This entails a refrain from committing bad deeds that violate Allah will ,  for the Muslims , Attawba is a spark that enlightens his heart by the will of the Almighty Allah and his bless after being misguided by the Devil . This is a true for all man , as no body is free from the Devils temptations or illusions . Thus , Attawba is obligatory for all people . Many Suras (chapters) of the Holy Quran refer to this obligation . Below are some them .
-Allah Mighty and sublime be He said (Ye who believe Turn to God with sincere repentance)[1]

Allah Mighty and sublime be He (And O ye believers ! Turn Ye all together towards God . that Ye may attain bliss)[2]
Alah Mighty and sublime be He said (Then he turned to them hat they might repent ; for god is oft-returning . most merciful)[3] 

Allah Mighty and sublime be He said ( But , without doubt . I am also He that forgives and again to those who repent . believe and do right who in fine are ready to receive true guidance)4

Mohammed (peace be upon him) said (Ye people ask Allah for repentance ; I repent hundred transparent a day ,5 the holy prophet used to repent though-Allah Mighty sublime be He has totally forgiven him .
The Holy prophet (peace be upon him) said ( He who repents before the sun rises from the twilight , Allah will forgive him)6 Al-Sied Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailany (may Allah be pleased with him) said (Attawba is the key for righteousness and the more stick to it the more close you would be to Allah ; it is the source of all good . Hence , righteous people must abide by it under all circumstance . Therefore , you (Mureed) seek Attawba to win the approval of Allah Mighty and sublime be He ) . You will not get the providence of Allah if your heart carries a bit of love to the life of this world or desires anything created.
If you tend to win Allahs providence , remove both desires this causes you no harm . It is Allahs providence that make the life of this world and whatever created , with you , this is already experienced by the mystics and those devoted to Allah . Seek Attawba and confess your mistakes.
Attawba is the stream of righteousness , and Allah revitalizes the barren earth by rain , and revitalizes the dead hearts by Attawba and by awaking[5].
Al-Sheikh Al-Ghailany said (seek more repentance and forgiveness for both are great sources for the two worlds). Noah (peace be upon him) ordered his people to repent and promised them by bless and by letting the world under their own hands . He reminded them of Allahs speech (Ask forgiveness from your Lord , for he is oft-forgiving , He will send rain to you in abundance ; give you increase in wealth and sons and bestow you rivers (of flowing water) [6]
Al-Sheikh Al-Ghailany also said (You reluctant , when will you seek Attawba ? Be close to Allah through Attawba . May reverence to Allah forbids me from telling each one of your deeds and facing you to seek forgiveness . Neither are you permitted to speak nor deserved to be addressed unless you show to deep faith and believe wholeheartedly in Allah , so that the Holy Prophet (P) gets satisfied You . whose tongue expresses faith , when will your heart do ? Faith by tongue with the reluctance of heart is of no-use)[7]
Attawba Takes Many Forms
Imam Al-Qusheiry said ( I heard Aba-Ali Al-Daqaq says that Attawba is of three types : Tawba , Innaba , Awba . He who seek forgiveness for fear of punishment is Tawba seeker ; he who does so for obtaining reward (Thwab) is Innaba-seeker, and he who does so in response to Allahs will willingly with no fear , is Awba-seeker).Al-Qusheiry added that Attwaba is for the believers-Allah Mighty and sublime be He said(Turn Ye all together towards God , that Ye may attain bliss)[8]

and Innaba is for votaries ; Allah said ( And brought a heart turned in devotion (to him) )[9] and Awba is for Prophets and Messengers ; Allah said (How excellent in our served , ever did he turn (to us))[10]
Attawba is , but, a twist of thought that stimulates the misguideds heart , which consequently lead to giving up all forms of voices . The believers , then approaches Allah whole of forgiveness . To be forgiven one should avoid bad companions and those who tempt man to commit vices and show disobedience . One should befriend true believers who lead him to the way of virtue , and should never think of past guilts and not be disparate Allah Mighty and sublime be He said (No one despairs of Gods so thing Mercy , except those who have no faith)[11]
Ibn Arabi divided Attawba into the following :
1-Attawba of common people which is of three types :
a-Foreignness for mirror deeds committed mistakenly or by ignorance Allah Mighty and sublime be He said (Allah accept the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and repent soon afterwards)[12]

b-Attawba of those corrupted who regret for past deeds and decide o give up doing evil soon. Such man must redeem his sin , obey and weep for Allah Mighty and sublime be He).
c-Attawba of non-believers who then come to be Muslims , worship Allah and consider them selves as servant .
2-Attawba of the elite which is divided into two :-
a-For the temptations and the illusions of the life of this world ; it covers all pioneer companions of (Muhammed) (P) and the elites of the believers .
b-For the heart being preoccupied with matters other that Allah; it covers Prophets and the selected pioneers.[13]

Attawkul (Reliance)
This means the inability to do something and dependence on other , we say someone (ittakala the verb of (Attawakul) in his affair , if we mean to say he depend on something or someone to run hi affair[14]  .  The derivation from (Muwakala), thus, mean, interdependence between two persons .
Attawakul , in the religious sense,means, faith in the Almighty as the only conductor of all matters , and according to his guidance , the servant of Allah acts and behaves , who therefore , must solely depend on Allah . It is the first prerequisite for the followers of (Attariqa) without which the (Mureed) would not be (Salik-follower) of the righteous people on the right path.
Many Suras (verses) in the Holy Quran confirmed the significance of (Attawakul) like the following :
Allah Mighty and sublime be He said (And if any one puts his trust in Allah , sufficient is Allah for him)[15]

