarani and Al-Bazzaz ; Aaath Ibin Jabbal (may Allah be pleased with him)said The last night I asked the Prophet (P) about was that which is the most lovable deed to the Al-Mighty the prophet said (It is when you die and having your tongue wet by the remembrance of the al-Mighty Allah) .
On the authority of Al-Sheikhan the Prophet (P) said (It is the living who remembers his God , but he who does not remember his God is like the dead )48 . Because by Remembrance , the hearts are revitalized , and he whose heart is lively he himself is living , and he whose heart is dead , he himself is dead .
On the authority of Imam ahmad , Abu Yaali and (bin Habban and as confirmed by the (Hakim) , the Prophet (P) said (Remember the Al-Mighty Allah more and more till they consider you as mad ) .
Ahmad and Al-Tabarani mentioned that Abdullah Bin Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said : I asked the Prophet (P) about the fruit of the Remember (Thiker) sessions ?; the Prophet (P) said (The fruit of remembrance is Heaven and Heaven) .
 On the authority of Al-Tabarani and Al-Bukhari , the Prophet (P) said (Those inhabitants of Heaven regret nothing except that they missed an hour in which they did not remember the Al-Mighty) This regret comes to the believer soon after
being placed in Heaven when they see the great positions of those who used to remember God.
On the authority of Imam Ahmad , the Prophet (P) said ( Whenever people meet to remember the Al-Mighty Allah for His own sake , they will hear a heavenly call telling them : You are forgiven ; your bad deeds are changed into good ones)  .
On the authority of Al-Tirmithi , the Prophet (P) said (If you pass by the meadows of Heaven , enjoy yourself ; they asked : what is the meadows of Heaven , The Prophet answered (It is the session of remembrance)On the authority of Al-Tabarani and Imam Ahamad , Maath bin Anas said : a man asked the Prophet (P) : who is the most genuine Mujahid (true believer) ? the Prophet (P) answered : (He who mostly remember Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) , then the man asked : who are the best rewarded fasting man ? ; the Prophet (P) answered : (He who mostly remember Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) , then mentioned prayer , charity , good deed pilgrimage ) but Prophet (P) gave the same answer (those who mostly remember Allah the Mighty) .
 Abu Baker said to Umar : Ye Abu Hafs those who remember the Al-Mighty have reaped all the good : then the Prophet commented (Yes , it is true)
On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (related by Bakhari and Muslim) , the Prophet (P) said (Allah Mighty and sublime be He ) has supernumerary angles who love about seeking out gathering in which Allahs name is being invoked ; they sit with them and fold their wings  round each other , filling that which is between them and between the lowest heaven . When (the
people in the gathering) depart , (the angles) ascend and rise up
to heaven . He said then Allah Mighty and sublime be He asks them (Though He is most knowing about them . From where have you come ? And they say : We have come from some servant of Yours on earth ; they were glorifying you , Praising you and asking (favours) of You He said : And what do they ask of Me ? They say : They ask of Your Paradise ? He says : And have they seen My Paradise ? they say : No , O Lord , He said : And How would it be were they to have seen My Paradise ? They say : And they ask protection of You . He says : From what do they ask protection of Me ? They says : From Your Hell-fire , O , Lord . He says : and have they seen My Hell Fire ? they says : No He says : And how would it  be were ask for Your forgiveness , He  Said : Then He says : I have forgiven them and I have bestowed upon them what they have asked for , and I have granted them    sanctuary from that from which they asked protection) .
On the authority of Anas Bin Malik , the Prophet (P) said (The Al-Mighty says : Come out of the Hell-Fire he who remembered Me a day and feared Me in a situation) .
On the authority of Abu-Dawwod , Al-Tirmithi and Al-Hakim , The Prophet (P) said (The servant of Allah would be closet to his God at the midnight , so , if you can remember Allah in such time , Do so)
On the authority of Al-Tirmithi, the Prophet (P) said (He who , at the dawn , pray with a group , then sits and keeps remembering Allah till the sun rises , then he prays twice ; this would be rewarded (by Allah) like that rewarded of making pilgrimage and Umra ; the Prophet (P) said it would even be considered complete pilgrimage and Umra) .
On the authority of Ibin Abi Alduniya , the prophet (P) said (He who prays at the dawn and them remember the Al-Mighty till the sun rises ; He , then , would be saved from the Hell-Fire) .
On the authority of Al-Tabarani , the Prophet (P) said (Three are most loved by the Al-Mighty with  whom He exult and pleases then the Prophet (P) mentioned one of them ; a man who has a beautiful woman , comfortable bed yet he wakes up at night curbing his sexual lust , and dedicates himself to the Remembrance of Allah)
On the authority of Al-Tirmithi , collected by Ibin Khaziman and Ibin Habban and other , the Prophet (P) in a long Hadith said (I command you to remember the Al-Mighty more and more by dong so , you ll. be like a man chased by an enemy .. till he finds a shelter to prophet himself .. so is the case of the servant of Allah Who can not escape from the devil by the Remembrance of Allah)
On the authority of Al-Tabarani the Prophet (P) said (He who does not remember much the Al-Might , would be away from true faith) .

