Such ability is embodied in the following six manifestations Miracle , premonition , (Irhas), Karama , Maaona , Istidraj) , Ihana (offence).
    Below , there are definitions of each :
1- Miracle : Linguistically , this word entails inability For the philologists , it is a supernatural ability accompanied by Challenge . this is the course that Prophet adopted .
2-  Premonition (Irhas) Which is done  at pre-Prophetic time undergone by the Prophet (P) .
3- Karama : It is a supernatural ability related to the realm of Miracle done by a votary (righteous man) as a sign for the respectable position he occupies for God . It is not associated with Prophecy .
4-  Maaona : Which is done by common people saving them from persistent problems , care or sad event .
5- Istdraj : Which is done by a corrupt to cheat him . He is indirectly cheated by giving such power assisted by evil spirit .
6- Ihana (offence): Done by a corrupt to refute his claims , like that done by Musailama Al-Kathab (The Liar) who spitted in the eye of a man to cure him , instead , he blinded the healthy one . 
         Sahil al-Tasttary says :(Verses Ayat) given by God . Miracles by prophet , Karamat by votaries , aids (Maghothat) by Mureeds , and Ability by those elite servants of Allah)1   
     We are , here exclusively , concerned with the (Karamat) of the Sheikhs of the Kasnazani . In this regard , Sheikh Abdoul Qadir said (The true believers believe that is not the sword which cuts but it is God who does so , and the fire never burns by the ill of God , and water never satisfies a thirsty only by the will of God . All other things operate within the same code)2.
    Sheikh Ghailany refereed to the event of fire with prophet Ibrahim (P) when God brought the fire into a standstill : (We said O fire  , be thou cool , and ( a means of ) safely for (Ibrahim)3.
    The Al-Mighty says ( Verily , when He intends a thing , His Command is Be and it is )4.
     By this will by God , Miracles of prophets and (Karamat) of the votaries are , made the paralysis of the physical laws efficiency by prophets or votaries indicates the ability of God , not the Prophet or the votary ; such ability is limitless  , the unbelief in such powers is a dental of Gods power .
     It is quite natural to believe in whatever familiar , like the power of fire to cause burns , which comes a result a long time habituation , and thus , makes the human mind somehow irresponsive to the unfamiliar .
    The super events done the Kasnazani Sheikhs are but extension of the Miracles of the Prophet . Muhammad (P) to show the ability and the oneness of Allah and thus to guide those unbelievers to the road of faith and devotion .
   Of such super events done by Attariqa Mureeds we mention the following :
    First : Injecting sharp tools (swords or knifes) in various parts of the body : such tools are used without being medically cleaned . The parts of the body subject to such practice are (cheeks , tongue , the lower part of the mouth , the outer cover of the ear , the arm , breast muscles , the abdomen and the back part ).
Second : Daggers are interested in various parts of the skill and the shoulder bone by the use of a hammer prepared for his purpose .
 Third : Chewing and swallowing glasses in various forms and shapes regardless of the danger inherent the poisonous material out of which such object are mode . Sharp blades are also swallowed by the Mureeds .
Fourth : Fire resistance ; by swallowing the fire emitted form a source of fire or holding on iron piece highly heated by heads or teeth .
Fifth : Resistance of the position of snakes and scorpions by exposing the hand to their stings . Something , the Mureed swallows the snakes head , or the scorpion in fall .
Sixth : Electric Shocks Resistance : The Mureed exposes his body to electric shock for minutes ; the body serves as a conductor of the electric current ; sometime a lamp is used to show the efficiency of the current .
   Besides , the Mureeds resort to other things ; like the head with a big rock or with the wall . A dagger is also used by the Mureeds penetrating inside the tongue making deep injuries soon recovered some of the Mureed may even shoot himself without being harmed .
    Such practices are not obligatory by Attariqa : the Mureeds are not bound to do them , because such acts are means not an end . By giving permission to the Mureeds to do them , the Sheikh intend to convince and guide people to the right way virtue . Therefore , it is not permissible for the Mureeds to do such practices reason . Such practices are done by the spiritual power of the Sheikhs , So , either the Sheikh (in the main headquarter (Takiya) in Baghdad gives permission or the Mureed himself decides to do that for the sake of guidance . So , if the Mureeds finds it necessary and justifiable to do such acts , he , is , then , bound to do it .
    The real power behind such practices is that spiritual powers of the Sheikhs who render this power to the Mureed . Thus such acts are sort of (Karamat) bestowed to the Sheikhs who made them possible to be done by the Mureeds .
     Thus , it is clear , through these practices , that the Mureeds show high sense of sacrifice indicating their true devotion and sound courage . The Mureeds present a good example of Jihad (self-sacrifices) which the first companions of Prophet (Muhammad)(P) had exemplified.
     The uniqueness of such practices lies in the (repetitiveness) inherent in them ; that is , the Mureeds can do them wherever and whenever he wants . This exceeds all limits of parapsychology .

2- Jalaa Al-Khatir-Speechs of Sheikh Abdul Qadir
3-Al-Anbia Ayat 69.
4-Yas,Ayat 82.

The reference
The Book of Attariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadriah Al-Kasnazaniyah -Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazaniy Al-Hussieny.P

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