These are those action that are beyond mans limited perception and seems supernatural . They are divided into four section : 1-Those events that are beyond human powers but are done by Prophets inspired by Gods will . They are called (Miracles) . 2-Supernatural events done votaries (pioneer believers) to show their sincerity and devotion ; it is  not related to prophecy ; they are called (Karamat-Godly Honours). 3-Odd events done by the enemy of God by His own will to show their fallacy ; they are called (Ihanat-offences) like that done by Musliama the Liar , when he spited in the eye of a man to cure him but he caused his blindness , and when he spitted in a salty well and it became dry , and when he touched the head of an orphan that made him bold . 4-Events inspired by the Devil , they are called (istdrajat) temptations characterized by magic which is an act of blasphemy ; the Al-Mighty said (Hut neither of these taught anyone (such things )without saying , we are only for trail , so do not  blaspheme) 1
( )

 So the Karama are good events inspired by God are endowed to those virtuoso people to houour them ; and the Mureed cannot do such things unless he gets the power from the Sheikh . The power of the Karamat depends on the stature of the Sheikh , each according to his hard work in worship . people used to associate all supernatural things with magic and devilish act , but (Alkaramat) are endowed by God and they refute all psychological interpretation and magnetic efforts or others it by comes clear that knives are pierced really in the flesh and the daggers are truly inserted in the heads ; all are done by spiritual inspiration .
Holy Quran and  Sunnah  as an Evidence on Al-Karamat  
There are many stories in the Holy Quran that affirm the existence of the Karamat of persons other than the prophets . Of these is the story of the cave and those who slept in it over than 300 years and other 9 years without food or any of the basis of life . Those whom all the jurisprudence agree that they are not prophets .
The falling of ripen dates on Miriam from a dry palm three is regarded one of the karamat since Miriam is not a prophet , rather she is a patron .
The transfer of Balqiss throne by Al-Sif Ibin Barkhia in the twiddling of on eye is one of the Karamat , for Asif has the knowledge of the Holy Book , still he is not a prophet . similarly the deeds of our master Al-Khidhr Peace be upon him are mentioned in the Holy Quran to be Karamat and the Holy Quran describe him to be a righteous worshipper .
Pharaohs wifes seeing of her house in the paradise during her torture is one of her Karamat .
In the chaste Prophetic Hadith there are many Hadith , narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslims , refer to the Karamat of the patrons . Of these is the one which mention that Jureih Al-Rahib whom an infant talked him . Another is the one which refers to the persons who were imprisoned in a cave when a huge some closed the hole of that cave and how that huge stone had withdrawn after they invoked Allah .
Also ., the Prophets Hadith in which he mentions the cow which talked to its owner when he overload her is an evidence of the existence of Al-Karamat in the prophetic Hadiths .
The  Patrons Karamat As Right 
All people agree that each person who exceeds the normal limits of worship and holy-war will have miracle or extraordinary actions if he desires in the
Book (Al-Yawaqit and Al-Jawahir) it is narrated that Al-Sheikh Ez Ad-Deen Ibin Abdus-Dalam , the Sultan of knowing men in Egypt said , (All people had the limits of the Right path as their basis , and the Sufi did too and that can be proved through the Karamat they did . And those Karamat are not to be done by a knowing person whatever his knowledge is , unless he follows their way). He also said , (The most valid evidence on the legitimacy the way of Sufism and their sincerity in their works is what they do of Karamat and miracles).
The members of the Prophets family had may karamat and extraordinary actions , which anyone who had not any of Allahs care could not do them . We had mentioned some of Al-Imam  Alis karamat . We found it necessary here to mention , some of the Imams karamat who came after him ; his sons , grandsons . We made use of Abu Al- Hassan Ali Ibin Isa Abu Al-Fateh Al-Arbalis Book , (Kashf Al-Ghamah Fi Maarifat Al-Aiamah which containing a great number of the chaste Imams karamat . So , we use it here as a reference to prove the existence of those karamat
 Salim Ibin Hafsah narrated that Omar Ibin saad told Al-Hussein , peace be upon him saying . (You Abu Abdullah , there were silly people who pretended that I will kill you) Al-Hussein said , (They are not silly , but rather are clement . But I can see that you will eat , but little of Iraqs wheat) .
 On the authority of Ali Ibin Muhammad Ibin Ismael Ibin Musa Ibin Jafar who said ( my father Jafar Ibin Muhammad Ibin Muhammad Peace be upon him- said (Ali Ibin Al-Hussein Zein Al-abideen invoked a blessing upon Hobabah Al-Walibiych . Allah accepted his invoke and then , He gave here youth again . When he referred to her with his finger , she became menstruate while she was 113 years ago)
 Abu Hamzah Athamalui said (One day I was at Ali Ibin Al-Hussein peace be upon him- when a group of sparrows flew horning over him . He said to me , (You Abu Al-Hamzah , do you know what these sparrows say ? Not I said (They are praising Allah and asking Him When Ali their daily food)
 When Ali Ibin Al-Hussein was on travel and while he was dining with a man a deer came . Ali addressed it saying , (Do approach and eat , you are safe , then that deer approached their food . The man at once held a stone and threw it at the deer which ran away , Ali then said , (You preached my promise , Ill never talk you) .