Individual And Collective Remembrance (Thiker)
We have noticed the importance of collective remembrance in the Prophetic Hadiths , and the followers of (Attariqa) conceive the collective Remembrance as being better than individual one because it entails intimacy and cooperation . Therefore , our (Kasnazani) pattern of worship is the most collective way or Remembrance and other related rituals after the five prayers , besides the formed Remembrance on Monday and Thursday , The individual Remembrance is also recommended depending on the enthusiasm of the (Mureeds) and his own endeavour .
In this regard , Alshaarani quotes the opinion of Imam Ghazali who compares the collective prayer with the collective recital ; he says (It is almost like the impact created by so many voices reciting the Holy Quran which is more powerful than that created by one voice ; So is the collective Remembrance being more influential than that made by one person . Al-Ghazali supports this idea by comparing the hearts to a some that can not be easily smashed only by collective force)

The Audible Remembrance 
Both types of Remembrance are acceptable each in the time and the place specified . The audible Remembrance is recommended is certain situations and unrecommended in others , Here , we refer to some Sacred Prophetic Hadiths the recommend Remembrance . The Holy Quran refers to this like for example in (There is no God but Allah) and the names of the Al-Mighty . Some Hadiths advocate the audible recitation of the Holy Quran .
On the authority of Ibin shadad Bin Aus , the Prophet (P) said to his companions (Raise your Hands and say there is no God but Allah) (His companions raised their hands for an hour ) 56 then the Prophet (P) raised his own hand and said Praise be to You My Lord ; You sent for this message (There is no God , but Allah ! and commanded me to abide by and promised me of Heaven thereon ; You are not but the keeper of the promise then he (the Prophet) said (Be assured , Allah has forgiven you) . This Hadithis clear evidence of audible Remembrance as done by the Prophet (P) and his listeners .
On the authority of Al-Bayhaki through Zeid Ibun Aslam , Ibin Alada said : one night I was with the Prophet (P) and we heard a loud voice of a man in the nearby mosque , then I said to the Prophet (P) : thois man might be hypocrite he said : no , but he is repentant Ibin Ishaq said that Muhammad Ibin Ibrahim Al-Tirmi said : Abdullah who is called Thu Al-Bijadin (which is special dress of two parts). Was an orphan living with his uncle . After being converted to Islam , to his uncles cruel punishment which extended to his own dress . After that , Abdullah resorted to his mother who provided him with new dress . At the morning , the Prophet (P) told him :You are
Abdullah (Thu Al. Bijadain) be close to my door . He stayed as the Prophets door loudly remembering his God . Then . Umar asked : isnt he a hypocrite ? / The Prophet (P) said No, but he is repentant (Awab) .
On the authority of Abi said Al- Khadri through Imam Ahmad Ibin Udday , Al-Hakim and Al-Buaihaqi. The Prophet (P) said (Keep remembering Allah till they call you mad) people will not call man mad unless he raised his voice by audible Remembrance .
On the authority of Abi Abbas through Al-Tabarani , the Prophet (P) said ( Remembrance your God more and more till hypocrites call you flatters) . This is also confirmed by Abi Aljazah through said bin Mansur , Imam Ahmad and Baheki .
Sheikh Seid Abdul Karim Al-Kasnazani emphasizes on the perdurability of Audible Remembrance ; he said (The audibility of Remembrance has great effect on the heart like the effect of the hammer on the crippled iron , whereas the silent Remembrance is like beating of a light piece of Wood on Iron .