(And in God should the faithful (ever)put their trust)[16]

(Then , when thon has taken a decision , put thy trust in God) [17]  

Being such distinguishing requirement .(Attawakul) is associated with faith the true sole authority behind all happenings be they minor or great . The servant of Allah , by his efforts and actions , neither could be increase his sustenance nor could be minimize it . Sustenance is already divided by Allah into that . which is given when demanded , and the other given without being demanded . Muhammed (P) said (If you genuinely rely on Allah , youll be provided sustenance like the bird which goes hungry and come back in full)[18]
But the (Murred) ,(Attwaba) is directed to the thereafter which he knows nothing about , whereas the secular sustenance is sufficiently provided for by Allah.
Sheikh Hassan Al-Basri said (He , who relies (Yatawkal) on Allah and suffices , is provided for with no demand)[19]. Ibrahim Ali Adam conceives (Attawakul) as Al-Mutawakel) Perceives both the tiny insect and the gigantic lion wqually Yahyan Ibin Maad said (Attawakul) is divided into three steps : the first is to refrain from complaint , the second to be satisfied with whatever given and love is the third)[20]
Ibin Maad finds refrain from complaint as a genuine characteristics of the true believers who are satisfied with everything . But love of Allah and reliance on Him is what the Prophets are characterized by .
Complete reliance on Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) is the essence of (Attawakul): in this regard . Thu Al-Noon said (Attawakul) is to give up self-obsession and self-reliance). [21] The first example of (Attawakul)had been given by Abu Baker Al-Siddiq (May Allah be pleased with him) when asked by Muhammed (P) about what he had left for his sons :he answered (I left to them Allah and His Messenger).
(Attawakul) , then , must be associated with elf denial and must be spontaneously absorbed . The mind should not be obsessed with it , but it should be integral part of the (Mureed) wholeness.
  Al-Sheikh Al-Ghailany said (you of the dead hearts , why do you sit near me ? You servants of life and rules , of the rich and the cheap ; if a single seed of wheat cost me one dinar , I do not care . The true believers cares no for sustenance because he relies on Allah).
Shares had been already decided by Allah ; the Prophet (P) said (Allah had already decided everything: Sustenance and death ; whatever planned for cannot be changed up to the day of Thereafter). Do not busy yourself with what already provided ; for this is an act of fool . Do not exhaust yourself by demands , but calm your heart by peace and satisfaction . Be open-minded and leave the inevitable . The Holy Prophet (P) said (If Ye servant of Allah asks your God to stop your sustenance , you will be forcibly provided for )
Religion , for Allah , is Islam which entails surrender to His will . Purge yourself by Islam and calm your inner conflict and be satisfied with His Commands. Accept fate as decided by Allah for He knows better than you . Let the words of Allah overwhelm you , and let faith be your slogan and shelter . Dont waste your life in vain as the Thereafter is inevitable and irrecoverable . Dont rival Allah by ignorance . Close your eyes and contemplate . Know yourself ; you are but servant of Allah who must gives his Will to His Master : true believers are those who enjoy self-sufficiency without self-humiliation ; they are endowed with power and strength without weakness . The more they fear , the more security they feel . their words are audible and their invocations satisfied [22].
Imam Qshairi said (Attawakul lies deep in the heart and the apparent action doesnt contradict with the hearts intention if man believers in the will of Allah as the mere source of both easiness and difficulty . He who relies on Allahs will must look at the prophet (P) as best guide ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (Ye have indeed in the apostle of God a-beautiful pattern (of conduct ) for any one whose hope is in God and Final Day , and who engages much in the praise of God)[23]

Sehel Bin Abdallah Al-Tastari identified (Attawakul) with the carrer of Prophet Muhammed (P) who is the best example of authentic intention and pure work . He said (He who does not excel in good work , is a violator of the prophetic patterns of life (Sunnah) . For him (Attawakul) should be manifested in Jihad (Holy war), in living , in seeking knowledge and good behaviour   . Non reliance on human being is a prerequisite for (Attawakul) which entails the belief in the sole authority of Allah . In this concept ,(Attawakul) teachers man self respect and self-steam . This is what happened to Ibrahim Bin Adam as related by Hutheifa Al-Marishi who was his companion . When asked about something incredible he has witnessed , he said (we entered an old mosque , Ibrahim looked at me and said (Ye Hutheifa , I find you hungry ? I replied what do you thing Sheikh , he then , said : Give me something to write on , and when I did , he wrote the following lines of poetry :
Satisfied grateful , true believers , hungry I am
Lost and naked I am
In charge of hall of six days
Let the other half for you , me Lord,
My praise to other then you is a fire inside me ,
So , save your servant from fire .
Then he gave the written board to me and asked me to deliver it to the first one I meet who happened to be a man on a mule . After reading the line , the man wept and asked me about the writer . When I did he gave me six hundreds dinars , and I knew then the man was Christian . When I came back to Ibrahim and told him the story , he asked me nor to spend the money for the man will come back soon , After a while , the Christian came back kissing Ibrahim and became Muslim)[24]

Fear (Al-Khawf)
Fear is a feeling of committing sin accompanied by an expectation of punishment . Man , then , becomes upset . Fear of Allah is our concern here . So many synonyms are given to (fear) in the Holy Quran , like (reverence , terror , strong faith). Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (but fear Me , if Ye have faith)[25] 