 Omar Ibin Abu Salim said , (I walked with Abu Jafar Al-imam Al-Baqir Peace be upon him- , between Mecca and Yathrib . He was riding on a mule and I on an ass . A wolf then came down from a mountain till it get to Abu Jafar who approached that wolf and listened to it attentively then he said , (Go now , I have done it , The wolf , then went back), Abu Jafar said (Do you know what it said ?) I said , (Allah and his prophet know) . Abu Jafar that it told me that a woman in that mountain has a very difficult delivery , so , may you invoke Allah to gave her and not to nominate one of my offspring on one of you ) He then said , (Ill do) .
 Ali Ibin Al-Hussein She Camel loitered in its walk . When he showed her the whip and said , (Will you walk or I will do so and so ?)After that , she walked without any delay .
 Malik Al-Juhaini said , (I was siting at Al-Baqir and I looked at him and said to my self , (Allah has glorified you and made you Hujah on his creation.) He turned to me and said , (You Malik , It is great then what you had thought.)
 Abu Al-Hatheel related that Al-Baqir said to me , (You , Abu Hatheel . The Night of the Decree is not hidden for us , for the angels hover over us in it)
 Abdullah Ibin Ataa Al-Macki said , (Once I longed for Abu Jafar Al-Baqir which I was in Meeca . I went to Yathrib in so eager for him . I caught a bad flu before  I had reached his house . At midnight I reached his housed . I stood at the door thinking whether I had to nock at it or wait till morning . While I was in that state , I heard him telling his maid to open the door , for Abu Ataa had caught a bad flue .
 When Ebad Ibin Kuther Al-Basri asked Al-Baqir about the faithfuls right at Allah , he turned his face aside , when I asked him thrice , he said , (The faithfuls right at Allah is that if he said to that palm-tree come . it will come at once . (I looked at the palm-tree which he refereed to and I found it moving towards us (He then said , he pleased I did not mean to call you) .
   Jaber said (We were fifty person at Al-Baqir when Kuther An-Nawaa came upon him , greeted him sat and said , (AlMughirah Ibin Umran claimed that you have an angel tells you who is the believer and the disbeliever and your friend , and enemies . (Al-Baqir said ,(what is your job ?) He replied , (I sell wheat (Al Baqir said , (You are telling lies)
He said (I may sell barely) Al-Baqir said , (You are telling his , You sell endocarps.) The man said , (Who told you that ?) Al-Baqir said) the divine angel lets me know my friends from my enemies . And you dies while you are lost). Jaber said , (We went to Al-Kufa asking about that man . We were told that he died before three days which he was lost) .
 Abu Al-Baqir said that when I came upon Abu Abdullah Al-Sadiq to show me an evidence on the Omamah , he said to me , (Why you come upon me while you are not clean ? I said to him (I have done this by design .) He said to me (Have not you trusted in Allah ? I said , (Yes but to be satisfied) He said (stand up and go take a bath).
 Shuaib Al-Aqarqufi narrated that he and Ali Ibin Hamzah , and Abu Al-Basir came upon Al-Sadiq and I was holding three hundred Dinars . I put them in front of him . He took part of them and gave me back the rest and said to me , (Shuaib) ! take this one hundred Dinars and put it back to the place when you took it from . When we went at my companions asked me about the matter of these Dinars . I told     them that I had taken them from my brother secretly which he did not know about them . When we calculated them , we found them one hundred Dinars .
 Razam Ibin Muslim narrated that Al-Mansour told his guards to kill Al-Sadiq when he comes upon me . Abu Abdullah entered and sat Al-Mansour send for the guard and gazed at him which Jafar Al-Sadiq was sitting at him and then he told him to go back . The guard went out confused and puzzled . When Abu Abdullah went , he rebuked the guard who said , (By Allah . I have not seen him neither when he came in nor when he came out . I saw him only when he was sitting at you ! .
 Husham Ibin Ahmar related that Abu Abdullah handed me a list of needs to buy them , He also wrote on that list . (tear it after you had finished shopping.) Husham said that when he bought all the things , he hid the list in a drawer in order to gain the blessing . When I returned he asked me about the list . I told him that I bought everything . He asked me whether I had torn the list . I told him that I everything . He asked me whether I had torn the list . I told him that I put it in a drawer and locked it and that the key is with me . He turned the side of the piece of clothes on which he did prayers and turned the side of the piece of clothes on which he did prayers and handed me the list and asked me to tear it out . I rote it out , and when I went back  home , I looked for that list in the drawer , but I could not find it .
