The holy Quran is the miracle of Allah which no mam can initiate . There is no Book in the World in whose service so much talent , so much labour , so much time have been expended as has been in the case with Quran . It is the pious duty by every Muslim to read this holy book (The eternal translation of beings and the everlasting interpretation of their tongues of signs of creation . The Quran is the decoding of the precious but secret names indicated in heavenly and earthly phases . It is the clue to all facts embodied within secular events , Al-Quran is the tongue of the unseen In the world of citation and the documentary volume of eternal and divine words . The Book of Rabbani graces and the base and illumination of this world . It is the map of the hereafter . The actual explanation and proof of Allahs being-His features , names and affairs . The guide to the duties of man of the Book of wisdom and legislation)
The Quran , as one said . is :
All arts of semantics are gathered in , a miraculous followed by miracles .
Orders , prohibitions sayings and proverbs , wisdom all included in the soundest Book .
To a wandered , a revelation , a paradise explored by Literate . 
    Since the Holy Quran is Muhammads law (May the blessings and peace be on him) and the source of divine legislation and greatest miracles and guide to his revelation . It is perfective and complete No human beings can distort its holy words . Any attempt to add a letter or , say a word , to any Ayat can easily be spotted by people as being fake .
The following are some names of Quran included in different  suras are refeered to by Muhammad Haqi Al-Nazily in his book Khazinatu Al-Asrar
    The Quran is called (clear book)(Hamim , By the book that Makes things clear)

It is called (A Quran most honourable )(that this is indeed a Quran most honorable)3

It is called (Word of Allah) (So that he may hear the word of Allah)4

It is also called (light) (for we sent unto you a light that is manifest)5

It is called (a guidance and mercy) (for those who believe-a guidance and mercy)6

It is called (Criterion)(sent down the criterion on His servant)7

The Quran is also called (healing) (We reveal to you from Quran what is healing and mercy) 8 .

It is called (direction) there come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the disease in your hearts)9

He calls it (blessed Message) in (And this is a blessed message which We have sent will you have rejected it)10

It is called (high in dignity)(Verily it is in the mother of the Book in our presence high in dignity full of wisdom)11
It is called (Wisdom)(Mature wisdom but the preaching of Warners profits them not)12

It is called (Book of Wisdom)(A.L.R  These are the Ayats of the Book of Wisdom) 13

The Quran is also called (dominate)(confirmation of the law that had come before him and domination)14

It is called (rope) (And hold fast all together , by the rope which Allah (stretches for you) and dont divide)15

It is called (Straight path) (This is my straight path)16

He calls is )Straight in order) by saying (He had made it straight and clear in order to warn of a terrible punishment).17

He calls it (word that distinguishes) by stating (behold this is the Word that distinguishes from evil) 18.

It is called (Great news)(Concerning what they are disputing concerning the great news)19

It is called (revelation) by stating (verily this is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds)20

It is called (inspiration) (And We have by our command sent inspiration to you)21

He calls the Quran (revelation) (Say I do but Warn you according to revelation)22

He calls it (clear evidence)(these are clear evidences to men , and a guidance)23.

 Allah , The Truth , also calls it (plain statement by saying (Here is a plain statement to men)24.

He calls it (Knowledge)(after what you have from knowledge)25 .

Allah calls it (guidance) by saying (verily his Quran guides to that which is most right)26.

It is called (wonderful recital) in Jinn , I have really heard a wonderful recital)27.

Allah calls it (hand-hold)(the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks)28

He called it (memento or reminder)(We made it a memento to those who frighten)29

He calls it (truth) by saying (who introduced the truth)30

It is called (justice)(The word of your Lord finds its fulfillment in truth and justice) 31

He , Al-Mighty , calls it (Command)(That is the command of Allah which He sent to you)32

It is called (call) (Our Lord we have heard the call of one calling to faith , believe in the Lord and we have believed) 33

He calls it (glad tidings) (guidance and glad tidings for those who 

Allah calls it (glorious) (This is a glorious Quran)35

He calls it (good news and admonition)(A book , Whereof the verses are explained in detail , a Quran in Arabic , for people who understand . Giving good news and admonition)35

