Al-Mugahada : which is derived from (Juhid) effort- means the effort exerted to do something . (Al-Jihad) means to struggle between good and evil which is that between the believers and the non-believers or within man himself .
    The Al-Mighty said ( And for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their lord (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires , their abode will be the garden)1.
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   The Al-Mighty said (And those who strive in our (cause) we will certainly guide them to our paths )2.
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   The Al-Mighty said ( and strive in His cause as yet ought to strive (with sincerity and under discipline )3.
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The Al-Mighty said (And strive and struggle , with your goods and your persons in the cause of God)4.
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   It was related that Prophet Muhammad (P) said (We came to shift from the big Jihad to the small Jihad) . and when asked about the big jihad , the prophet Muhammad (P) said (It is the Jihad of the self self-denial)
    The Prophet Muhammad (P) said (Resist your desires as you resist your enemy)
    On the authority of Fadhala Ibn Abdullah , the prophet Muhammad (P) said (Almujahada true believer is the one who shows self-denial for God)5.
    Prophet Muhammad (P) said ( Nothing is so lovable by god but hunger and thirst)
   Prophet (P) also said (The devil goes in man like the blood ; so , close up the path of the devil by thirst and hunger)
  Prophet Muhammad (P) said (Show self-denial by thirst and hunger , for youd be rewarded for that as the rewarded of the Muhahada).
  For the followers of Attariqa , self-denial is to curb whims of the self and tame it to worship Allah , and hunger is the most powerful tool to do so .
    Imam Sadiq (may Allah be pleased with him) said congratulation for the man who curbs his desires for the sake of Allah , He who defeats his whims will certainly wins the acceptance of Allah , He who controls his desires by obedience and modesty will be a great winner . Mans emotions and desires are great barrier between man and God . So , surrender to obedience , thirst and hunger in the daytime , and let your might dedicated to the worship of Allah . By doing So , you will die as martyr , and in life he will get the acceptance of God. The Al-Mighty said ( Those who exert sincere efforts for Me , will be led to the right path , God is with those who are virtuous). So exert , all possible efforts for the better , Prophet Mohammed (P) used to say while praying I hope to be grateful servant of Allah to be a model for people , so seek hard work , worship and energy)6.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailany said (Dont busy yourself with washing your clothes leaving your heart dirty . Wash your heart first then you clothes . Do both to be clean and dont be proud , for God is the most powerful)7.
  He also said (The true believer should reproach himself by telling (the self) of his advice and warning He who doesnt reproach himself be reasoning and advice success , man should cultivate himself).
 He said also , (Leave whims to get cure and purity . Filling the stomach legitimately harms the heart what about if this done by illegitimate means . Prophet Muhammad (P) said ( To be on diet is real  ( cure , and excessive food  is the source of illness , and let the body get its share ) , excessive  food distorts intelligence and wisdom)8.
Imam Juneid said ( I heard alsiri Alsafti saying you , young people , work hard before you became like the weak and less active )  Though he was such a hard-worker in worship that no young man can mach him )9.
 Abu Al-Uehman Al-Magherby said ( He who believes that he can attain revelation without being hard worker is mistaken)54.
 Abu Ali Daqaq said ( He who works hard , God will provide him with beautiful stature ). (He who will not work , will not be able to find the right path)10.
    Zakariaya Alansari said ( Safety of the self live in self-denial and surrender to the will of God)11.
   Muhi Aldeen bin Arabi in (Al-Fautohat Al-Maqiyah) said (Those true believers realized that God cannot  be done by intellectual theories , so they restored mathematics  , Sports , Solitude (khalawat) .
   Ibin Ajeeba said (self-denial entails rejection of personal whims all the time)12.
  Since the self is the source of  devilish temptations , those followers of Attariqa (Al Saliqoon) resorts to hunger to curb such trap) . Talking about the followers of Attariqa , Abdul Wahab bin Zayd said ( they cannot walk on water only by hunger and cannot walk on earth only by hunger)15.
   By hunger man became slim and able to rest sleep
   Yahya bin Maath said (Full stomach is caused by devils , and hunger is a river in the soul visited by angels . Devils escape from the sleeping hunger , so what about the awaking hungry )16 Abu Alkasim Alkashiry said ( The key for the right path is hunger which is the source of wisdom)17. . He defined three requirement for self-denial :
1- Never to eat except in a state of serious hunger .
2-  Never to sleep except in a state of irresistible sleep .
3-  Never to speak except in necessary cases .
This is best exemplified by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al- Kasnazani and his brother Sheikh AbdulKarim Alkasnazani who found in hunger the real enlightenment .
   Also Sultan Hussein Al-Kasnazani stayed one year eating only teaspoon of honey and some tea daily .
  When the (Mureed) twists himself by hunger , he would be a way from vanity and pride and anger.
  The first stage in self-denial is the dissatisfaction with the self (The human soul is certainly prone to evil) 18.
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  So , it is the self causes all evils and it is the self also if well-cultivated leads to the right path of righteousness)62(Since the path of self-denial is so difficult and demanding which cannot be explored solely by the (Saliq) so he must be guarded by an experienced guide (Sheikh of Attariqa) who can be a source of spiritual power that inspire the (saliq) all requirement to attain his goal . Prophet Muhammad (P) was the first great guard for his fellows ; he is described by God in the following Sura (It is He who has sent amongst the unlettered , an Apostle from among themselves to rehearse to them His signs to sanctify them , and to instruct them in Scripture and wisdom although they had been , before , in manifest error)19,20.
( )
 They said about self-denial that if man doesnt start his life by self-denial  , he not attain a good end ; beginning always point to end)21. 
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