 Omar Ibin Yazeed narrated that when Abu Abdullah  suffered a great pain , I became afraid and wanted to ask him about his successor . He answered me before I had asked him , (there is no need to worry , I will be all right).
 It is narrated that Yunus Ibin Dhabian said , (I was at Al-Sadiq with a   group of people and I mentioned  Allahs saying to his
prophet Ibrahim , (Take four birds tame them to turn to thee)2
( )

I required , (were the four of many kinds or of one kind ? Al-Sadiq said do you like me to show you a similar thing ? I said yes , He , then, called,(Peacock ! at once a peacock came , then he called (Crow ! Hawk, and dove) and all these birds came at the moment he called them . He commanded to slaughter all these birds and pull their feathers out , cut them off and mix them altogether . He took the peacocks head and called , (You Peacock) we saw the meat and the feather moved and became in separation from that of the other birds till they joined with the head and it became alive again . He did the same with the other birds which became alive again .
 Husham Ibin Al-Hakam said , I wanted to buy a maid . I wrote to al-Kadhim to consult him , but he did not answer me , We were both in Mecca , and when the time of perambulation he passed me buy while the maid was with me . At once he sent a letter in which he wrote , (I find nothing bad in buying this maid , unless her age might be short). I , then , said to myself , (By Allah , he did not say that in vain I will never buy her) . Husham then said , (She was buried before I leave Mecca)
 Al-Washaa narrated that Al-Hussein Ibin  Ali , said (I and my uncle visited the holy lands then I wrote to Al-Kadhim . My uncle wrote to him that he had only daughter and her men were killed and that he had left his wife pregnant . He asked him to invoke Allah to give her birth to be a boy . Al-Kadhim wrote back to him that Allah had accepted the invoke , and asked him to name Muhammad . When we returned Al-Kufa we found his wife who had delivered a boy six days before we arrived .
 Abu Al-Hassan asked Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Hameed , (where are you going ? To Qabaa I answered . (For what?) He asked (I used to buy dates every year and I want to buy it this year too) Are you in safety from locusts ? he said . I then decided not to buy dates that tear . I was not long when he locusts came and ate all the dates .
 Al-Mufadhel Ibin Omar narrated that abdullah pretended Al-Immamah after his father Al-Imam Al-Sadiq died . Musa Al-Kadhim, commanded people to bring firewood in the center of his house and sent for his brother Abdullah . When he came , Musa commanded to ignite the wood and when it became embers , he sat on it and began talking the people around him for an hour . He then stood and shake his clothes and went back to his chair . He asked his brother to sit on that fire if he were , as pretended , the successor of his father . Abdullah then trembled , stood and went out of his brothers house .
 Ishaq  Ibin Ammar narrated that Abu Baseer came along with Al-Kadhim from Yathrib to Iraqi. He settled in (Zebaah . He sent for Abu Baseers disciple Ali Ibin Abu Hamzah and began preaching him saying(when wee reach Kufa do so and so) Abu Baseer became angry and went out saying . (By Allah . I will never accompany this man , for his passes me over with my disciples (One day later , Abu Baseer a fever . He called for Al-Hamzah to ask Allah for pardon for the bad suspicious he had towards Al-Kadhim who know that Abu Hamzah will die and that he will never reach Al-Kufa .He then died in Zebalah .
 Ali Al-Ridha went out aiming to visit the holy lands in the same year when Haroon Al-Rasheed did too . He reached a mountain , on the left , called (Faraa) He looked at it and said (You , the one who destroys will be cut into pieces) we did not realize anything . When Al-Rasheed reached that mountain , Jafar Ibin Yahya Al-Bermaki commanded his companions to build him a house in that place and when he came back from Mecca he commanded them to destroy it . When he went back to Iraq Haroon Al- Rasheed cat Jafar into pieces .
 A woman from Kharasan called Zeinab pretended that she was from Alis birth , when Ali Al-Ridha heard of that said ,(she is lying)(She standard him He , then , brought her at the Sultan said for him ,)She was far , for she pretends to be from the birth of Ali and Fatimah , and the one who is really from that birth , his meat is to be forbidden for beasts . Throw her in a pool pf beast , for if she is true , the beasts will never approach her ! When she heard that she said , (You ! go down , for if you are true , they will never come close to you ). Al-Imam Al-Ridha went down to the pool . When he reached the bests the beasts , they sat down on their backs . He came on them one by one passing his each ones head and back , He , then , went out while people were looking at him . He said to the sultan ,(Throw this liar down ) When she refused , the sultan commanded his guard , to throw her . When the beasts saw her , they pounced upon her and ate her)
 Ibrahim Ibin Musa said , (I insisted on Abu al-Hassan to do me something I had asked him someday while he always promised ) when he went to meet the ruler of Yathrib and while he was done , I came to him and said ,(the feasts came while I have no money.) He rubbed the earth with his whip , then he stroke it with his whip hand . He puled out a golden ingot and said to me ,(make use of it and conceal what you have seen) .
