-May Allah Sanctity His Spirit

  Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-Kasnazani was born in 1306 H,1885 A.D in Kerbechant . He received religious education for he studies the hily Quran and Jurisprudence . He was a very resoulted young man , a holy- warier . He was famous for his revindication of the rights of the oppressed from their oppressors and his defending of the weak ones .
          He was ford mountains so he was called the Sultan of mountains . He was plous religious and a good servant . He was in continous fasting in his late years . He was generous and he spent most of his money on poor , orphans and widows . Once a widow asked him to give him something for her children , he extracted his golden tooth and gave it to her he got no any other thing to give , He used to go the mountains for worshipping after midnight and sit among hears-breech till morning . He designated parts of his own money to be monthly payments for many poor families while he ate only barely bread and colocynth (Bitter apple)
       One  of his sermons it that he said , Our Tariqa depends on the Holy Quran and Sunnat . The love of right cultivating of self , truthfulness , patience keeping of a word , never to be glad at others calamities , to be kind to the orphans , to clothe the naked , feed the hungry , side with the weak and to keep off wrong doing .
     He also said You Mureed ,You have to avoid the love of life , for to love it is to destroy yourself as does hot weather with money , side with the oppressed and not with the oppressor , for life with disbelief may go on , but with oppression it never does .
  The Favours He Offered To The Jurisprudents
         Al- Seid Al-Sheikh Al-Sultan Hussein Al-Kasnazani founded a religious school in Kerbechant . He appointed religious teachers for ir receiving their wages from his own money . The studients of his school studies Hadith , grammar , Jurisprudence and other religious knowledge . The number of students was over than twenty . In every year many person graduated who were especialised in dillerant fields .
      Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-Kasnazani died in 1360 H.1939 A.D . He appointed his brother Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim Al-Kasnazani as his successor to the Mishiakhat of Al-Tariqa . His death was of great effect among the Mureeds and the Muslims in general . With his death Islam lost a great man and reformist in an age . when Islam was in a bad need for such great men who served Islam honestly . Here is one of his advised to the sincere Mureeds , You Mureed ! devote yourself to Allah and direct your heart to the prophet peace be upom him- have your Sheikh as an intercession to reach Allah . You have to defend your Sheikh while he is far , restrict yourself to his in his house , do not talk much in his presence , you have to advise your brothers and reconcile among them , make your heart alive with remembrance , ask aid of Allah and be patient to what may happen to you . You have to keep yourself to your house , do not go to the marked unless you need to go and avoid the places of joys . You will get the happiness when you abandon life . Be generous to your gust , and kind to your family , son wide and servant . Mention Allah in everything , be loyal to Allah in essence and appearance and do good deeds for your other life .
      This is my advice to you Mureeds . How needy we are today to cling to our Sheikhs advice may Allah sanctify his spirit-
   His Religious Honours (Karamat)
     Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-Kasnazani had many karamats and miracles 9extraordinary actions) and that many people witnessed them .
 Al-Sheikh commanded a Mureed called Aziz to go to Musil for guidance , but that poor Mureed talked inwardly with his Sheikh apologizing because of his weakness and he knew little about Arabic and the way to Musil , but inspite of that he was given that responsibility . To increase the difficulty he was commanded to take with him a lame person who was weaker than him . At that time there were no easy facilities neither paved ways, yet they reached to Musil easily . Later on they arrived at rained house of a poor man whose neighbours were Christians among them an old woman infected with a chronic disease . When those Christians knew the arrival of the two Mureeds , they asked the letters to invoke a blessing upon that sick woman for fifty golden leers . The two Mureeds told them that do such things for Allahs sake and without payment . They at once brought that old woman . The Caliphate hit her with his staff , then , the woman stood up and that disease was cared . When the citizen of Musil heard of that miracle they came to him to do them their needs and that had a roused the jealousy of the Sheikh of other Tariqa who asked the Sheikh to leave Musil .
 Many people heard the voice of Jinn (ghosts) around the Sheikh and they were in remembrance of Allah . When he was as;ed about them he told them that they were mystics and muslims  Jinn .
 A man from Istanbul in Turkey was infected with a malignant disease . He visited many famous doctors , but it was useless . One night saw in his dream , a person telling him to go Kerbechant in Iraq  and that he will be recovered when he follows their Tariqat . When he woke up he decided to travel to Kerbechant . When he arrived at it and found the Sheikh sitting with Mureeds he threw himself towards him to kiss his hand and said You called me and I am here . Al-Sheikh said Now it is the time to receive the Baya Al-Tariqa and go into the seclusion 40 days . He responded to Al-Sheikh and it was not long he got recovered .
 Muhammad Khan Sulieman was the head of the tribe of Jaff . Who didnt pay his (Zekat) and never visited Mecca which were imposed on him . He came to visit Al-Sheikh in Kerbechant and be gave five leers wrapped in a piece of clothes to a Mureeed as a gift for the Takiya . When the Mureed put it in front of the Sheikh the latter said ,give it back to him and tell him that the Takiya never accept illegal money . Tell him to do this Zekat and Hij then he can give whatever he wishes .
 The Caliphate Mohamood went accompained by group of Mureeds from Chamchamal to Kerbechant to visit Al-Sheikh Hussein . They carried with them some of the money of Al-Sheikh Hussein . They carried with them some of the money of Al-Tariqa . His son bought with the money tea for the Takiya and the rest was one (Anna)=ponce . He told his  father about it . The father told him to go and buy with it tea and never to keep it . When they reached the Sheikh and the visit and blessing were done , the Sheikh raiesd his head and said You Mahmood , nothing can unseen by the Sheikh of Attariqa even if were one (Anna) of the money of Attariqa because this money is for the poor and it is the Muslims money-house .
 Al-Sheikh mahmood Saleh Ibn Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani Al-Kasnazani said that I was sitting in the session of Al-Sheikh Hussein before the afternoon collect Al-Sheikh Mustafa who is husseins cousin told him . I find that these collects are difficult for the Mureeds to do Al-Sheikh Hussein said these collects are an order from our collect the hawk alighted on wall behind the Sheikhs back and it stayed there till we reached the end of remembrance (Ya Raheem) ten it flew over , Al-Sheikh Hussein then said to Al-Sheikh Mustafa , Do you have any other plea ? No he replied I knew the answer .
 On the authority of Mohammed Qeet , a Mureed of Sultan Hussein Mulla Nejm said that the dogs were gathering everyday in a graveyard in Kerbechant and barking as if they saw or hearad   a strange thing Al-Sheikh Hussein said that who is in his grave because he ate the money of his daughters dowry , and once he did me a favour , so let us go to his grave and invoke a blessing upon him . When we get at his grave the Sheikh said , listen we heard him . When we heard a voice of dog barking inside that grave . The Sheikh prayed twice then he asked Allah to forgive him . It was but a short while , then , the voice disappeared and we didnt heard it a gain . We all became happy .                                      
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