Fear is the right path for faith ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (He who fear His God is promised of two Gardens)[26] 

Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (And for such as had entertained this fear of standing before their Lords (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires , their Abode will be the garden)[27]
This is an evidence of Allahs promise to those who fear Him . Describing the Angles , Allah (Mighty and sublime be He ) said (They all revere their Lord high above them , and they do all they are commanded)[28]

And describing the Holy Quran , Allah (Allah (Mighty and sublime be He ) said(The skins of those who fear their tremble thereat)[29]

And said (Had we sent down this Quran on a mountain verily , thou would have seen it humble itself and cleave)[30]

The servant of Allah are the Angles , the prophets and those devoted to the pattern of life adopted by Muhammad (P) who said (Gabriel , whenever he comes to me , he was haunted by fear from God). The Almighty said about (Moses)-peace be upon him-(Moses was stricken down fear). And it was related the prophet Muhammad (P) used to have audible moaning when he prays[31].
  He knows Allah better , fears him more ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He ) said (Those fear God , among His servant . who have knowledge)[32]

The prophet mentioned that the Almighty said
By my powers . I neither let my servant fear me twice nor do I let him be safe twice ; in life I let him fear the thereafter , and if he fears me in life , I assure him of security in the thereafter) [33]The followers of (Attariqa) , despite their pure dedication to religion , they fear Allah for any ignorance they might be subject to .Aaisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said (I asked the Messenger about those haunted by fear ; are they those who steal and commit adultery ? The Messenger answered (No , it is the man who fasts and prays and gives charity , but he fears that these might not be accepted) [34]
Fear of Allah makes man reverent , the prophet(P) said (He who fears Allah , will fear nothing , but who fears other than Allah will fear everything)[35] . Muhammad (P) also said (Two eyes will be untouched by fire , one which remained alert for God , and the other which shed tears for fear of
God) . The prophet said (Seven are covered by Allah providence .. and that who when ,alone remembers God,weeps)[36]Mohammeds companions were also haunted by the fear of Allah . Abdullah Bin Al-Rumi mentioned that Uthman Bin Affan (may Allah pleased with him) said (If I were between Hell and Heaven and know not where to be placed , I would , then, have chosen to be ashes before knowing which one is for me ). Annas Bin Maliq said that prophet Muhammad (P) said (If you know what I know , you will laugh little and weep much)[37]; upon hearing this , his companions covered their faces moaning . On the authority of Abu Hurayrah , Muhammad (P) said (He who fears Allah never be misguided and attain his target; Allah gift is precious ; it is Heaven)[38]
But fear must not make believer disparate ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (O my servant who have transgressed against their souls ! Despair not of the Mercy of God)[39]
The heart of the believer should have both fear and request , fear of Gods punishment and wrath , and request to win his mercy .
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (May Allah be pleased with him) said (He who both fear and request , will never loose and he surely attain his objectives )[40] .
Ali May Allah be pleased with him ) asked a frightened and frustrated man about his condition ; the man replied (I committed great sins), Ali soothed him (Dont say that the mercy of Allah is greater than your sins ) , but the man commented (But my sins are too great to be forgiven ), Ali , then , said (but your despair is rather worse then your sins)[41] . Sheikh Al-Ghailany said (I fear no one this earth , man be he or Jens , animal or insect ; I fear Allah , you man the more you assure me of security the more fear I feel as Allah is capable of everything)[42]
He also said that the true believers are those fear Allah implicitly and explicitly and who fear death , if they sin .
Al-Fadhil Bin Aiad used to call Sofyan Althawri to weep for Allah in response to Allah command (Those to fire and those to Heaven , for both I dont care)Nobody knows to which side the belongs .
Yahya Bin Maad said (He who worships Allah by mere fear with no request , is but misled , and he who does so by mere request is trapped in pride , both , fear and request lead to the ultimate truth of Allah )[43] . Thus , followers of (Attariqa) realize this Holy secret ; in his book (Kut Alkulub) , Abu Talib Almalki warned that fear may dominate mans heart and kill him , like those died of shock or loss of consciousness and fear may shift from the heart to the brain and causes madness .
Al-Hassan Al-Basri says (A man will come out of fire after one thousand years , I wish I had been that man)[44]  , such wish is justified by fear of immortality in fire . Sheikh Dawood Al-Taai saw a woman weeping at her sons grave and murmuring (Oh my son which of your cheeks first attacked by earthworms ? The Sheikh fell down for fear .
Imam Ghazali said (The real fear is that violent fear in heart resulting from expected evil , or from Almighty God He who knows Allah well fear Him most . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (It is men of knowledge who fear God mostly)[45]

God as given those fear , guidance and mercy ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (Guidance and mercy for such as fear their Lord)[46]

(God well pleased with them ; and they with Him . All this for such as fear their Lord and cherisher)[47]

Ibin Ajeeba divided fear into three categories ; fear of punishment and lack of reward (common people fear)and fear of reproach and regret (Elite fear) and fear of misunderstood isolation (fear of the selected elite)[48]
Al-Fudei Bin Aiadh said (If you are asked : do you fear God or not , You will be non-believer if you say no and be layer if you say no for  such answers are not of true believers who fear).