The companions had many Karamat , but they did not need them to affirm their belief , for their belief was strong . Their karamat did not have great importance because of the prophetic light at that time . They increased and became important after the death of the prophet-peace be upon him-Of theses we mention the following :
*Al-Imam Ali lifted a metal gate with his hand , in the battle of Khaibar , which a group of strong men fail to lift it .
 Abu Bakir Al-Sadeeq foretold before his death , that he will have a new-born daughter . This was achieved after he died .
 Omar  Ibin Al-khatab cried ,
(You Sariat ! the mountain ) while he was on the pulpit in Yathrib , whereas Sariat was in Nahawand in Iraq . Sariat heard him and obeyed his order . Omar also , throw a boom into the Nile which was overflowing and destroying the plants . The Niles water went down to the extent that people were afraid of it . Omar then threw another book at it and said .,(If you run by yourself , we do not need you , but if Allah makes you run , we ask Him that.) The Nile , then , restored its natured running .
 Uthman said ,(What happened to you . You come upon me while the evidence of adultery in your eyes .) This was said to a man who saw a woman in his way and he looked at her lustfully .
 Jafar Ibin Abu Talib walked in the air , and Khalid Ibin Al-Waleed had poison that never attached him .
 Allah-Mighty and sublime be He- responded to Saad Ibin Abi waqas when the latter invoked Him . When Al-Baraa Ibin Azib swore by Allah , Allah does him his oath . When Khubeib Ibin Udei was captivated at the disbeliveers , the grapes came to him in unusual time of ripeness .
 The Usied Ibin Khatheirs whip lit up when he went out from the Prophets room ,in a very dark night till he reached house . Amir Ibin Qaiss Abe worshipper companion used to take the money to give the beggars . He used to give anyone who asks him m, but when he came back , he finds his money as before .
Al_Karamat In a New Stage 
The patrons persevered from the beginning to keep the Karamat secret because of the shyness they felt and in order to avoid others suspicious . But the patron is permitted to show his Karamat if there were a cause to do them such as affirming the Mureeds faith or settling it Say , Produce your proof if ye are truthful)78
( )

    People would not follow other men who are like them unless the latters have some sort of superiority . This was the prophets perseverance , Allah mighty and sublime be He says (Ye who believe ! Fear God and be with those who are true in word and deed)3
( )

At a result , the Sheikhs Al-Kesnazani had shown their Karamat for two reasons :
1-For peoples utility : The prophet peace be upon him- was a light and a spring of blessing for the Muslims who make use of his invokes in curing their disease and dispelling their cares . They were seeking the blessing of his tools . It appeared to the companions many utilities from the use of the prophets tools . And since A Sheikh were the inheritors of the prophets light and spiritual light , they followed his cause and offered their blessing to the poor and sick people , and many people made use of them .
2-The Revival of the prophetic Sunnah : As a result of the cultural development and the introduction of the new civilization in all its seduction and love of materials ; the enlargement of the gap between the sound Islam represented by the great prophet and the new generation , the new generation began at Islam as if it wrote an old state , and the Prophets character and the championships  of the companions became an ordinary thing , a thing which never around but the same thing which any hero in any literature might arouse . The young Muslims became finding in the stories , novels and films what might make imagine that all what he read about Islam is similar to these thoughts , in other words , they became thinking that all what had been ritten about Islam was just an imagination of a writer and that the story of the unity (oneness of Allah) and the happening of Al-Isra and Al-Meraj was but a part of the pre-Islamic literature composed by the imaginations of the writers as the Divine Comedy Risalet Al-Ghufran and the story of Hay Ibin Yaqthan had made in addition to the acrobatics and the visual tricks which many persons in the circus do depending on physical and chemical laws and psychological basis , Thus , they became confused to the extent that what was considered to be a miracle before 14 centuries , It new becomes a usual thing in the sight of the new generation because of what they daily see of extraordinary actions on the T.V . Also , the teachings if the sound Islam are based on disobeying the whims and wishes of the self , and that made the young people who used to follow the selfs wishes keep clear of them . So it begins to necessary for the religious reformer who calls revive the religion and Sunnah to show new Karamat that keep peace with the new civilization . To be followed by people . he was to have spiritual effectiveness upon them by means of the divine light taken from the prophet-prophet peace be upon him-for there is no difference between the Arabs who dwell in Peninsula and those of nowadays society in the matter of the religious ignorance Al-Karamat are part of the prophets blessing , but they are in a new style which suit or meets the requirements of the new civilization and the high level of thinking which differs from that of the nomad like before 14 centuries which is the tiny miracle which Allah offered to his patrons to do accomplish His selection of them and to make the hearts of the Mureeds fixed . AsheikhsAl-Kesnazani who were supported by Allah to attract the lost young people and save them from the circle of vacuum had succeeded in bringing those men back to the sound Islam by  means of showing the Karamat whether these Karamat were to prove bodily miracle , or curing problematic diseases . Thus showing the Karamat had became an obligatory matter for the Sheikh and Mureed .
