In the prophetic Suna there are many speeches that legalize kissing of the hand and obtaining the blessing of the prophets (peace be upon him) remains .
        From those we select the ones concerned :
 Abu Safwan mentioned that a Jewish said to his companion let us go to that prophet . Thus , they came to Allahs Messenger (peace be upon him) and asked him about nine apparent verse . When he answered them , they kissed his hand and foot . and said : we witness that you are Allahs prophet .1
 On the authority of Um Alwaza Ibin Zaraa , Abu Dawud narrated that Zaraa , who was in Abdul Qaisss deputation , said , (we began getting down from our she camels and kissing the prophets hand and foot)
 In the explanation of Al-Bukhari by Al-Hafidh Ibin Hajar Al-Asqalani it is mentioned that Abu Lababa and Kaab Ibin Malik and his two companions kissed our prophets hand (peace be upon him) when they repented and Allah forgive them )2
 On the authority of Abdullah Ibin Omar , Abu Dawud narrated , in his Sanad , that Abd-Rahman Ibin Abu Layla told him that (we came nearer to the prophet peace be upon him- and kissed his hand).
 In his Trebles Al Imam Ahmad mentioned that Sufian Ibin Auyyanah , who was told by Zeid Ibin Jadaan said (that Thabit Al Banani asked Anas bin Malik (May Allah be
pleased with him) whether he had ever touched Allahs prophet (peace be upon him) with his hand . When Anas told him that he had , Thabit asked him to show him that hand to kiss it .
          Mosa Muhammad Ali , in his book The reality of beseeching and the means of access . quoted the saying of the omniscient Ibin Muflih that is Embracing and kissing of the hand and head are permitted in terms of religiousity , and honouring and respecting not for some mundane purposes3
          Thus , it appears that kissing the hands , head and feet of the righteous is permissible in terms of religiousity . Otherwise , it is not ,i.e., It wouldnt be allowed if it were for some mundane matters or in dread of the kissed .
           Tameem Ibin Selema Al-TabI mentioned that kissing is one of the precepts (Suna) of our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and that prophets companions used to kiss the prophets hand . Also Jurisprudents had permitted kissing the hand of the patrons if it were for religiosity .
           It would not , therefore , be acceptable to kiss someone so as to magnify him , unless those kissed have religious honour like Al-Sada Al-Alawien in extolling of our prophet : otherwise , it didnt occur in the Mohammedan law as being legitimate . So , since kissing is one of the prophet (Suna) of our prophet (peace be upon him) and it was make legal for the prophets companions (May Allah be pleased with them) It became an obligatory thing to do in response to Allahs saying . Mighty and sublime He be ;(So take what the messenger gives you , and refrain from what he prohibits you)4
( ).

       On the authority of Al-Tabarani , and Abu Rajaa Al-Ataridi , Musa Muhammad Ali narrated (when I entered Yathrib (Al-Medina)  , I caught sight of people gathered altogether . I saw a man kissing another mans head and saying I am your redeemer . Were it never been for you , we must have been dead now . I asked them who kissed and kissed ? They replied ; Ir is
Omar kissing Abu Bakers head , for he fought against the apostates when they forbear paying the Tithes (Al-Zekat) till they did pay it submissively .
      On the authority of Al-Hafudh Al-Jawzi , Musa Muhammad Ali , in his book The reality of beseeching and the means of Access mentioned :(The disciple must exaggerate in his modesty to the Jurisprudence  and to be humble with him . And that kissing his head is just a kind of modesty , for ufian Ibin Uyyanab and Al-Fadhil Ibin Ayadh have kissed the hand and foot of Al-Hassen Ibin Ali Al-Jaghfi )5
      The same author added the saying of the four Imam about the law of kissing and as follows :
Al-Hanafiya :       (There is no objection to kiss the hand of the
                               Jurisprudents and  patrons as away of 
                                seeking  blessing).