Allah , Most High calls the Quran (exalted power) by stating (Indeed it is a Book of exalted power).36

Sacredness of Quran 
Al-Quran is the most sublime Book being revealed on man by Allah , Most High , to his prophets and apostles . It is divine and sacred . The believers , in the Quran . Will have the greatest divine law . It is the seal of what precedes and most dominate . He who tries to belittle the Quran or any item in it is considered as  a disbeliever . And he who tries to distore any concept or regulation  stipulated in it is a disbeliever . Many prophetic Hadiths refer to the prestige of those who learn of teach this divine Book . Many Hadiths are said on the greatness of this Book , related to the messenger of Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) who said the best on of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it) . Al-Buheiqi puts it ( the most preferred one is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it).
In Al-Tirmidhis book called al Gam(the comprehensive) related to Abi said Al-Khudri said the messenger (may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said : Allah Al-Mighty says (He who is busy with Quran and forgets asking me will be given the best of what has already been given to those who request their needs). On the authority of Al-Tabarani who said Ibin Abass (may the pleased) said the messenger of Allah ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him)  said (He who learned the Quran and followed its directions will be guided by Allah against going astray and prevented him from punishment in the day of resurrection). On the authority of Abi Hurayrah who said :the messenger of Allah( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said (Abu Hurayrah learn the Quran and teach it to people till your death if you do the angles will make a pilgrim to your grave as the believers pilgrim the sacred House of Allah). Ibin Majah said Ibin Said Al-Khudhari said the messenger of Allah  ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said (those who read the Quran will ascend while entering the paradise , a step for each Ayat they read) The messenger of Allah  ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said (the Quran will meet his reader in the day of resurrection as a pale man . It asks do you recognize me ? He replies no . The Quran will say I am your friend and partner who make you thirsty and sleepless . Any merchant will get the fruit of his merchandise and I am after all deals . The man will be given the (Mulk) sovereignty on his right hand and eternity on the left and has the crown of dignity O his head . His parents will be dressed in marvellous raiment . They said Why we are dressed so marvellously ? They are answered because of your sons recitation of Quran. Imam Al-Saddiq (may peace be on him) said (those who read Quran without submission , relevant dignity will be belittling Allahs dignity and have a great loss . He who reads the Quran should have features : a submissive heart ; a free body , and a vacant place . To feel submissive to Allah one will dismiss the Satan . He , the Truth , says (when you need the Quran seek Allahs protection from Satan the rejected one)37

When the reader of Quran discards all ideas and thought along with the other two reasons he will be able to concentrate and enjoy reading , and the grace of the divine illuminations . To read the Book of Allah is to enjoy its contents and language . By studying Al-Quran one will be interested in learning His instructions and the act of worshipping . In reading this book one would explore its underlying meanings and inspiration . According to Ibn Arabis point of view , Al-Quran is the perfect human being ,i.e. our prophet Muhammad ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him), and his deputy . Both , to Ibin Al Arabi , are the Quran . He said (He who wants to meet Muhammad ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) after his time should read the Quran . No differences can be deduced from looking at the Book and looking at Muhammad . Al-Quran is to be seen as a physical portrait of Muhammad ( may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) . Al Quran is the words of Allah and qualities a synonymous to Muhammad , the Truth .38 The Holy Quran And The World Community 
Al-Quran is voluminous book which includes a variety of subjects , activities , legislations and science . Some topics were approved others were refuted . New concepts and visions the presence , the earth , heaven , man , animal and vegetation were introduced . The Quran revealed in a time when people were ignorant of secular facts . The concept stating that heaven throws the rain , the earth is flat and level , the sky is the ceiling of the earth , the stars are silver nails  fixed in the dome of the sky such concepts were dominate . Having accomplished sounds progress in science and observation is enhanced , man starts discovering many secrets which indicate that the Quran is the words of Allah and the divine constitution . To discuss a topic at one time shows specific contrast concerning certain approved beliefs and sciences . To review the same after a spell of time we will see hat the said approaches are full pf mistakes and defects , since new findings and discoveries may prove the infertility of such approaches . In the case of Quran the situation is utterly different , because it is the truth and righteous in all it reveals and in what it includes . Its sources are scientific and everlasting . The Book includes all facts and realities which referenced is Allah , the Truth , the eternal and timeless . If the Quran is the words of man , then it will be refuted and rejected in the course of time . Humanity Expounded in Al-Quran 
Humanity is the feature of the perfect man which enables him to be vicegerent of Allah , Most High , to reconstruct the earth and distribute love and welfare . Perfect humanity is the grant f Allah , Al-Mighty , endowed to persons as messengers , prophets and saints (awliya) being inspired by Allah to reform and advise tyrants . Moses assignment to advise the pharaoh is a good example (Go to pharaoh for he is indeed transgressed all bounds) 40 

