Islam is the righteous religion and the straight path for people to follow . It is the way of those on whom Allah bestowed his grace and guidance . Allahs mercy encompasses them with love and care . He , the Truth , also says (The religion for Allah is Islam) that is to say is the peace and security with comprises two slogans to be established on earth . He also says (before this we wrote in the psalms after the messenger . My servants the righteous shall inherit the earth)1.

eoples of the world you do realize that Islam is the religion of freedom , brotherhood , and fraternity . It does not discriminate between people because of their race , nationality or colour . His main aim is the man himself who is distinguished by his efforts , devoutness and piety . He , Al-Mighty , said (the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous)2 .

Islam, is the religion of unity . It is the greatest healing light shone among  people who steeped in ignorance . It is the religion of the sublimates thoughts which man could conceive . It is the remedy for all men whom politics had debauched or tyranny had subdued . It is the declaration who unflattering voice of the Unity of Allah , the revelation of truth and coronation of man as the vicegerent on earth . The man by virtue and loyalties will unveil darkness and let the dazzling beauty of believe prevail . The religion of truth will also illuminate the path for all beings to live peacefully and to explore the wondrous handiwork of Allah , Al-Mighty . The sublimity of Islam can be comprehended through the call for cohesive community . Allah Most high , says that all previous apostle and prophets were Muslims and they passed the way to Islam . Noah (may be pleased) was Muslim a fact revealed in Allah , Al-Mighty saying (But if you turn back no reward have I asked of you : My reward is only due from Allah , and I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allahs will in Islam)3

Ibrahim as well (may he be pleased) was Muslim (Ibrahim was not a Jew not yet a Christian but he was true in Faith)4

Besides , Allah says that even banu Israel were Muslims (they said we shall worship your God and the God of your fathers , of Ibrahim , Ismail and Isaaac the One true Allah to Him we how in Islam)5

Isa the messenger of peace and love was also Muslim , Allah says (when Isa found unbelief on their part he said who will be my helpers to the work of Allah said the disciples : We are Allahs helpers we believe in Allah and do you bear witness that we are Muslims)6.

Moreover , the holy Quran symbolizes means to surrender to the orders of Allah , Most High , and bow to Allah the charter of the universe . Their trend was include in Ibrahims will to his sons and grandson , Jacob . The Ayat from 130-134 of Baqara Sura the religion of Ibrahim but such as debase their souls with folly ? Him we choose and rendered pure in his world and he will be in the hereafter in the ranks of the righteous . Behold ! his Lord  said to him : bow to me He said I bow my will to the Lord and charter of the universe . And this was the legacy that Ibrahim left to his sons , and so did Jacob ;Oh my sons ! Allah has chosen the faith for you , then die not except in the faith of Islam . Were you witness when death appeared before Jacob ? Behold he said to his sons ; what will you worship after me ? they said : we shall worship your God and the God of your fathers , of Ibrahim , Ismail , and Isaac the One true Allah to Him we bow in Islam7
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The Arabs , on the other hand , claimed that they have their own religion and believe that It was truth . The jews also believed that theirs was the most faithful one . So was the Christians , all such claims were refuted and the previous Ayat show that the religion belongs to Allah , Most High , and loyalty is but to him-No one but Allah .
Allah Most high , ordered his messenger to enjoin the same religion which was established for all (the same religion has He established for you as that which he enjoined on Noah which we have sent by inspiration to you and that which we enjoined on Ibrahim , Moses , and Isa , namely that you should remain steadfast in religion and make no divisions thrown)  8

Discrimination in religions stems from ignorance and selfishness , Islam calls all to unite believe in the Unity doctrine , and faithfully worship Allah , the Truth.
Adams , Noah and Idris Characters did not resemble Ibrahim , Moses and Isas in term of social organization , Furthermore , the latter do not resemble Muhammad doctrine (may the blessing and peace of Allah be on him) which sealed all the heavenly doctrines Mohammeds was comprehensive . Islam is the guidance and sound path for all the apostles and prophets whom Muhammad is ordered to copy to unify the religion of Allah The Islam . Al-Mighty Allah says (Those were the prophets who received Allahs guidance copy the guidance they received) 9

This guidance was initiated by Allah and received by all prophets and messengers of Truth . It is the voice of juistice and unity is addressed to all believers . It was the prophets invitation to the Jews and Christians to be unified with the Muslims (say , O people of the Book come to common terms as between us and you that we worship none but Allah If they turn back say bear witness that we at least are Muslims bowing to Allahs will)10

Then , peoples of the world we need an integrated social system , or a theory , or sound concept which helps in guiding us in our life and solves may spread its light in all directions and help us probing the spiritual secrets of heaven which link us utterly to His unlimited power to elevate us from the world of materialism to the world of spirit . This Muhammad called all to adopt . The chosen one  who guidance a;; people to truth and light . He is ultimate sample , the greatest apostle who called all to the right . Allah , Most High , says (Say O people of the Book come to common terms as between us and that we worship none but Allah that we associate no patrons  with him that we erect not from ourselves Lords and patrons other than Allah . If they turn back say you bear witness that we at least are Muslims) 11
Thus , Islam is not limited or devoted to specific society or country but it is fir all peoples and nations (blessed is He who sent down the criterion to His servant that it may be an abomination to all creatures)12  .

He is sent as a mercy for all creatures (we sent you not but as a Mercy for all creatures)

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