Request (Al-Rajaa)
Which means to demand something hesitantly as the demander feels unworthy of what he demands , but he hopes to get it believing in the generosity of the giver . Request urges the demander for more effort to win his demand ; without such urges , the request turns into more careless wish .
Many Sura (verses) in the Holy Quran referred to this request . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (for those whose hopes are in the meeting with god , in (thereafter) let them strive , for the term (appointed) is surely coming)[49] (Those who believed and those who suffered exile and fought (and strong and struggled ) in the path og God they have the hope of the mercy of God)[50]

(Whoever expect to meet his Lord , let him work righteousness , and, in the worship of his Lord , admit no one as partner)[51]

The request , then , is something recommended but it should be not melted with fear , if so , it indicates doubt . It should not also lead to self admiration and sin . The request is made to win forgiveness and mercy or for accepting ones own good deeds . The true believers should not fear punishment , and this what followers of (Attariqa) believe in who are full of confidence . Rabeaa Al-Adwayia said (I dont worship Allah for fear fire or for love of Heaven)[52]. Here , request indicates clear-out understanding of Allah .
Prophet Muhammad (P) mentioned both fear and request in his saying (If fear and request dwell in the heart of the Muslim when he is dying , God, then , will give him what he request and takes fear out of him)[53]
God gives his servant what he really deserves , yet His punishment is unbearable . Imam Al-Sadiq said (Fear is the observer of the heart and the healer of the soul , he who know God win His approval and His request , and both are wings of faith which man clings to Allah promise)[54]
Prophet Muhammad (P) said (Man faces two fears ; fear of the past and that of the coming )[55] . He who worship God by fear and request , never finds himself in a mess . Man should fear God for he (the man) has no knowledge of the coming and has no power over things , and he should seek request being incapable of making things . Request for forgiveness leads to (Attariqa) and this leads for more work . Request for forgiveness leads to (Attariqa) and this leads for more work .
Ibn Qaim Al-Jawzi urges for request being instigator for demand awe for the things requested . In the Hadith (speech) of prophet Muhammad (P) there is urge for request ; He said (He who never request Allah , He (Allah) will be in wrath).
Ibin Ajeeba said the request of common people is (good intention to obtain reward (Thawab) , the request of the elite is to win Allah acceptance and approval , and the request of the selected elite is to enable them witness His secret)[56]
For the servant of Allah , there are two request resulting from two fears :
-Fear of past deeds , acceptance for the good and forgiveness for the bad .
-Fear of the forthcoming deed that might happen ; a request is made to make it virtuous and acceptable.

Truthfulness (Al-Sidiq)
It is called so for the authenticity it entails contrary to lying which is devoid thereof , it requires the telling of the whole truth as it is , it is associated with fullness as the (Mureed) will be truth-teller[57] .Truthfulness of speech must cope with action ; both heart and tongue should be truthfully coherent ; it should be dedicated to Allah with no flattery . Equally , the truthfulness of the (Mureed) with his (Sheikh) should be embodied in his obedience to the Sheikh; teachings , and thus to obey the will of Allah . God (Mighty and sublime be He ) said (Among the believers are men who have been true to their convenient with God)[58]

There should be coherence between what the (Mureed) conceals and reveals what he says and what he truly does ; Allah (Mighty and sublime be He ) said (God will say (This is the day on which the truthful will profit from their truth)[59]

Muhammad (P) said (Ye , believer , seek truthfulness to guide for faithfulness and this to Heaven; the more you seek truthfulness , the more you come close to god)[60]  Imam Sadiq compares truthfulness to illumines light [61]. And Sheikh Ghailani says (Ye , layers , the truthful never comes back he has to back , he is whole front to barrier between the truthful and his creator . He who knows what he seeks , cares not far the effort he exerts . By love , the true believer overcomes all difficulties to win Allahs approval)[62]. In this regard , a poet said :
In wrath not in peace , the true lover and the malicious are known and distinguished [63].
Al-Juneid Al-Baghdadi said (The reality of truthfulness is to seek truth when only lies can save you )[64].
Prophet Muhammads companions were outstanding examples enduring all forms of harm and starvation but never surrendered their code of truthfulness , like (Billal, Khubab,mar,Yasir and Summaya).
When (Faoroh) tortured his wife (Asia) forcing her to give up the religion of Moses , she replied (You tend to overcome my belief , but I am possessed by Allah ; if you cut me into pieces , I will be more attached to Allah).
Abu Al-Hassan Al-Zinjani said (The best worship is that based no there pillars , the eye , the heart and the tongue ; the eye by the tears it shed , the heart by its thought and the tongue by telling truth and remembering Allah) [65].
Adam (peace be upon him) believed the lies of Satan (Iblis) because he (Adam) is a true believer . The true believer shouldnt he proud of his truthfulness , but he should always feel that it is incomplete .
Sahal Bin AbdulAllah Al-Tasttari said (The first sin a true believer commits is when he speaks with himself)[66] . Vanity and pride should be avoided by the truthful (Mureed) .
Abu Zeid Al-Basttami was asked : what is the greatest name of Allah ? He answered : Tell me the less great first to tell you the greatest , it is all truthfulness and greatness .
Imam Ghazali conceived six meaning for truthfulness , it lies in speech , intention and will , determination , faithfulness in ones own determination , truthful deeds in satisfying all religious requirements . Thus he who possesses all these , will be true believer and truthful :
1-True speech is to tell truth and to abide by promise .
2-Intention and will entail faithfulness which must be totally stimulated and directed by Allah .
3-True determination to act for Allahs sake .
4-True deeds entail coherence between the inner intention and the actual deed .
5-True adherence to religious obligations and emotions like , fear request , glorification , self-denial , satisfaction and love[67] .
6-Devoted determination to overcome difficulties .
(Truthfulness entails determination , resolution and urges for the better and giving up the worst . It is the sword of Allah held by the true believer (Alsadiq) to destroy all obstacles and win the love of Allah without things comes into a standstill)[68].
Truthfulness comes second in holy importance after Prophecy and Message . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (All who obey God and His Apostle are in the company of those on whom is the grace of God .,. of the Prophets (who teach) the sincere (lovers of truth) , the witness (Who testify) and the righteous (who do good) [69]

Ah ! what a beautiful fellowship . Thus , placed true believers with the Prophets .
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Qusheiry said (The true believer is he who seeks truth both in his speech and in his deeds).