Saying On The Virture Of remembrance (Thiker)
Imam Ali ( May Allah pleased with him) said : Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) makes remembrance as a cure of the hearts in time of grievance , and it is a light for the heart after darkness , and it is a guide for the heart after predicament) . He also  said By Remembrance and recitation of Quran , the believers would be able to contemplate Allah (mighty and sublime be He) , but they can not see Him for He is too intimate to be seen and too visible to be hidden , so Ye , believers , he close to God any enjoy the Remembrance of Him).
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (May Allah pleased with him) said (who remember Allah authentically , would  be obedient , but if
he is ignorant , he is , then , a disobedient)
On the authority of Ibin Abi Al-Dunia , Umar bin Al-Khatab  ( May Allah p0leased with him) said (Dont) busy yourself with the mention of people , for it would be a source of grievance to you , but remember your God , for in the Remembrance of Him you find cure , but in the tention of people you find illness)60.
On the authority of Ibin Mubarak , Uthman bin Affan (May Allah pleased with him) said(If our hearts are purged , the hearts will not be fed up with the remembrance of Allah) .
Ibin Abbas said (No duty is impased by God without being fully clarified , and is not fully performed forgiveness is provided ; with exception of Remembrance , it has no limited boundaries and no one is forgive if he remember not his God only that who is mad).
Sheikh Ghilani said (If the heart keeps remembering his God , if (the heart) would be blessed by knowledge , enlightenment and belief in the ones of Allah ; and by ongoing Remembrance , goodness is provided this world and in the thereafetr)- Muhei Al-deen bin Arabi said (If you keep stimulating your heart by Remembrance , it would be enlightened to guide in the right Path .
- Al-Shaarani said Remembrance is a sword at the hands of the (Mureed) by which they fight their enemy ; the genie or the man , and by which they kick out the grievances they meet)  . He also said that permanent Remembrance enables man in life to be good successor of Allah on earth) .
- Abu Baker Al-Shibli said the following lines of poetry in
- Remembrance sessions :
I remember you not for forgetting you a while By tongue easiest Remembrance is done , without being in love , I was dying of love , With a heart vehemently pulsing , When love brought you close to me , I saw you there everywhere I addressed you with no word and observed you with no eye.

Rules Of Remembrance
Every worship must be based on moral rules : and morality is the core of the suna of Muhammad (P) who said (I am morally conducted by Allah , the best morality
I got).
Morality is the most distinguish characteristics of the Prophet (P) who is described by the Al-Mighty (And thou (standard) on an exalted standard of character)


    So , no servant of Allah would be able to be close to such great character of sound morality unless he cultivates himeslf to win such  a bless . And to be close to God , he should exert utmost effort to gain sound morality at the hand of the Sheikh who will cultivates , purge and guide (Mureeds) to the right (Path) .
     Some rules of morality have been prepared by the Sheikhs by which the true (Mureed) must abide :
1- Genuine Repentance (Tawba).
2- Cleaning and ablution in time of Reemembrance , on the authority of Ibin Jareer , the son of Umar (May Allah pleased with him) said :If can be clean before Remembrance , do that .
3- He should be spiritually attached to the Sheikh always in order to communicate by soul with the Prophet (P) through the mediation of the Sheikh .
4- He must believe that what he learns from the Sheikh is dedicated by the Prophet(P) .
Other moral rules which should be done during the Remembrance session are :
1- To sit in a clean place as if to pray , and is not necessary to turn his face towards Al-Qiblah (The holy Mecca towards which the Muslim turn their face for prayer) but it is recommended in case of individual Remembrance , and in case of collective Remembrance a circle is formed .
2-  To close the eyes in order to shut all apparent senses gradually and to open the heart .
3- To be faithful and cultivate ones own dedd by truthfulness in order to enjoy the position of (Al-Siddiqiyah)- to be friend
4- Make the heart devoid from everything except Allah in Remembrance fir god his servants heart to be solely occupied with Him .
5- The Mureed should conceal the state he is in during the Remembrance as much as he can .