Alkaramat After The Sheikhs Departure 
  For the patron the Karamat is a state or degree he reached or got when Allah pleased with him and since Allah is behind all those Karamat , the Mureed should never ascribe these Karamat to his Sheikh for such a thought must not be given or expressed by a reasonable Muslim . Al-Mureed has to be seek Allah making use of the Sheikh standing for Al-Mureed knows his Sheikh status at Allah Who selects him and preferred him to his other people . Al-Sheikhs Karamat in this life are many , and no one can doing them but the obstinate and stupid persons . these are always there to meet peoples needs , for it is Allahs willing to make the human race make use of them . These Karamat take place by invoking and beseeching by the intercession of the Sheikhs.
    Al-Karamat takes place by virtue of Allahs willing . The patrons are the places where Allah permits to show His Karamat . Allah Mighty and sublime be He-selects the persons when He wishes o be the location to show His miracle for people . and since Allah is always abide before alive , these Karamat are to keep on going on because of Allahs perpetually . When a patron dies . Karamat will never perish or fade away for two reasons :
1-When a patron dies , he departs to the Isthmus which is regarded as one of the many things which are to be existed before the resurrection . It is not be regarded as an aspect of the other life . Thus the Sheikhs Karamat are to go on in the Isthmus .
2-Allah Mighty and sublime be He-changes angles with the patrons tombs to meet the peoples needs . So , to visit the patrons tombs and to be seek Allah by their intercession is an irreproachable , for Allah selects them and makes them the place where His secrets and miracles are to be kept . Allah makes them loved by people . Allah enables them be shaped in many forms . Their spiritual aspects are to appear of ine time and in many places which are different in distances . Thus their Karamat are not to perish , rather they continue Asheikhs know the Mureeds and the needy persons through those two ways .
*A woman came to Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailany with her son and said ,(I found my son in strong love with you , take him to you and command him to follow the course of Attariqa and to do holy-war). Later on , this woman came and found her son very thin and yellow-face as a result of hunger watch and eating barely bread . she left him and came into the Sheikhs room who was eating chickens , she said ,(Sir , You cat chickens whereas my son is eating barely) . He put his hand on the bones and addressed the chicken saying , (stand up) .(It stood then) Al-Sheikh then said to the woman , (When your son become like this , me , he can eat what he likes.)
 One of his Karamat is that he did not suck his mothers on Ramadhans days during his infancy and that files never came upon him as it was the case4 with his grandfather , Muhammad peace be upon him-.
  Once and while he was preaching a kite passed over them and puzzled them . Al-Sheikh said ,(Ye , wind take the head of this kite off). The kite , then , fell down with its head cut off) when he got finished , he got down from his chair .He held the kite with his hand and passed his other hand on it and said ,(In the Name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful) . Then it became alive again .
 He was passed by caravan of wine for the sultan . He commanded them to stop , but they refused . He commanded the animals to stop and then , they stopped , He took the persons who were in the caravan . When they repented , the wine changed into vinegar .
 Some of the bigoted men (renegades) came to him with two closed straw baskets and said ,(tell us what is inside them ? He put his hand on one of them and said , (In this there is a crippled boy.) They opened it and found a crippled boy in it . He held the boys hand and asked his to stand . The boy then stood and began running Al-Sheikh , hen , put his hand on the other closed straw basket and said (there is a blighted boy) When they opened it , they sound the blighted boy . Al-Sheikh then held him from his head and said ,(sit down) They , then , repented from this previous state and the kept attending the Sheikhs session .
 A man from Baghdad came to him and said ,(The jinn kidnapped my daughter)< Al-Sheikh , then , said ,(Go to the place ,draw a circle and say which you are drawing in the name of Allah and Abdul Qadirs intention). The man did as he asked to do . The jinn , then , passed by him in groups till their head came and stood opposite to the circle and said to the men ,(what is your aim?) I told him about the girl , and at once he brought her kidnappers . He handed her to me and cut the jinns neck off . I then said to him ,(I have never seen any one like you in his obedience to the Sheikh).
 Al-Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq was calumniate to Al-Mansur . When the slanders was asked to swear , he accepted and was told to say (I am free from Allahs might and power and I resort to your power and might and that Jafar did so and so)when the slanders swore , he did at once .