Faithfulness (Ikhlas)
Which is adherence to the true intention ; it is deep , secret and spiritual trait that directs all apparent forms of behaviours . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (And they have been commanded no more than this , to worship God , offering Him, sincere devotion being true (in faith) . Being secret , faithfulness lies in the heart , so the (Mureed) must purge his heart and fill it with love . Remembrance of Allah provides the heart with security . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (In the remembrance of Allah , do hearts find satisfaction)[70]
To be faithful is to be devoted to the experienced Sheikh with complete obedience as he (Sheikh) is the inheritor of the Messenger (P) . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (Say : If Ye do love God , follow me , God will love you)[71]

Hence , the (Mureed) made a row to himself and to the (Sheikh) to be devoted to Allah believing in his unity . He should refuse the life of this world for the other world of Allah .
Being the center of reasoning , the heart must be pure and clean ; devoid from polytheism and flattery . Muhammad (P) said (It is that little part in body if made pure and clean , the whole body would be so ; if corrupted , the whole body would be so)[72]
The prophet (P) also said (God , neither looks at your bodies nor does He to your appearance , but He looks into your hearts)[73]
The Messenger (P) said (For each thing there is reality , and nobody realizes the reality of faithfulness lest he likes to be thanked for what God has bestowed him) .
The (Mureed) should be humble remembering  always the greatness of God .
Muhammad (P) said (He who likes to know how close is he to God , must know how does he perceive God).
So , if the (Mureed) , performs something for Allah , he must not ask people for thanks , because it is purely dedicated to the Almighty .
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq said (faithfulness includes all virtues beginning with the hope of being accepted and ending with hope of being getting satisfied . If you win both , you will be faithful).
All mankind are subject to punishment except those faithful and devoted believers ; Allah (Mighty and sublime He be) said (And serve the god until there come unto thee the hour that is certain)[74]

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq said (The lowest degree of faithfulness is to exert efforts without asking for reward , the faithful must purge himself from all sins of the life of this world , and in the Thereafter , to avoid fire and win Heaven).[75]
Sheikh Ghailany said (ye , servant of Allah , be faithful in your works , prayer , fasting , pilgrimage , charity and in all of your actions , Promise your creator of faithfulness , unity , patience and thanks follow the Sunnah (code) of Muhammad (P) ; in the Thereafter youll be given what never seen by an eye , never heard by an ear and never conceived by a heart )[76].He also said (Ye , servant of Allah avoid polytheism , seek the mercy of god in hard transparent and cling to your creator by endurance and patience)[77]
He added (Ye , servant , if you approach your God with shaky heart , youll be like a donkey whose eyes are wrapped and made blind ; the donkey , in its place , imagine itself walking miles . You pray and fast with no be it of faithfulness , and you keep an open eye on others ; you then , are polytheist , hypocrite and deviant from those devoted believers)[78]
Ibin Ajeeba said (All deeds are mere ghosts and bodies and their spirit dwell in faithfulness , the ghost with no spirits are more dead matters . So no true bodily or heatedly deeds are possible if not embedded with faithfulness).[79]
Al-Juneid Al-Baghdadi said (faithfulness lies in any deed if truly dedicated to Allah)[80] .
Abu Yaagoub Assosi said (The true deed is that unknown by the angel to write , unknown to the enemy to corrupt , and unknown by the self to admire)[81]. The self for the (Mureed) shouldnt be identified with his own deeds , because it is the first enemy to the Mystics .
Ibin Ajeeba regards the unifying intention as the real core of faithfulness and (Mureed) should be intellectually devotes to Allah ; by soul and heart ; He said (True faithfulness is the belief in Allah power in creating things)[82].
Faithfulness takes various forms :
1-For the common people which entails complete devotion to Allah with no consideration to people , that is , to avoid flattery .
2-For the (Saliqeen-true believers) which entails non-preoccupation with punishment and reward , and requires pure devotion to Allah .
For the followers of Attariqa faithfulness is to surrender to the will of Allah in worship which should be form and for God . If he fasts or acts or thanks ; it is all by the will of God.
Abu Uthman Al-Maghribi said (faithfulness of the elite is imposed on them , and their obedience comes spontaneously)[83]aithfulness is obligatory , Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Whatever being there are in the heaven and earth do prostrate themselves to God (acknowledging subjection with good will on inspire of themselves)[84]

Thus , the faithful must acknowledge the bless of His creator . Muhi Ibin Arabi said (True faithfulness lies only in the heart of those purified people)[85] . Allah has purified those followers of (Attariqa) and cared mush for them . they perceive things , good and bad , as being caused by Allah (mighty and sublime be He)