Allah thus send a number of apostle to stop tyranny on earth and to teach the value of man and how he is honoured by Allah (We have honoured the son of Adam)41

Muhammad , the perfect , is sent as a grace and savour of all creatures .(We sent you as a mercy for all creatures)42

This mercy will be continuos and eternal as Allah wills because Muhammad Is the Quran  , the Quran is Muhammad . No isolation can be performed between them . The guard of Quran is quite clear .(we have sent down , with doubt , the messages and we will assured guard it from corruption) 43

The humanity of Islam can be traced in a number of Quranic  Ayat prophetic Hadiths . Allah said (Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and those with him are strong against unbelievers but compassionate among each other )44

 And said (Help one another in righteousness and piety but do not help one another in sin and rancor) 45

Islam is the religion of love , fraternity and forgiveness . It is the religion of tree will and equality . Allah , Al-Mighty , said (We created you from a single pair of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that may know each other . Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous) 46

   The messenger of Allah said (A;; people are from Adam and Adam is made of soil) . He added (we do not distinguish between Arabs and foreigners except by their reverence).
This is equality in Islam . It terminated the slavery legislations and helped the poor . Slavery of human beings is considered the meanest way of destroying mankind . From the very beginning the messenger of Allah helped the weakest in society and stipulated a strong infrastructure depending on equality and freedom . He himself treated other people as equal and was the pioneer in calling for human freedom and equality . Bilal was an obvious example he freed and placed above the sacred Kaaba to call for praying . Upon the order of the messenger . Bilal , the black , stood above the roof of Kaaba to call all nobleman , knights , scientists , poets , pilgrims , to pray and acquaint themselves with the Truth and follow . A marvelous sequence of Ayat were inspired to gradual relief of mankind from slavery and as follows : 1.  Slaves were sold and freed in the Meccean period of Islam while revelation of Islam was at its beginning 2.  Since the prisoners of war were the main source of slavery , Islam ordered to release them by praying a ransom for a freely . Allah says (Either freely or by pay ransom for)47

3. Islam allocated specific share of the alms paid to free those in bondage and slaves . Allah , Al-Mighty , says (alms are for the poor and the needy , and those employed to administer the funds , for those whose hearts have been reconciled to truth and for those in bondage)48

4.  To account for deliberate oaths Muslims should free a salve as one act of expiation . In this concern free positions can be cited : One-       In belief , Allah said (but He will call you to account for your deliberate oaths : for expiation , feed ten indigent persons , on a scale of the average for the food of your families , or cloth them , or give a slave his freedom)49

Two-       In killing a believer by mistake (if a believer killed a believer by mistake compensation is due . It is ordained that he should free believing slave)50

Three-       In divorce (Al-Zihar), He Most High , says (But those who divorce their wives by zihhr then wish to go back on the words they uttered it ordained that such a one swhould free a slave before they touch each other )51

5- Having flourished , the Islamic state stipulated a law to formulate relations between a slave and his master after being freed (And if any of your slaves ask for deed in writing to enable them to earn their freedom for a certain sum give them such deed)52 
To free a human being from slavery is one of the most vital achievement made by Islam .
Five alternatives are produced to be used by a Muslim slave to get his freedom then terminate slavery . Islam also respects other beliefs and calls for respect and wisdom in dealing with others (Invite all to the way of Allah with wisdom  and beautiful preaching and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious)53