 Shaqiq Al-Balahi narrated that he went in 149 H to visit the Holy land , when he reached Al-Qadissiya and while he was looking at peoples beauty and great number , he saw a handsome boy covered with wooden clothes with slippers in his foot and sitting lonely . The man said to himself that this boy is Sufi . I decided to go him and  rebuke him . When I approached him the boy said ,(You , Shaqiq  avoid most of the suspicious , for some of them is a fault ). He left me I said to my self ,(It is a great matter , he know what I was just thinking of , and he knew my name.) he must be a pious servant) I hurried to him and found him praying while his organs were trembling and his eyes were full of tears . I said to him ,(this is my friend ) I waited him till he finished and sat . I walked towards him when he saw me he said).You Shaqiq read I forgive those who repent , believe and do riht Who are ready to receive true guidance) 4
( )

  He then left me . When I asked about him , I was told that  he was Al-Imam Musa Al-Kadhim .
 It is narrated that Al-Imam Al-Ridha told his family that he will die while he is eating grapes and pomegranate, and it was achieved . Also said to a man ,(be ready to what is inescapable) and that man died after three days .
 Musafir narrated that , when I was with Al-Imam Ali Al-Ridha in Mena , Yahya Ibin Khalid Al-Barmaki passed by us with his face covered with a handkerchief . Al-Imam then said : They are poor for they do not know will happen to them this year . Then it was their calamity on the hands of Al-Rasheed.
 Al-Sheikh Alwan Al-Hamawi said : When Al-Hassan Al-Basri heard about the killing of Saeed Ibin Hubier by Al-Hajaj he said )Oh Allah you are who destroy the mightiest may you destroy Al-Hajaj .Al-Hajaj , and after tree days , and worms inside his belly , then he died . 
 Some patrons saw in the night of Al-Hassan Al-Basri s death that the heavens door were open and as if there were a crier calling that Al-Hassan Al-Basri had come and Allah pleased with him .
 In spring some hunters brought some hunted birds called Zarzoor . They gathered them in bird-cage , to sell them . Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim used to buy all these birds and pay their prices in cash , then sit down and being bringing out these birds from the cage one by one till he set them all free , and then he smiled . Thus , the Sheikh of Attariqa must be on example in his mercy with animals and birds .
 Al-Yafei said that Habib Al-Ajmi had ill natured with who said to him one day : If Allah did not grant you any thing , you have to hire yourself and work . When he went outside and did his evening_Prays , he returned home afraid  of her rebuke of him and was afraid of her wickedness . She said : where is your wage ? He said : the one who hired me is generous and I felt a shamed of asking him my wage . He went on this state many-days . She then told ask for wage or to hire himself to one person :He promised her to ask his wage when he came back at right afraid of her , he saw smoke and food and his wife happy . She said to him . The one who hired you , had sent us do thew generous men and his send asked he to tell you that to work hard and also to know that they did not postpone his wage in greediness or poverty , so let him be pleased . She then showed him a purse full of Dinars . Hahib , then wept and said to his wife that this wage is from the very generous giver whose hads govern all the treasury of earth and heaven . When she heard this speech she repented her fault and swore never to do this again .
 Al-Juneid Al-Baghdadi sat in a mosque at noon talking to people A Christian boy in disguise asked him about the prophets saying : be aware of the faithfuls physiognomy , for sees with Allahs light , Al-Juneid bowed his head and said :confess Islam for it is the time of it) . The boys then , confessed Islam .             
 Kheir Al-Nassaj narrated :While I was sitting in my house , It came to my mind that Abu Al-Qassim Al-Juneid at the door . I negated the end thought it to be a suspicious . The same premonition came to my mind again and again . In the third time I realized that it wasnt an evil thought . I at once opened the door . It was a great surprise to find Al-Juneid standing at the door . He greeted me and said : You Kheir ? Why didnt you open it from the first premonition .
 Al-Sheikh Abu Bakir Ashiblis son narrated : From my fathers behaviors , I realized that he knows my situation while I was absent for when I did my worships , he met me with a delighted face , or with a dejected face when I spent my time in amusements . When I consulted him about my intent to travel to India He said to me : I can see that the duration is about to be over , and I wished you to be presentat my death . I said : I am not going to treat ! He said :No , go on , and may Allah guard you , and what Allah wants to be will be . The it was same as he said .
 A group of poor people passed by Ahmed Ar,Rifaai while he was young . They stood gazing at him . One of them said : There is no Lord but Allah and that Muhammad is Allahs phet , the blessed tree appeared . The second said :It will have branches . The third aid :It will overshadow a wide space . The fourth said :It will have much fruit . The fifth said :People will see in it things they have never seen before . The sixth said :It will have a great standing and its evidence will be prominent . The seventh said :It will have many doors and many companions .