 Patience (Sabr)
Patience means concealment, if we say (patient stone) we mean the hard and rough stone [86]. To be patient is to be prepare for enduring intellectual, psychological and bodily burden .
Patience is prophetic trait, addressing Muhammad (P) Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Therefore , patiently perseveres as (did) all apostles of inflexible purpose)[87]

And the Al-Mighty made prosperity in patience ; He said (O , Ye who believe ! Persevere in patience and constancy ; vie in such perseverance , strengthen each other , and fear God , that Ye may prosper)1
Allah (mighty and sublime be He) told his Messenger (P) to support those patient believers ; the Al-Mighty said (And keep thy soul content with those who call on their lord morning and evening , seeking His face)2

Patience eliminates sins and vices and being the believer close to God . The Messenger (P) said (When the believer faces grievance in himself of in what he possessed , or in his sons ; it is by god Mercy that all sins will be removed ) . Mohammad (P) also said (Whatever ; harm sadness , despair and agony the believer happens to endure , all these will soothe his sins)3. Patience is identified with courage ; Ali Bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with Him) said (Meanness is a shame , cowardice is a defect and patience is courage)4
Patience is divided into two types :
Patience for the life of this world and patience for religion , The first entails gratefulness for the blesses given by God which should be utilized for the good .
The patience for grievance is inherit characteristics of mans true faith , the sick should endure his sickness and the starving should be do the same .
The patience for the judgement : Allah made life so charming yet He wanted man against doing so many things to test his patience .
Muhammad (P) met a woman weeping on the grave of her son , he told her (Remember your God . and he patient ). And when his son Ibrahim died , he said (The eye sheds tears , the heart agonized , but we shouldnt do what makes God in wrath, and we , Ibrahim are really sad for you).
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq said (patience unfolds the inner life and purity of people , and impatience unfolds their darkness and melancholy. Pretends patience , but only those true believers stick to it , everybody denies impatience but on the face of hypocrites it sounds .
Sheikh Ghailany said (Be patient against the harm of people and your neighbor ; mush good lies patience . angles and prophets were patient against grievance ; so follow them ; pure heart never cares for ill and good being full of certainty and faith . The patient looks at people as being humiliated , poor and incapable , yet he himself must conceive that by humility )[88] . He also said (Ye , believer , remember those starving and those (necked) , sick and imprisoned to calm down your grievance . Remember the dead and their fate . Remember your sins and seek repentance ). Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (An for those fear God , He (ever) prepares a way out , and He provides for him (source) he never could imagine)[89] 

If you agree with no argument , and thank with no blasphemy , accept with no wrath and keep silent without being doubtful ; you are then given all you want [90].
And he said (Ye , poor people , be patient against your poverty for richness come to you in this life and in the Thereafter). Prophet Muhammad (P) said (Those patient poor will be the closest companion to God) Upon his death , the true believer sees his deeds , in front of him , in Heaven , wherein he enjoys death)[91].
Ibin Ajeeba said (patience is to curb the whims of the heart against the judgement of Allah)[92] .
Abu AlDardaa said (The genuine faith is to be patient against imposed command and to accept fate).Al-Ghanad said (patience is to satisfy the obligations , not to violate , and to respond to the commands of god)[93].
Followers of (Attariqa) enjoy pain of fate by their patience . Thu Al-noon Al-Masri said to a sick man He who never be patient against his grievance , is not truthful), the sick man replied (but he enjoys his grievance).
You should be enduring and avoid complaining to people ; Bishri Al-Hafi said (Reasonable patient should be free from complaint to people )[94]  . Complaint should be exclusively to God ; prophet Jacob complaint his suffering to God.
Al-Ghannad said (The true patient must be so for and to Allah ; he shouldnt complain and be impatient)[95].
Patience for refrain entails refrain from committing sins , and to enjoy the good and avoid the wrong . It is to overcome the whims of the self . followers of (Attariqa) control such whims by self-dental and remembrance of Allah , and be satisfied with the least to attain integral righteousness.
When the (Mureed) dedicates himself to the (Sheikh), he must learn how  to endure the harms of peoples . Muhammad (P) replied to those polytheist who harmed him (May Allah forgive my people for they ignorant of their acts)[96]. The high spirit of forgiveness is now followed by the (Sheikh)of Kasnazania whose all efforts are for the almighty God.
Muhammad (P) said (Nothing is more faithful and genuine than patience).
Patient takes three forms :
Patient for satisfying religious obligations , patience against committing sins and patience against grievance .
Religious patience entails constant adherence to the will of Allah , while patience against sins entails self-denial and curbing the whims and resisting all devilish temptations .
On the other hand , patience against grievance test mans genuine belief ; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (ALM, Do men think that thy will be left alone on saying (we believe) and that they will be tested)[97]

 Piety (Wara)
Piety , in this sense , is fear of committing sin that dominates ones own heart . It results from the constant feeling of self-reproach , and from rejecting doubtful thinking; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (suspicion in some cases is a sin) [98]

Prophet Muhammad (P) said (The advantage of knowledge is better than the advantage of worship , and the best of religiousness in piety).
Imam Ali said (Piety is constant faith , and if piety , perishes , greed dominates). Prophet Muhammad (P) said (If you pray till you become humpbacked and fast till you become like a ring , all those will be no use to you except the genuine piety)[99]
Al-Hassan Al-Basri said (a bit of piety is far better than so many prayers and fasting) [100].
Piety also means refrain from doing the forbidden and the suspected for the followers of (Attariqa) give up the suspicions by their piety . Piety leads man to truth . Al-Basri said (Piety entails truth regardless of being accepted or refused)[101]
Piety calls for giving up backbiting and ridicule and keeping closed eye to the forbidden . The pious must not be proud and never interfere with others affairs and never befriend those of shaky beliefs.
Sheikh Al-Ghailany said (Piety could be attained by two requirements :-
First : Refrain from suspicion : Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Nor speak ill of each behind their backs)[102]

second : refrain from suspicion :Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Avoid suspicions as much (as possible) ; for suspicion in some cases is a sin [103]

