(May He Be Pleased)
In the most prestigious rank existence and in the deepest fold of human history there is a symbol which no literati , scholar , or scientists can identity his reality revealed in his sacrifice . This eternal and everlasting symbol who consider glory as his ultimate aim . This eternal and everlasting symbol who considered glory as his ultimate aim . This is Al-Hussein the perfect man the most reverent , noblest thinker who opposed tyranny and met martyrdom bravely , in Karbala , the land honoured by his honest posture .
   He is a symbol of humanity , freedom and revelation . He is a flower of Muhammad , the messenger of Allah , who gained the highest rank of martyrdom .
    A personality as such the son of the Lord of all creatures is not to be lamented by funerals or poetry but by being followed . His posture is also to be imitated and copied .

Why Al-Hussein (may he be pleased ) in Karbala ?
Al-Hussein commenced at once towards Karbala to fight the tyrants and the impostors . To follow and stipulate the ideals established by his grandfather Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) He revolted to purify the society and impose the principles and concepts included in Quran and to demolish all deviations and impurities .
      His drive was the second phase in the Islamic message i.e the phase of Husseins struggle and drive . The first was led by the messenger

Al-Hussein (may he be pleased) as Symbol of Freedom
l-Hussein was not a freedom0fighter who fought against usurpers of the Caliphate but a man who fought to destroy and evil . He tried to demolish evil and help in prevailing light and right . His scarifies and martyrdom with some of the members of his family was due to Allahs will . Allah bestows him with the greatest ranks of divine presence by meeting martyrdom .
    Al-Hussein with all spiritual and divine power was able to demolish the power of evil and by his legacy extended to him from his grandfather , the chosen one , may the blessings and peace be on him but Al-Hussein accepted Allahs will and his fate to attend eternity in the two worlds and to be a symbol of righteousness (to fulfill a matter was already being fulfilled ) . By such posture and sacrifices , he be came an illumination which emitted in all direction though out generations . To uproot vice and crash evil one should be decisive and brave . So he was a hero and a symbolic spiritual power . A sign of sound belief and courageous action . Congratulation to the messengers daughter to his spiritual heir of his achievement and order . 

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