Other moral rules after Remembrance
1- The Mureed should be quiet , and this moment of tranquillity , as Imam Ghazali said : enables the servant of Allah to conjure his Al-Mighty and feed his power , and second to bring all senses into a unified focus and third to cancel all shattering thoughts .
2- To humiliate himself many transparent to totaling from 3-7 breathes or more till all his of senses would be enlightened , and all devilish thoughts kicked out .
3- Not do drink cold water directly after Remembrance , as Remembrance creates excitement and eagerness that might be brought into a standstill by water .

Remembrance (Thiker) entails glorification of the Al-Might and repetition of His name with great concentration , both by heart and speech ; Prophet Muhammad (P) said (He who said there is no God but Allah is promosed of Heaven ) . That is . he confessed by heart and speech that the sole creator and dominator is Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) . and he also believes in the content of the Holy Quran and the suna of Muhammad (P) and in the holy career of his family and companions .
Sessions of Remembrance are usually held on Mondays and Thursday after the evening prayer , where the (Mureeds) from a circle in the middle of which the authorized person stands . All should be spiritually prepared with concentration to identify themselves with the Sheikh.
Then all attendants briefed by the authorized person , to repeat the following (AA word)-clues- and the shift from our clue to another should be done at the hint of the person authorized :
1- Allah , I ask Allah forgiveness , the Permanent , I ask Allah forgiveness .
2- Praise be to you , yet , holy , there is no God but Allah .
3- Ye Allah permanent Allah .
4- Ye permanent Allah , permanent .
5- Ye , the living , nothing remains only living .
6- Ye , remaining , you are the remaining , nothing remains only Allah.
7- Ye , Guide , you are the Guide , nothing is the guide only Allah .
The Recitation of those (Clues) is unlimited in number ; it is the authorized person of the session who decides this , Then , the authorized person this invocation (Ye , god the living and the powerful , Ye , the creator of Heaven and earth the owner of the universe , the king of king , Ye , the glorified and the great , Ye,God, we ask you to revitalize our hearts and our ears and our eyes and our souls by your light forever Ye , are the permanent , the guide , the immortal , Ye , our God) .
After that , all participants repeat (Ye,Allah) bowing for the greatness of the Al-Mighty . Then they sit normally repeating that many transparent till they shift to another clues :
- Ye , Allah , permanent Allah .
- Ye , permanent Allah , permanent .
 Allah , Allah , Allah , He , He ,He ,Allah He .
And the last He(which is pronounce (Hua) in Arabic) is uttered loudly .
Allah , Allah,Allah,He,He,He,Allah He, and (Allah) is uttered loudly . These all attendants repeat (Ye,generous)-Ya karreem-(inArabic)-in a low voice bowing in humiliation to the Al-Mighty.
The authorized person says  (YamAllah,permanent,generous,keeper,Merciful,Magnificent,Ye Allah) , and all attendants repeat (Allah , the living,Allah) after each name of His, the Al-Mighty . Till the authorized person utters (Ye,Allah) when all attendants repeat chorally (the living Allah ,Allah) . Then another clue is read which is (Ikhlas Sura) three transparent chorally and audibly . Then silence prevails , then the authorized person asks for help (Maddad) :
In the Name of the Magnificent , the Merciful. Help, our great master and Prophet , the healer of our sins , the pioneer of the holy verses and miracles , you , the owner of goodness and the super deeds , the master of all masters, the most loveable creatures to Allah , the ring of the prophets , the master of messengers ,ye ,our prophet Muhammad (P) .
  Then the attendants repeat the word (help)loudly and simultaneously .
-Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight , the conductor of the most incredible actions , the overwhelming lion of Allah our master Immam Ali Bin Abi Talib(Mau Allah be pleased with him) then the authorized person says silently (From him we seek help from the family of the Propjet (P) and the Sheikhs .
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight, the godly figure , the illumainous (intern) the godly secret , the keeper of secrets and meaning , Sheikh of gene and man , the river of the suna and Religion , thr Eagle of Allah m Abu Salih , Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghilani .
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight, the most knowing of Allah , the servant of Quran , from the offspring of Adnan,the advocate of integrity , Al_Said the saviour (Al-Gawth),Ismail Al-Wilyani . Help.
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight, the collector  of secret and meanings Sheikh of man and gene , the guide of time , the source of knowledge , Al-Said , Al-Sheikh , the saviour (Al-Ghawth) Abdul Karim Al-Shah Al-Kasnazani Help.
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight, Sheikh Al-Kasnazan,Sheikh of the younger and elder who is seeker of Religion of Allah , Al-Said Al-Sheikh , the saviour Abdul Kadir Al-Kasnazan Help.
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sigh ,Sheikh of Al-Kasnazan , the caretaker of the Mureeds and the model for the followers (Saliqeen) .Al-Said,Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-KasnazanHelp.
- Help,Ye,my master ,my support , my guide, the crown of my head, the light of my sight the most knowing of Allah , the seeker of integrity ,Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Kasnazan Help.
 Then the authorized person asks help from the present master of (Attariqa)-then he says . Help,oh,my GodHelp,Ye messenger of Allah , Ye,Prophets of Allah , Help, Ye votaries of Allah ,All of you are source of help and saviour ,
Then the drum is beaten once slowly then fastly.All attendants repeat chorally (the living Allah,the living Allah) then they shift to another clue(Allahliving) and repeat (Allah) which they stand.
The (Mureed)then bows to say (Living), After that,All repeat (Living living..livingAllah) .The Mureed says (living) for the first time moving his head right and left saying (living). The authorized person repeat the name of the Sheikhs while the Mureed says(living ..Allah) after each name in harmony with the authorized person.
The drum goes on beating , then a shift to another clue is made (permanent . Permanent) by successive speed with the rapid beating drum . Another clue is repeated (living living .living Allah) while the drums beats become slow, then another clue is given (Permanent Permanent) uttered rapidly with a rapid-beating drum , then , all sit continuing Remembrance .., Then all repeat (Ye,Allah,the living , the immortal) fifty transparent , after which (Al-Fatiha Sura) is read and dedicated to the Prophet (P) and yo all Kasnazan Sheikhs .