Third : refrain from ridiculing others ; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Ye who believe let not some men among you laugh at others..)[104]

Forth ; Keeping closed eye on the forbidden ; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze )[105]

Fifth : Truthfulness Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Whenever Ye speck , speak justly .)[106]    

Sixth : Acknowledging Gods bless to avoid self admiration , Allah (mighty and sublime be He ) said (God has conferred a favour upon you , that he has guided you to the faith .)[107]

Seventh : Refrain from ill expenses , Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Those who , whep they spend are not extravagant and not niggardly.)[108]

which means they shouldnt spend for wrongs , but for good they must spend .
Eighth :  The believer should not seek pride and personal glory ; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (That home of the Thereafter we shall give to those who intend not highhandedness or mischief on earth )[109]

Ninth :   Maintenance of prayers in due time , Allah  (mighty and sublime be He) said (Keep your prayers and the mid prayer and for God , be obedient)[110] 

Tenth :  Following the Sunnah and clinging to the collective worship , Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Verily , this is my way leading straight , follow it , follow not (Other paths : they will scatter you about from His (Great) path )[111]

Imam Al-Sadiq said (Beware of the harmful deed which causes regret ; by shy of your deeds ; the pious requires three codes : To forgive all people , to give up his sins and conceive three codes : To forgive all people , to give up his sins and conceive both praise and blame equally). The pious must refuse all doubts and sins and he shouldnt oppose what he can conceive and give up what Allahs denounces)[112] .
Followers of (Attariqa) considers piety as giving up all that is not related to Allah , and never be greedy for secular things.
Abu Baker Al-Shibli said (piety to give all things unrelated to Allah).
Piety , however , is of three types ; piety of common people which entails refrain from the forbidden and the suspicious , and the piety of (Saliqeen) which entails refrain from all things that might disturb the purity of the heart and be fully devoted to the love of Allah , and piety of (Arifeen-those well-informed)which is pure devotion to Allah.
Piety produces the following outcomes :
1-Avoidance of bad and shameful acts even if not forbidden by religion to keep the self enact .
2-Self-protection against excessive curiosity.
3-Avoidance of All temptations , that may shatter time , and frustrate virtue[113].
Followers of (Attariqa) are always upset conceiving life as hostile enemy ; they do not appreciate food or relaxation.

Religious Devotion (Zuhd)
Which means something little and he who is devoted to (Zuhd) is a person who suffice which little[114] . This requires dispensing with life and resorting to pure love of Allah provided that the hermit (zuhd) should find comfort in this.
Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (In order that Ye may not despair over matters that you pass by , nor exult over favours bestowed upon you )[115] .? But best is the home in the thereafter for those who are righteous will ye then not understand ?)[116]
llah (mighty and sublime be He) said (Wealth and sons are allurements of the life of this world , but the things that endure good deeds are best in the sight of thy Lord as rewards , and best as (the foundation for)hopes)[117]
The life of this world is made as temptation and test for people ; Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (That which is on earth we  have Mae as glittering show for the earth , in order that we test them as to which of them are best in conduct) [118].
Prophet Muhammad (P) used to urge his companions for giving up the life of this world ; He said (Be strange in this world or a by-passer)[119] , and He said (This life is prison for the believer and paradise for the non-believer)[120], and He said (Give up this life , you win the love of Allah , and give up what people seek, youll be loved by them)[121], Mohammed (P) confirmed that religious devotion entails in the transient hope ; He said (In this life , I am like a passing man who stopped for a while under a tree and then he left the tree and went)[122] . He (P) also said (Behind every sin lies the love of the life of this world)[123].
Abu Bakir (May be pleased with him) said ( I was with Mohammed (P) and I saw him pushing something and saying (Go away , Go away )then I asked him (Ye Messenger of God , you seen to push something which I dont see , the Prophet (P) replied (Life is in front of me , I ordered (it) to go away and (it) surrendered and disappeared and then life said (to Mohammed)(P) (if you could save yourself from me , others wont) ).
Imam Ali also repulsed life when it came to him disguised as (Beautiful woman) ; he said (Ye , life tempt other than me , tempt other than me)[124] .
Imam Ali also said (Leave this life of this world , and Allah will let you see its mischiefs)[125] .
Man will be religiously devoted if he denies  life , and the poor who has nothing in life is a true-believer . Abu Abdullah said (To be hermit is not to waste money or refrain from what is religiously permitted , but it is that confidence you have in allah more than you have in what you posses)[126].
Sheikh Ghailani said ( Religious devotion)is to quit world and the other world , to quit all world all worlds ambitions and to surrender to the will of Allah )[127] . He also said (He who is truly devoted , will win peoples acceptance in this life and in the other world)[128]. He said (It is the heart not the body which should be devoted . Who pretends devotion , you are no more than a hypocrite who a waits the torture of God . Let your heart break the love of God who will redeem your crack)[129].
Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq said (religious devotion is the key for the Thereafter and the salvation from fire . To quit  whatever obsess you from God with no regret or self-admiration or greed for bless . You must find happiness in this , and you must prefer hunger for avarice)[130].
Some others said (If life is a mere hum in the mouth of a child , you can imagine the state of that man who leaves all obligations to Allah and pick up that hum)[131].
Religious devotion is what the followers of (Attariqa) are known for : those quit all temptations of life for the love Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (P) who said (If this life is , for Allah , a wing of mosquito , He (God) will never provide the non-believer a drop of water therefrom)[132] .
For the followers of (Attariqa , religious devotion is divided into three Types :
1-Common people devotion which is to be merely satisfied with a bit of living .
2-Devotion of (Saliqeen) ; which is to seek the Thereafter and quit the life of this world.
3-Devotion of those well informed (Arifeen) : who quit everything except Allah . Abu Yazeed Al-Bustani said (I quit this life and the Thereafter and everything except Allah , the goodness asked me : What do you want ? I said  (I want to be undemanding).
The reason that urge followers of (Attariqa) for complete devious are :
1-Their realization of the transience of this life and the inevitable departure for Hell or Heaven .
2-Their awareness of the greater world of the Thereafter Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (Say short the enjoyment of this world ; the Thereafter is the best for those do goods)[133].
3-Their realization that their devotion will not change what is already decided by Allah[134] . The most favourite food is pickle and salt , and second comes the oil and third meat once a week . Others finds devotion to cover clothes housing and furniture .