 While Al-Sheikh Al-Rifaai was reading thr Quran Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Al-Wasiti , someone prepared food and invited Al-Wasiti and his companions and other people . When they finished their food , one of them started singing and capping while Al-Sied Ahmed Al-Rifaai was at their back . When they became rest and pleased , Al-Rifa;ai jumped and broke the tambour which was at him they had nothing with that boy .When they reasoned him , he told them ask him for justification . They turned to him and asked him about is breaking of that tambour . He told them to ask the singer about the thoughts he had breaking the tambour and they had to follow what he said , When he was asked , he replied that he in the previous night was at people who drunk and became intoxicated as you have done now . I thought that you were like those . While I was thus , this boy stood and broke this tambour , at that moment all the attendants came to Ahmed Al-Rifaai and kissed his hand .
 Al-Sheikh Al-Rifaai used to write without ink when he had not any . One day , a man asked him to write him an amulet . He wrote it without ink . That man took the paper and went . After a while , the same man came with the same paper to be written again as a test to Al-Rifaai . When Al-Sheikh looked at it he said : My son , this paper is filled with writing , he gave it back to him without being upset .
 Al-Imam Al-Yafei talked about Abdullah Ibin Mubarak , who was one of the most pious and religious man and said that :When he was dyeing , he opened his eyes and said , for such situations . The servants have to work .
 Rabea Al-Adawiya passed by Sheiban Al-RaI and said .(I want to visit the holy lands,(He took out from his pocket a golden coin .When she handed her hand it was filled with golden coins and said :You take from the pocket and I take from the unseen).
 It is narrated that a thief broke into Rabeaa house while she was sleeping . The thief took the clothes away and tired to went out , could not , find the door . He put the clothes on the earth , then he saw the door , but when he carried them again , the door disappeared once more . He repeated that many transparent , till a crier called him to leave the clothes and said : We keep them even it she were sleeping .
 Al-Booni said that this achievement is as Allah says (For each such person there are angles in succession , before and behind him )5 
( )

 Al-Tabarani narrated that there was a man whose mother was paralyzed for twenty years . She told him to go to Ahmed Ibin Hambel to ask him for an invoke . When he came to him and knocked at the door , He did not open , but said ,(Who is it ?) The man said : my mother is paralyzed and she asks you to invoke her Ahmed then said :We are in needed for her invoke . The man went back at once . He found his mother walking on her feet .
 Ibin Abu Al-Ward narrated that he saw Al-Mustafa peace be upon him in his dreams and asked about Ahmed Ibin Hambel .Al-Mustafa told that Musa will came and then he can ask him . When Musa came , he asked him about Ahmad Ibin Hambel Musa Peace be upon him- then said :He was tested in welfare and worst , and he proved that he was faithful , then he was attached to those faithfully .
 Al-Sheikh Muhyi Al-Deen Kirkuk had an Indian Mureed who worked in his garden in Qulah in Chamchamal . When they were talking about the best kind of fig . The Mureed felt sorry and said :I wish I were in my garden in India to here the best kind of fig Al-Sheikh asked him whether he preferred to be in his garden . Al-Mureed replied positively . Al-Sheikh then said to him :come and took at my foot , when he looked at his Sheikhs foot he found himself in his garden . He filled a basket with figs and brought branches to be planted and asked his Sheikh about the way to go back . Then a crier called him to close his eyes . When he opened them he found himself in front of is Al-Sheikh . He , then , planted those branches which now are known as the fig of Qulah .       
 Abdul-Rahman Ibin Ahmed told Sahl Al-Tusturay that when he did his ablution , the water run in his hands as gold and silver . Sahl then said to him :didnt you know that when the children cry , they are to be given bangle to play with ?
 Al-Juneid Al-Baghdadi  narrated that when he came upon Al-Siri Al-Soqati he said : A sparrow used to come at me everyday , I gave its bread and send it ate from my hand . One day it came but it didnt light on my hand I inquired about the reason behind it ? I remembered that in that day I ate good food . I swore not eat such food then , that sparrow came as usual to light on my hand .
 Abu Bakir Al-Daqaq said that he was walking in Beni Israel district . It came for my mind that the knowledge of truth is different to the Right path , then a crier from under tree called me and said : each truth is to be followed by a Right path ; otherwise it is disbelief .
 It is  narrated that Abu Saeed Al-Kharaz was on a journey when watch three day a kind of food came to me . It happened later three days elapsed , but no food came . He became weak and thin . When he was sitting . a carrier called him and said : which one do you prefer a reason or power . He replied :power . He then stood walked twelve days without , but he didnt became weak or thin .
 Tha-Al-Noon said :I saw a young man at Al-Kaaba who did much pray . When I told him that he did much pray he said :I am waiting to take leave from Allah . Then a piece of leather fell upon him written upon it : From Al-Aziz Al-Ghafar to my faithful servant , you may leave with your previous sins forgiven .