Samaa means to receive all sounds attered by all musical instrument.
Human nature has a tendency towards the beautiful tone , particularly , in sessions of Remembrance or in listening to poetry of Prophetic Hymns .
Man responses to the charming and systematic tuning this response which involves spiritual attachment is what the session of Remembrance usually characterized by . This entails spiritual elation and identification with the souls of the Sheikhs . A new world of self-elation and rhythm is created(They rejoice in the Bounty provided by God)

You find them swinging left and right making spontaneous movements resulting from self-elation : The Al-Mighty said (Every act of hearing or of seeing or of (felling) the heart , will be enquired into (on the Day or Reckoning)

The response to the religious hymns is best exemplified in Prophet Muhammad(P) in his till his coat fell down from his shoulder :
Ye, who loves the meaning of man and his regret .
Ye,who posses both the cure and the disease .
All eyes closed up , and the eye of man remains open.
Shedding tears near your door , in darkness,
Dont abort my request , Ye , my saviour , the forgiver of sins by your generosity ,
Cover me by your mercy , dont count my deels for the generous forgives much those servant of Him .
It was said that the Prophet (P) never used his coat again , but he divided it among his companions and then Gabriel-Peace be upon him- said to the Prophet (P):God salutes you and asks for a bit of the coat to hang it on the throne .
In this section , weve considered many views by men of knowledge , Imams and Sheikhs of (Attariqa) on the importance of (Samaa) .
For the Arabs (Samaa) is infinitive from which the verb (Yasaa hear) is deceived . Its counotation implies verbalization and inducing of knowledge ; the Al-Mighty said (If God had found in them any good , He would indeed have made them listen)