Islam call for freedom of thought and belief . And no compulsion in religion is to be conducted . (Let no compulsion in religion :Truth stands out clear from error) 54

And (do you submit yourself ? If they do , they are in right guidance But if they turn back your duty is to convey the message)55

And (If you turn back , know you that it is our apostle duty to proclaim the message in the clearest manner)56

To enlist such facts and realities one can refute the unjust claims that was  imposed by force (by sword). The above mentioned Ayat state the role of the messenger of Allah in proclaiming the message and that he fulfilled His orders . 
Moreover, to study the treaty of Hudaibiya one can deduce from the Paras that Islam was not the religion of fighting and blood shedding as claimed . One the important parse states (He who takes refuge from Qureish to Muhammad is to be turned back , if one of Muhammads followers takes refuge in Qureish he is not to be turned back) . This shows the ultimate case of freedom in selecting ones belief and free will to decide . Islam fought the aggressors not force people to believe in it . To expand the Islam state certain campaigns were derived but Muslims signed truce with the people of the book (believe in Allah) against certain taxes levied (Al-Jizeitu) on condition of non aggression deals , Allah , Al-Mighty , says (but if the enemy inclined towards peace you should also incline towards peace) 57

Most towns were peacefully surrendered e,g:Mecca . Muslims also granted asylum and provided security for many pagans despite their mischief . (If one among the pagans ask you for asylum grant it to him so that he may hear the word of Allah , and them escort him to where he can be secure that is they are without knowledge)58

In the same manners all the messengers companions and followed behaved .
bu Baker , the Sincere , ordered the chief commander of his army by saying (you should avoid ten deeds  , not to kill a woman , a lad an old man , and not cut a fruitful tree , or destroy a hose , not to slain a camel or a sheep but for food . He should avoid incinerating palm trees, exaggeration , not should he be a coward)59 .
Any intellectual person who studies the holy Quran and contemplates in its ideas and concepts should approve what Count Edward Quwag comments that (In Quran one can find spiritual perfection and devotion ) . And what Gustaf Lupoin confirms (Al Quran was adopted by satisfaction and good will not by force as some people claimed)
The Family and Al-Quran 
The unity of Islamic community was established due to Allahs order as He said (Verily this brotherhood of yours is a single brotherhood and I am your Lord therefore fear Me)60

This feeling is initiated as a general feature of Islamic society , by Quranic order suggesting that he links among Muslims stem from charity , materialistic and non materialistic , in treatment and stimulating an ideal relationships in society starting from ones patents .
The Truth says (serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him ; and do good to parents)61

Thus He , Most High , ordered people , his servants , to take care of parents and secure their welfare . Furthermore , in the following Ayat , Allah Al-Mighty , enlists certain rights for ones neighbors as if they are member of his family . The ultimate call for enhancing social integrity and enjoining compassion were embodied the Quran (Then will he be of those who believe , and enjoin patience and self restraint and enjoin of kindness and compassion) 62

He , Most High adds (by the token of time , verily Man , is in loss , except such as have faith , and do righteous deeds and in the mutual teaching of Truth of patience and constancy)63

To advise one another to do righteous deeds is the highest degree of social integrity . Since Muslims will be immune against sin turning backness , the society will be coherent and highly cooperative .
  Quranic legislations are also extended to cover the orphans (treat the orphans not with harshness)64

The wayfarers and those in need (say whatever you spend that is good is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for way fares)65
The family is the cornerstone in structuring society . The Quran pays attention to this vivid cell in society and gradually organize its affairs . First and foremost , the questions of coexistence within on unified organ where members of this entity respect each other and cooperate .
Parents are obliged to take care for their elders . Allah says (Whether one or both of them attain old age in your life say not to them word of contempt , nor repel them but address them in terms of honour)66