 Some people said :When we were on ship a sick man died . We began preparing him to be thrown at the sea . Then the sea dried and the ship settled down on the earth . We got down , dug , a grave for him and buried him . When we get finished , the water came back to its normal level .
 When the famine took place in Basrah ,Habib Al-Ajmi bought food on credit to give it to the poor people . He closed his purse and put it under his head before he had slept . When they came to him and asking their money , he brought I out of his bed and found at full of money .
 It is said that when Ibrahim Ibin Al-Adam wanted to travel by ship the crew asked him to pay one Dinar . He went to the share and there he prayed and said :Oh Allah , they asked me something I didnt have . The sand then , changed into Dinars .
 Abu Yaqub Al-Sunusi told Ahmed Ibin Mansur that he washed a died Mureed , who Yaqubs finger who said :My son , let my finger , I know that you are not died , rather it is departure from one house to another . Then he relieved my finger .
 Ibrahim Ibin Sheiban said : I had a well-determined young follow , when he died , I want into an immense grief . When I bean washing him , I started with his left hand . He pulled it away and gave his right one . I then said : You are right , I am mistaken .
 Ali Al-Khawas said that :When I fell down on the ground . I recovered then when some water fell my face . I opened my eyes and saw a man on his horse . He gave me water and said :be my companion . At that time we were in Hijaz , but it was not long when he asked me : what do you see ? I then said : I see Yathrib . He said : get down now and tell the prophet peace be upon him- my regards and tell him that his brother Al-Khadher greets you .
 Ali Al-Khawas said that one day he was in the desert that it midday he reached at near a pool of water . He got down and saw big beast coming towards me . He Yielded to that beast . I saw that it was lame . It came between my hands and put its hand into my hands , I found its hand swelling . I took a small piece of wood and cleared that swell . I then put a piece of clothes as a bandage on that scare and it went away .
 It is said that when Abdulwahab Ibin Zeid was afflicted with paralysis and when it was the time of pray he wanted to do his ablution , but there was no body near him to help him . He then asked Allah to help him till be finished his ablution . He then recovered his health and did his ablution , and when he went back to his bed he again became sick as he was before .
 Khalil Al-Sayad narrated that : When our son Muhammad was absent for a long time we became very worried about him . I came to Al-Sheikh Maruf Al-Karkhi and said :You Abu Mahfud our son is absent and we are worried about him . I asked him to invoke Allah to let him back . He said :Oh Allah ! the heaven is yours , the earth is yours , may you let Muhammad go back home . When I came to the Shame gate I found my son Muhammad standing there . He said : Oh Allah ! the heaven is yours , the earth is yours , may you let Muhammad go back home . When I came to the Sham gate I found my son Muhammad standing there He said : Daddy , I was before on here in Al-Anbar when a crier called me to go back to Baghdad .
 Al-Kittani said that we had a friend whose eye was afflicted with a disease and when he was asked to cure it , he used to say : I decided to heal it till it is absolved from sins . when I was sleeping . I heard a someone saying : If this determination was on those who will enter hell , we should bring them out of it .
 It is narrated that people used to have the reading of Quran at night at Aina Bint Musa Al-Kadhim . It is also narrated man asked the servant to lit up twenty pound of oil he gave them to him in one single night . When the servant put that oil in the lanterns and tried to set them ablaze , they didnt . He bewildered at that . He saw Aminain his sleep saying : give that oil back and tell its owner that we dont accept but the good oil and ask him about its source . The other day the owner of that oil came . He was given his oil back . When he asked  about the reason  to the servant told him that Amina told him in his sleeping that she cant accept that oil . that man said :She is true . I am a cheater  .
 Ibrahim Al-Khawas  said : I went down Tigris while it was in ebb and wind moved the waves ,. I saw a man walking on the water I kneeled and swore never to raise my head till  I knew who was that man . I was not long when a man pushed me and said , stand up , and dont do it once more . I am Ibrahim Al-Karasani .
 Ibrahim Al-Ajiri said : A Jew asking me his debt . He asked me to show him an evidence so as to confess Islam . I told him to take his clothes off . I wrapped his clothes with mine and put them in the fire . Then I brought the clothes out of the fire . My clothes were as if they were not in fire whereas his had burns totally . Then he confessed Islam .
 Al-Manarri narrated that a crocodile took a boy and his mother came frightened to Al-Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Dusuqi . He sent a messenger of his to the shore . The messenger said :You crocodiles . The one while swallowed boy has to bring him  back ,. The crocodile came out of the sea . He took that crocodile to the Sheikh who commanded it to release the boy . It then threw the boy away who was alive .
 It is narrated that Ibrahim Al-Shafei had told his  family the time of  his death before he died . He had the ability to make  his family laugh they were crying or to make them cry while they were laughing
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