For the followers of (Attariqa) , there is no reliable definition for (Sunaa) but different view are given : Thu-Alnoon Al-Masree said (Samaa is an acquisition that disturbs the hearts for the right Path , if well received , it gives fruit , if
not it turned into blashemy)
Al-Junied Al-Baghdadi said samaa is a magic for whoever searches for it , and outlet for whoever befriends it)
Sheikh Abu Baker Al-Shibli defined (Sama) as (Apparent magic and hidden message ; he who knows the signs has the right to listen to the message ,otherwise he would be interested in the magic only) 
Muhei Al-Deen Bin Arabi defined it as (Genuine attentiveness to what it is legitimately recommended , and listening to the saying blessed by God and recommended by Him to hear and abide by)Abu Ali-Ruzbari said (Samaa is the acquaintance with the secrets to see the most Lovable).
Muhammad Bin Ali Bakri(May A;llah be pleased with him) defined it in the following terms (the death of hearts results from the whims of the body ,and its vitality from curbing such whims. The more you curb your whims the more you get from life . Al-Samaa is a sign of the vitality of the hearts ; it is for the living not for the dead .
The Al-Mighty said (So verily thou can not make the dead to hear)


The living are those who lives spiritually and negates the whims and the desires of the secular world .
Al-Samaa , as conceived by Al-Baker (May Allah be pleased with him) is a clear evidence of the vitality of the hearts .
Sheikh Abdul Wahab Al-Shabarani said Ye , know that Al-Samaa is one of the secrets of Allah embodied in those true loves of Allah , and no one can really comprehend it only those who actually experienced it.) He divided Al-Samaa in two parts
1. Traditional listening (Samaa) which is practiced by the seeker to be like those outstanding figures.
2. Real listening : Allah (mighty and sublime be He)said about it (So announce the good news to My servants those who listen to the world and follow the best meaning (in it)

; it is divided into two types :
A. Natural listening : which is to listen to the holy and pretty voices in which the listener while-heatedly comprehends what he listens to and assimilate it . The listener should have pure heart and cultivated soul.
B. Spiritual listening : done by the elite to comprehend the words of Allah and absorb in full these meanings . It is done by those of enlightened hearts and purified souls
  Abu Baker Muhammad Al-Kalabathe defined it as (Relief and outlet and  and acquaintance with serve it )
    Abu Yaqoub Alnahrajory defined it (Tendency to know the secrets in moments of self exhaustion).
     Al-Ghazali defined it as (true touchstone for the hearts and articulate scale never comprehended unless fully digested)

Evidence In The Holy Quran And The Suna)
The followers of (Attariqa)-saliqeen- never adopt an act unless it is clearly stated and permitted by the Holy Quran or the suna . Therefore , (Samaa) is of great importance to the believer who is given an opportunity thereby to contemplate the contents of the words of Allah as delivered in correct , genuine and acceptable voice .
The nice and affective reading of the Holy Quran adds spell and glamour to the contents which makes the listeners
completely involved therein ; the Al-Mighty said (Had we sent down this Quran on a mountain , verily , thou wouldnt
have seen it hamble itself and cleave)


But those dead and rough hearts wont be influenced by this magical power ; such dead heated people are like an ass loaded with luggages. Those who ,when listening to the verses of the Holy Quran their tears are shed will be lightly rewarded by the Al-Mighty who said (So announce the good news to My servants those who listen to the world follow the best (meaning) in it , those are the ones whom God has guided and those are the ones endued with understanding)

Thus , god had associated between Samaa (who listen to the word) and guidance describing them as ( endued with understanding ): that is , the open-minded who are fully a ware of the existence of Allah , among His servants who have knowledge)
The Al-Mighty said (And when they listen to the revelation received by the Apostle ; thou will see their eyes overflowing with tears , for they recognize the truth )