Women are allotted special attention in Al-Quran since they are essential the structure of each family . Allah High , holds the murdering of family infants as been forbidden buried them alive . (When the female infant , buried alive , is questioned for what crime the committed to be killed)67  He, the Truth , ordered woman to maintain their chastity and honour , and cursed those who defame chase women  by saying (those who slander chase women indiscreet but believing are cursed in their life and in the hereafter . For them , the libels , is a grievous penalty) 68

And said (do not force your daughters to come to adultery if they refuse)69

Marriage is also encouraged to protect women . She maintains all right for choice and discussion (when you give them their due
dowers and desire , chastity not lewdness)70

Many Ayat perished the maternity of women . Most High , says (we have enjoined on man kindness to his parents in pain did she give him birth)71

 To maintain her dignity the Quran ordered her not to put make-up and uncover her veil but for her husband . No one to visit her at specific time of the day . One should seek permission to visit them . These conditions are figured in ( You who believe let those whom your right hand possess , and the children among you who have not come of age ask you permission on three occasions : before morning prayer : while you doff your clothes for the noon and after the night prayer)72

As concerning the bridal money (mahr) which some antimuslims trends claim to be her price , it is a symbolic amount of money paid to indicate her necessary and the mans need . Some antiIslamic sources claim that this sun of money is a price for bargaining as being a trading  commodity . according to other religions girl is to pay certain amount of money to get a husband or say to purchase one . What a dignity and honour Islam gives to women . Almahr is a declaration of a need , those to keep her prestige .To allow divorce in Quran and multiple marriage are two measures to maintain the Islamic society , man and woman and not to perish man on account of woman . Divorce is a remedial step any unsuccessful marriage . It is to help both to start new life . Allah , Most High , ordered the Muslims to treat their wires kindly , and live with them on kindness and equality (Live with them (women) on a footing of kindness and equity . If dislike them it may be that you dislike a thing , and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good)73

On the contrary , Islam asks the believers to follow certain reasonable steps to treat women if they disobey their husband or are disloyal to him . In such cases and in case of family jars four steps are to be followed (as to those women in whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct admonish them ; refuse to share their beds and last beat them lightly but if they return to obedience seek not against them means of annoyance : Allah is most high great above you for all)74

In other cases , where breaching between the husband and the wife is because of sterility or chronic ailment the Quran states that two arbiters one from each family , are to be appointed to review the problem and try a reconciliation (if you fear a breach between them , appoint two arbiters one from each family if they wish for peace Allah will cause their reconciliation for Allah had full knowledge and is acquainted with all things)75

To maintain the Unity of the family Allah , al-Mighty , states that divorce is permissible three transparent . Twice is revocable (A divorce is only permissible twice , after that the parties should either hold together on equitable terms or separate with kindness)76

Divorced women should wait concerning themselves for three months without marriage . Being pregnant , divorced women are to wait till birth delivery . Such conditions are enforced to make the process of divorce difficult . In Nisaa Sura , Allah Al-Mighty , strictly limit the number of wires to a maximum of four provided you could treat them with perfect equality . as this condition is most difficult to fulfill , monogamy is recommended (If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans marry women of your choice two , there of tour)77

   On conditions that (but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them , then only one). This conditions is impossible to be fulfilled therefore , one should keep only one wife (You are never able to be fair and just as between women even if it is your ardent desire but turn not away from the altogether) 78