Al-Malikiya :         (Al-Imam Malik may Allah be pleased with
                               him- said If it were to extol the kissed , it is
                               detested. But it is permissible if it were to
                                approach Allah by means of that means
                                righteousness , knowledge and honour ) .   
Al-Shafiya :             (Al Imam Al-Nawawi may Allah be
                                 pleased with him said ,kissing someone
                                 hand because of his austerity , religiosity ,
                                 knowledge , honour .etc is not disliked ,                 
                                 on the contrary , it is desirable . But if it
                                 were because of his power or dignity , it
                                 will be too  much abominable ).
AlHanabila :    (Al-Imam Ahmed Ibin Hanbel said , when
                               asked about kissing the hand , It were for
                               religious there is no objection , for Abu
                               Ubeida kissed Omars hand may Allah be
                                pleased with them- But if will not be so if it
                                were for some mundane purposes)  
          There is a permission in the Prophetic Suna that
authorizes standing up to those meritorious , for our prophet had stood up when Jafar returned from Abyssinian and said (I dont know with which I must be pleased : Jafars coming or the invasion of Khaibar).
         Abu Dawud related that Abu Hurrira may Allah be pleased with them said , When the prophet peace be upon him- stand we also stand and so till we see him entered
    Seeking The Blessing Of Our Prophets Remains
        An intensive study of the conduct of the pious companions and the way they treated the prophet will show us how strong and deep rooted was their genuine creed ; and how they were closely attached to him . They sought the blessing of his presence . They were highly interested in gathering his remains . And It was proved that they sought the blessing of his hair , the water he used in his ablution , his noble sweat , his clean clothes , his vessels , and if touching his chaste body .
 Al-Bukhari narrated that Abu Juheish said ,Our prophet-peace be upon him- came out to us at midday . He was brought water to made his ablution . When he had finished , people began talking the rest of that waters and rubbing their bodies with .
In his Sanad , Al-Bukhari mentioned that Jabir said Our prophet Peace be upon him- came to visit us while I was so sick that I had no sense of anything . He Peace be upon him- made his ablution on my body . Although I was recovered . I said to whom is the inheritance ? He said It will be to the descendants.
 Abu Musa may Allah be pleased with him-said , Our prophet peace be upon him- asked for a cup of water . He washed his hands and face then spited into it and said (Drink it , and rub your face and neck with it).
 Al-Saab Ibin Yazeed may Allah be pleased with him- related My aunt took me to the prophet-peace be upon him- and said , This is my nephew. When he was sick , he rubbed my head with his hand and evoked a blessing upon me . Then he made his ablution and I drink from it.
 Al-Termithi in his Sanad mentioned that Kabsha may Allah be pleased with her-said The prophet peace be upon him- came upon me and drunk from a water skin . Thereafter , I rose up and cut off the mouth of that water-skiing.
 In his Sanad , and on the authority of Anas may Allah be pleased  with him- A Imam Ahmed mentioned that the prophet peace be upon him used to come into Um Salmas house and slept . I her bed . When she was back , she was told that the prophet is now sleeping in her bed . She entered while he was perspiring and his sweat spotted a large part of the bed . She released her scarf and began sucking sweat will it and wringing it out in her vials . At that moment the prophet was startled . He said to Um Salema What do you think you are doing) We hope the blessing of it to our children , she replied . Then he said (you are right).
 Al-Qadhi Ayadh narrated that Malik Ibin Sanan may Allah be pleased with him- once sucked our propjets blood on the Day of Uhud . The prophet , then , said ,He will never approach Hell.