Satisfaction (Ridha) 
It is a feeling of enjoyment and confront resulting from the satisfaction of the true believer with good and bad alike , being dictated by Allah who said (It may be that Ye dislike a thing , and God brings about through it a great deal of good)[135] . Allah (Mighty and sublime be He) said (God well-pleased with them and they with him)[136]
Thus mans satisfaction should entail complete acceptance of Gods judgement and this is the true faith ; Muhammad (P) said ( He who is satisfied with God , is a true believer)[137]. This satisfaction should be indivisible and wholly ; Muhammad (P) said (Ye , son , of Adam , your happiness lies in your acceptance of Allahs will ;  indignation makes you miserable ). He also said (He who is indignant will be cursed) . Hence , the only consolation for the true believer is satisfaction and patience ; Imam Ali said (The true obedience is patience satisfaction with the good and the bad ) .
Imam jafar Al-Sadiq said ( Satisfaction involves slavery to the will of God and negates any attachment to whatever created ; I heard Muhammad Al-Bakir as saying (It is polytheism when the heart clings to whatever available , and it is blasphemy to cling to the missing).
Al-Ghailani said (You who compensate men and things for Allah and attribute to them all forms of good and evil ; go and seek repentance for you dont have other than Allah).
Ibin Ajeeba said (Satisfaction is to face obstacle with pleasure and to surrender to Gods will)  [138] .
Ibin Attaa Allah Al-Iskandari said (Satisfaction is to purge the Al-Muhasabi said (Satisfaction is the tranquillity of the heart at the doomed judgement)[139].
Al Junied Al Baghdadi said (Satisfaction is to quite your choices)[140].
Rueim said (Satisfaction is to be pleased with judgement)[141].
Abu Ali Al-Daqaq said (Satisfaction is not to endure the grievance , but it is to surrender to the judgement)[142].
The satisfied believer conceive sadness and happiness equally ; it is the spiritual peace that links the believer to all happening by the love of Allah [143] .
Satisfaction is mutual between man and God ; Allah Mighty and sublime be He) said (God well-pleased with them , and they with him).
The followers of (Attariqa) realized this mutual reality ; Sufeian Al-Thawri while visiting Rabiaa Al-Adwiya (Ye , God pleased with me , She , then , commented (Dont you feel shy for asking God to be pleased with you while you are not pleased with him ? He then said (Oh God forgive me )[144].
The satisfaction of God with his servants is the most gracious bless;-Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said (To dwell therein , and beautiful mansions in gardens of everlasting blss . but the greater bliss is the pleasure of God)[145] .
Imam Al Toosi said (True satisfaction between man and Allah provides man with peace and pleasure for man knows well , both the source of evil and good and then he acts thereby)[146].
Imam Al-Harawi divides satisfaction into three grades :
1-First grade : the common people satisfaction with Allah , the only creator , this is conditioned by :
1-Allah should be the core of love for man .
2-Allah is the greatest .
3-True obedience should be solely given to Allah .

2-Second grade : satisfaction with Allahs judgement conditioned by :
1-All happenings should be equally conceived .
2-The absence of the individuality .
3-Refrain from demand and insistence .

3-Third grade : Identification with Allahs satisfaction and the essence of choice and differentiation [147].

Gratitude (Shuker)
Gratitude is the acknowledge of the bliss ; it is directed to the sole given , Allah , who He also must be thanked for Allah .(mighty and sublime be He) said (Then do you remember Me ; I will remember you).
Be grateful to Me reject not faith shouldnt Gods bliss to violate His will in this regard Muhammed (P) said (He who eats and thanks, is equal to that who fasts and be patient ). He also said (The first to be called for Heaven ar those who were grateful for Allah in all circumstance ) [148].
It has been said that David (Peace be upon him) said (Oh my God , (How shall I be Gods reply was (By saying so you are grateful to me ).
Imam Hussien said (He who bows down for gratitude and already performed ablution , god will give him ten virtues and removes ten sins).
If man shows no gratitude for the bliss , he will be cursed ; Imam Sadiq said (Allah has blessed certain people but they were not grateful , so the[

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