The sublimity of Quran and divine secrets and spiritual concept is for fetched . yet , some illuminate assigned by Allah were able to comprehend such Unseen illuminate . Some non Muslims intellects were able to understand the sublimity of Quran and say : 
Rinotte said (we should confess that all natural science , astronomy , philosophy and mathematics flourished in Europe during the tenth century were extracted from Quran)`
David Yodd said(the Quran is a social , civil , commercial , military , judicial constitution above all it is a great divine law) 
Snaps started the Quran is the general law of life which can not be refused , applicable to all ages . Once Muslims strictly follow its instruction , they would be the Lords on earth as they used to be
Marashy said to contemplate on the Quran one can deduce that the infrastructure of Islam is Unity or polarity of fraternity and the gradual improvement of world affairs by science which are the main reasons beyond Islam rvelation .
Sir William Mar said The Quran includes numerous evidence of organic and logical proofs of the existence of Allah , Most High . He is the sovereign king . He will perish  with magnificent rewards those believers who do deeds of righteousness and will take a firm line with those who do deeds of evil . To perform righteous and avoid evil is duty of all worlds all should serve Allah which constitute by itself a cause of happiness
Dr . Jerny confirms I studied Quranic Ayat related to natural medical , hygiene science , some fields of knowledge I have already studied and understood from my very childhood . I discovered that they are similar to our knowledge then I declared that I am Muslim because I am deadly sure that Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) reveals the clear truth one thousand years ago without being taught by a human tutor.
Bernard show assure that the British Empire is to adopt Islamic regulations before the end of this century . He added if Muhammad is sent at this age he would succeed completely in solving all international problems and lead the world to peace and prosperity
Dr. Gustan Gusta states you can find in many Ayat a call for good doing . As Islam clarifies the compassion of Allah , Most High . It is also refers to good deed , the first mercy , and pays mush attention to orphans , the poor , the infants , those in need . It established fraternity and love as two paragons of Islamic society . It is , indeed , an outstanding success .
Lady Evlen Coperled said the beauty of Quran and its effective style can not be described or defined . It is the divine revelation echoed on the heart of the legate , Muhammad (may the blessing and peace of Allah be on him) in the form of Suras and Ayats . Al-Quran is read and recited on glorious community all over the world .
The orientalist Winn Giz said (Every time we read the Quran we notice its attractiveness , and increases our embarrassment but respect . Its aim is sublime . It comprises an honourable rank of faith and truth . It legislations are applied to all mankind on day It contains a super derogatory power  .
Alex Louson said (Muhammad left a Book of high rhetorical style , an account of high manner . a divine book , no modern scientific issue or discovery oppose Islamic principles . There is coordinate between Quranic instruction and natural laws .
Father Lamins states Al Quran makes the Arabs to believe in Islam let alone some other hundred of millions of people . It extends its efforts towards Africa , Asia , and other continents . Missionaries wont get a look in .
Lumax prince Kanni said the first ray of illumination emitted from Al-Quran in the name of Allah Most High Gracious and Merciful . In the world merciful the believer feels that Allah is the one who grants his servants with favours in the secular world and in the hereafter . Upon this , one can confirm that it is the greatest illumination- Allahs light which is passion and mercy
Mr. Bisur Zasmis Said Al-Quran is the collection of legislations in line with general hopes . It is a sacred Book which one sixth of world population respect and believe in . It contains rhetorics , preachings and actual science besides fixed laws . It is the book of Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) be brought thirteen centuries ago . Lion said The sublimity of Quran is everlasting . It doesnt faint after fourteen countries and no effects whatever can be traced on his style . It is vivid as it was .
The English politic orator Admond Duke says The Muhammad law (Quran) is a discipline regulation for all form the king to the very lowest member in his subject . It is a law which correspond to the judicial regulation and the greatest judicial system . A clear legislation Unique n its nature .
Dr. Lora Kussia Waclair said there are many precious treasures in Quran and stock of science beyond the capability of any intellect , great philosopher and strongest politician .
Johnson said the Quran is Loveable to all hearts and people around the world , willingly or not . It will dominate the lofty palaces and arbid deserts towns , kingdoms and empires . Thus illuminations the chosen ones who had been granted manifest victory then it penetrates the dark Christian Europe .
Fonn Hamer said we believe today in Quran as it said by Muhammad and believe , as all muslims , it is the words of Allah .
The orientalist seel confirms that the style of Quran smooth and coherent . Surprisingly , it spells even the Christians to its recitation believe in it or not .
The scientist Rynortgte said we should confess that all natural science , astronomy , philosophy and mathematics flourished in Europe in the tenth century extracted from Quran . europe its indebted to Islam .
Count Henry de Chestry said even the beautiful meanings and the structures of Quran dominate all thoughts and spell all hearts .
Lord Gladstone said because of Quran Europe will fail in colonizing the middle east . Europe itself is threatened by it .  
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