 Awn narrated that his father , Abu Juhefa said,And people stood and began holding the prophets hand and rubbing their faces with it .I , then , hold that hand and put it on my face . I found is cooler that ice and has more sweet smelling than musk6
 Aasha may Allah be pleased with her- said ,When one of us had complained of on ail, the prophet peace be upon him- just rubbed him with his right hand and said (Al-Mighty Allah ! May you send the wretchedness away . Oh Allah ! You are the only one who can cure , may you cure him . There is no remedy but that of yours . Your remedy hails every ail)7
 Yazeed Ibin Abu Ubeida said , I saw a scar on the leg of Salema Ibin AlKoo, then said ,What is this strike ? I have been beaten on the Day of Kheibar , said Salema , them added :I went then to the prophet-peace be upon him- who blew at it there transparent and since then I didnt complain from it 8
 Anas bin Malik said ,I saw the prophet while the barber was cutting his hair off , was surrounded by his companions , for they hated to see any of his hair to fall but in there hands 9
 On the authority of Israel bin Assem by I Ibin Seereen , Malik Ibin Ismael said I told Ubeida that you have got some of the prophets hair from the household of Anas Ibin Malik . Ubedia , than , said , to have one single hair of our prophets is closer to myself than this life and what is within10
 Aaha  Bin Saad narrated that saad may Allah be pleased with him- said When I was in Mecca ,I fell a terrible pain . The prophet then , paid a visit to me . He put his hand on my forehead , then rubbed my face and belly with his hand and said (Oh Allah , may you cure Saad and accomplish his migration Hijra) . I still find the coolness of his hand on my liver.
 In the Saheeh of Muslim and Shamal Al-Termithi it is mentioned that the city servants used to come to the prophet , when he was doing his moon prayers , with their vessels full of water . They asked him to plunge his chaste hand into the water . He peace be upon him- did not refuse that even through it was in cold weather so as not to disappoint them .
In the two Saheehs , it is mentioned that Abdullah bin Mauhib said ,My household sent me to Um Salama our prophets wife , with a vessel . She brought me a silvery vessel with some of the prophets hair inside it . Thus , it
became usual that when someone was struck with an evil-eye , or he complained of some ail, he was to be sent to her with a vessel , She , then , shook up her vessel for him to drink from it .
     It sounds from all the aforesaid , that the prophets pious  companions were racers to obtain the blessing of the remains of the prophet-peace be upon him- and his tools the prophet-peace be upon him didnt interdict that , So , all those loyal companions agreed that seeking the blessing of the prophets remains is one of the followed precepts (Suna) .(It is but of the hearts righteous overflow).
     Seeking The Blessing Of The Sheikhs Tools
       The origin or roots of obtaining the blessing of the righteous and pietys remain goes back to the time of the previous prophets . The blessing and utility occurred when the Prophet Yaqoob-peace be upon him- rubbed his face with the shirt sent him by Yusuf-peace be upon him-(Go with this shirt and cast it over the face of my father , he will come to see clearly)11
( )

     Also , those pious and righteous sought the blessing of the prophets remains like : his hair , the water of his ablution and his clothes . The prophet peace be upon him- did not restrain from doing that ,Al-Seida Fatima, our prophets daughter-peace be upon them- kissed the soil of the prophets tomb . Also , Bilal may Allah  be pleased with him- wallowed his cheeks in the threshold of the prophets room. Abdullah Ibin Omar used to touch the prophets pulpit for the sake of obtaining the blessing of it .
        When Khalid bin Al-Waleed lost his helmet in one of his battles, he fought fiercely till he got it back . And when asked about it , he replied :It contains two of the prophets hair of
which I obtained the blessing and by which I made victory.
       It became , then, a common and legitimate thing to seek the blessing of those pious followers and the prophets family , for the prophet had permitted it . In his book , Al-Khateeb mentioned that Al-Imam Al-Sheikh used to seek the blessing of his visits to the tomb of Abu Hanifa during the time he spent in Iraq .
 It was narrated that Al Hafudh , Abdul Ghani Al Maqdisi Al-Hanbali was afflicted with pimples which he failed to heal . He , then , rubbed them with the soil of the tomb of Al-Imam Ahmed Ibin Hanbel in terms of seeking the blessing of it . He , then , was recovered and could get rid of them . Al-Hafidh Al-Iraqi related that Al Imam Ahmed Ibin Hanbel sought the blessing of drinking the water with which the shirt of Al Imam Al-Sheikh was washed .