This is interpreted as such : Samaa comes so overwhelming with certainty making the eye full of tears , since it (Samaa) once excites sadness and then happiness eagerness and regret-such diversity of feeling make the true believer weeps .     
     The al-Mighty said ( The skins of those who fear their Lord tremble thereat)


The pain of heart is shifted to the skin .
Describing the (Servant of Allah), The Al-Mighty said (Those who when they are admonished with the signs of Their Lord, droop not down at them as if they were deal or blind)

That is , to hear and to be affected thereby , Al-junieid had been asked Why does man get upset when he listen (to the word of God) ? he said (When Allah addressed the descendants of Adam by His saying (Am I not your who cherishes and sustains you ? They say Yes)


they Have been excited by this Remembrance .
Knowing the content of the holy Quran enjoying the act of listening thereto is commanded by the Al-Mighty : (When the Quran is read , listen to it with attention and hold your peace , that Ye may receive Mercy)

The Al-Mighty said (Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Quran , or are the their hearts locked up by them)

The Prophets Hadith also refer to (Samaa) either directly or indirectly ; prophet Muhammad (P) said (Make the Quran more acceptable by your voices , the good voice enhance the charm of Quran ) and He (P) said (For everything there is charm , and the good voice is the charm of quran)
The Prophet (P) told Abu Musa Al-Ashaari (Had you seen me yesterday listening to your recitation ; Youd benn provided with one of  Davids Trumpet)
Abdulah Bin Masaod : The prophet (P) told me (Read me Quran) ; I said to the prophet (P) How can I read you , and if is to you the Quran first dictated ? the prophet (P) said (I like to listen to the Quran read by others). Then , I head Alnisa Sura till I read (How then If we brought from each People a
witness and we brought thee as a witness against these people)  Then a man drew my attention when I found Prophet (P) with his tears being shed .
- Ibn Majah in his (Suna) , through Abdul Rahman Bin Al-Saa,b said Saa bin Abi Waqas visited us having his eyes blinded he told , who are you ? I identified myself , he then said ; welcome , He told me ; Ye , brother , I have been told that you excel in reading Al-Quran I heard the prophet saying :(This Quran had come down to me coloured by sadness , so , if you read it weep , if you dont then try to weep and makes it was a song for he who doesnt , is not a true believe )
Regarding the Prophet (P) ; interest in listening to poetry : He (P) listened to Hassan Bin Thabit (the poet of the Messenger) and said (the soul of jerusalem is with Hasssan since he defends the Prophet (P))
Al-Nabigha wrote the following lines of poetry :
The Judgement is not good if not well-calculated ,  
No goodness is expected from man if never
consult a wise before judgement .
The Prophet (P) then said (Youve done well , Ye ,Aba Layla , let god not curb your month .) Al-Nabigha lived more than one hundred years as the best poet .
Annas bin Malik mentioned that ones the prophet (P) saw woman beating on drums and singing ; We are the woman of Bani AlNajar , we long to have (Muhammad) to be our neighbor The Prophet (P) commented : Allah knows that I love you )

Some Views of Al-Samaa
 Al-Junied Al-Baghdadi sheikh of (Attariqa) advocated Al-Samaa and the recital of religious poems . He believed that the Messenger (P) had listened to the songs and permitted but it rather enhances the believers devotion to God)
 In his book (Al-Ghania), Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani undoubtedly advocated Al-Samaa .
 Thu Al-noon Al-Masri (May Allah be pleased with him) believes that Al-Samaa stimulates love and softens the heart ; he says (He who listen to songs for enjoyment is but an athirst)
 Muhei Al-Deen Bin Arabi (may Allah be pleased with him) elaborated on the meaning of Al-Samaa and its rules comparing it to bodily exercises , He permitted it legally .
 Al-sahrawardi (may Allah be pleased with him)permitted the listening of poems which remind man of heaven and Hell-Fire, in order to long for the first and avoid the second.
 Abu Al-Qasim Al-Qusheiri permitted Al-Samaa depending on the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Hadiths . referring to the word of god (So announce the good news to My servants those who listen to the word and follow the best (meaning) in it ) 

