The Mureed;s Manners Towards The Other Mureeds

Al-Tariqa Al-Kasnezaniya is an extension to the Mohammedan message and it follows its way . Thus , the Mureed who follows it must undergo their manners . Islam put an end to the pre-Islam fanaticism . If brought all Muslims into an equality and did not discriminate among them but on one standard that is piety and religiousity . It brought all the hearts and hands altogether , was from Abyssinian , whereas Shibab was from Rome and Salman from Persia . The Muslims liked their brother in religion and preferred them to their real brothers .
     This is Islam and the Tariqa as well . It is the Mureed himself who has to stand against those who hate the Mureed , and love those who them . He must forgive them their faults and cover their shortcomings and not to look greedily at their own things . He must not hear spite against and to be humble with them , not look for presidency on them . He should be gracious to them in love of Allah . He has to serve them , endure harms for their sake , offer them his advice and not to be proud with them . He has to urge them to do their prayers , persuade them by argument and proof visit the sick and assist with buying the drug when possible . He has to evoke cure upon the sick , invite them to his food and ask Allah to forgive them . He must not accept telltale about them from anyone . Al Imam Ali-may Allah grant his honour- said (Associate with people in away that if you died , they will cry upon you , and if you went on living , they will be kind to you) 1.
        The Mureed must ma8intain their privacy and honour whether they are absent or present . He should disregard none of them . He must keep pace with them on advice . He has to teach the ignorant , guide the one going stray . He has to have a good through about them , keep himself off their defects , reconcile them with  each other . He must be honest , trustful with them . He must not covet but to their love and not to justify his harm to them in terms of spiritual interpretations , for the Sheikhs command the Mureed to do but favour and they themselves can punish or forgive the erring in response to Allahs saying (Allah commands justice , the doing of good , and giving to kith and kin , and the forbids all indecent deed , and evil and rebellion )2
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1-Naji Al-Belaghah ,Al-Sheikh Muhammed Abdah.
2-Al-Nahl , Ayat 90.