         Thus , it became religiously acceptable to seek the blessing of the traces of the honourable Mashaikh and Allahs pious followers . Also , it is permitted to make use of the intercession of the Mashaikhs status when beseeching Allah . The Mureed has to seek the blessing of his Sheikhs traces . There is no difference whether you take much or less , for the blessing is one and it is to be found in the smallest molecules of that trace . And wherever the Sheikh goes , the blessing still be there.
Mans companionship has a great effect on his manners and personality . Each one acquires his companions characteristics via spiritual effectiveness and practical imitation Man , by natures , is sociable . He tends to associate with others . He must have some companions to whom he is inclined and reveals his goings and cares and makes them participate in his happiness . Thus , if he is to accompany those corrupted , rake and absence persons , his morals will go down and he will be degraded , But if he is to choose them to be pious , righteous and good believers he is going to acquire from them the good manner , high qualities and the knowledge of Allah . Thus , the Mureed who chooses the companionship of Al-Sheikh Al-Warith  Al-Roohi Al-Muhammadi has to obey him , for to obey is to obey Allah and his prophet . The Sheikh ho has acquired the prophets qualities and characteristics ; the one Allah guards with his care ; the one has selected , because of his religiousity , to spread Allahs word must obligatory be respected by all who choose the way of right and reality . The way that lead to Allah . The Mureed must obey him and restrict himself to his orders , advice , and guidance as well . He must not destroy him because Allah-mighty and sublime by his wisdom has selected him and made him the place into which he put his secret and trust .
     To follow him , then, and to have his way is the nearest way to approach Allah-mighty and sublime He be-and his prophet peace be upon him- who was sent to people as a grace , still , this can not be achieved unless the followers loves his Shaikh . The Sheikh of Al-Tariqa achieved unless the followers loves his Sheikh . The Sheikh of Al-Tariqa purely and sincerely and to exert every possible effort fir him in response to Allahs mighty and sublime He be- saying (If ye do love Allah , follow me : Allah will love you) 12
( )

And Al-Mighty Allahs saying (Obey Allah , and obey the messenger and those charged with authority among you)13
( )

     The traits of the perfect Sheikh concerned (Al-Warith Al-Roohi Al-Muhammadi are ; illuminating the right ways for the followers and their hearts to reach the reality for which he services ;guiding them so the way of welfare and safety in this present life and the other life helping them achieving their mundane and religious matters as well by having Quran and Mohammedan Suna as their guidance .
    In view of the aforementioned matters , the followers has to do the following :
1-His obedience to his sheikh must be above all other submission . He must cling to him as does he to the Quran and prophet (peace be upon him).
2-He must not , and under any circumstance interpret his Sheikhs speech according to his moods and desires , but to interpret is as it, ,i.e., what he really hears with no change of any letter or word .
3-To be disobedient to the Sheikh is considered a betrayal which deprives him of the spiritual power . Thus , he will be rejected and fired from the Tariqa .(He who deceives us is not from us).
4-Everyone given the responsibility of guiding or any of the Tariqas duties must do it completely and perfectly . If he is to divert even though it were hairs breadth ; or if he thinks to disobey this matter or that ; or he wants to do it for his own benefit, then, he is going to be aq complete intruder , i.e, he will be like an organ which had been afflicted with an irremediable disease  , then , it was uprooted .
The Inevitability Of A Unique Sheikh
Following and having a Sheikh is an indispensable matter for the Mureed and having one single Sheikh is an inevitable matter , for the multi-Sheikh case is strike because Allah never created a man with two hearts and all who followed this Tariqa has assorted this fact in their words and actions .
       Al-Imam Al-Shami said It is the Mureed who has to follow but one Sheikh and no more).
       Al-Sheikh Muhie Al-Deen bin Al-Arabi said (You must know that it is not permissible for the Mureed to follow more than one Sheikh for this will be a kind of help to him . have not yet seen a Mureed who succeeded in his y at the hands of two Sheikhs .
      Abu Yazeed Al-Bastami said (The one who has more than one Sheikh will be common , and the common in the Devils disciple) .

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