He said that Allah (mighty and sublime be He) refers generally to saying which meanssinging, thus he found it permissible . For the Prophet (P) , he permitted the poems to be read and listened to .
 Al-Qusheiri said that in digging trenches (Khandaq) , Alansar (supporters) used to repeat the following line :
We who are advocated of Muhammad ,
For jihad (Holy war) , we shall not live for ever,
The Prophet (P) answered them :
No (Ye except for the life in the thereafter,
May God be satisfied with (Ansar) and (Muhajereen)
It was said the former companions of Muhammad (P) used to listen to poetry delivered in singing , like Imam Maliq and people of (Hijaz) who used to sing for their canels .
 Al-Hafiz bin Tahir Al-Maqdisi said that Al-samaa is accepted Allah and his messenger ; so we to follow our Prophet (P) and the caliphs . He mentioned : so we to follow our Prophet (P) and the caliphs . He mentioned that (Aasha) (may Allah be pleased with her) said when Muhammad (P) traveled , a woman from (Quraish) oathed to beat on drums if Muhammad(P) comes back safely , when he (P) died come , (Aaisha) told the Prophet (P) about the womans oath; then the Prohet (P) told (Aaisha) to permit the woman to fullfil her oath The Prophet (P) said (oaths are not permissible for sins) . Thus , by accepting the womans oath , the Prophet (P) never considered it as a sin .
Bin Abdul Rahman said : We accompanied(Umaar Bin Al-Khatab) (may Allah be pleased with him) for the pilgrimage when he arrived at (Al-Rawhaa) , the traveller asked (Rabah bin Almuattaraf)_when had a nice voice- to sing for them , but he ashed permission from (Umar),  and then (Umar) allowed him to sing in order to ease the travellers).

Al-Ghazali On Al-Samaa   
       He said (Samaa is permissible by meaning and syllogism) . He pointed out (In singing , there is a meaning conveyed in a
rhythmic meter which stimulates mentions and feeling and this
 type is understandable , while those voice of animal and inanimate things are not understandable)
 Allah (mighty and sublime be He) had endowed His servant with the bless of good voice ;(He adds to Creation as He pleases)


It had been interpreted that this (addition) is the nice voice. The Prophet (P) said (No Prophet sent by Allah , but of nice voice)
Prophet David (P) known to have a very nice voice that all creatures used to hover around him . The Al-Mighty said ( For the harshest of sounds without doubt , is the braying of the ass)


Al-Ghazali divided the rhythmic sounds three types :
1- Sounds of inanimate like those of bells , cords ,drums..etc
2- Sounds of animals including the human being ; sounds and sounds of birds . Only those soumds that stimulate the desire to Alcohol are not allowed .
3- Poetry which is rhythmic and acceptable .
Through the Prophet (P) never wrote poetry as mentioned in this verse (We have not instructed the (Prophet) in poetry , nor is it meant for him)


but he listened and encouraged poetry .
Ali bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) had composed poetry praising the Prophet (P) and attacking the enemies of Islam . When the Prophet (P) died , (Fatima Al-Zahrah) (may Allah be pleased with her) wrote the famous following linee :
The grievances I met , are so bitter that
They could turn days into darkness ,
Aaisha (may Allah be pleased with her) also said :
Depart those with whom weve been grown up leaving me like a leprous skin.
Besides m, most of Muhammad ; companions had written poetry in various degrees .

The Moral Rules of Al-Samaa  
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani in his book (Al-Ghania) mentioned basic rules for Al-Samaa :
1- Poor people should force themselves for Al-Samaa or respond to it freely; they should sit politely and listen to the Remembrance of Allah .
2- If a Sheikh is present m the poor should keep silent in respect to the sheikh , and should control himself .
3- The poor should not interrupt the reader for change in speeches .
4- The poor should not interrupt the reader for repetition .
Al-Ghazali mentioned other rules such as ;

The reference
The Book of Attariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadriah Al-Kasnazaniyah -Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazaniy Al-Hussieny.P331-362 .