Important Commandments For The Mureed

The Mureed who follows the Sheikh most mirror the good and positive image of the Muslim and make use of what he learns from his Sheikh in his life in the hope of going on the way and preserving the fame of the Sheikh and Tariqa . So , we recommend  the Mureed with the following instruction :
1- The perseverance to do the duties , precepts (Sunna) and collective pray .
2- The disobedience of devil and self in all matters .
3- The perseverance to do worship hardly and to avoid amusements and bad companions .
4- Never to do any collect but the ones given to him by the teacher of the Tariqa .
5- Never to praise any of his times Sheikh or preferring any other Tariqa to his Sheikhs .
6- The perseverance to attend the session of remembrance constantly  .
7- Never to talk about visions or spiritual sciences among people and not to ask his others Mureed or his Caliphate about because can interpret them but the teacher of the Tariqa .

Also , we advise the Mureed to :
1-Leave pride aside and avoid sins illegal money in food and drink .
2-Follow the instructions of the Tariqa (the concepts of the Holy Quran) and to abandon vices and suppers his anger and avoid hypocrisy.
3-Leave prostitution , slander , false saying , concept and flattery .
4-Leave his arguments and leave plots , boating haughtiness and lying.
5-Keep himself off womens sitting , leave every mistrust , and calumny .
6-Give people their rights , endure the harm , overlook his eyes and never to forget maintaining Allah .
7-Lessen his eating and sleeping hours and keep reproaching himself  with the time elapsed and keep asking Allah for forgiveness , and piety .
8-Respect old-aged people , sympathize with young ones , not to speak unless he is permitted to and not to say much .
9-Greet those sitting , sit in the vacant place and not to argue others for their places , listen when one speaks , not to interrupt or comment till the speech in over .
10-Not to embarrass a boy or scold a poor nor to contempt the weak .
11-Attempt to help a widow , poor and help needy , spread love and peace wherever he goes .
These are the manners and rules of good conduct of Al Mureed Al-Kasnazani . Thus , all who dont keep or have these morals are to be far from Attariqa and not to be regarded as one of its Mureeds.

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