The Mreeds Manners Towards The Sheikh
  About the Mureeds manners , our master Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani may Allah sanctify his spirit- said :
      You boy ! when you come upon me conceal your work and view of yourself come bankrupt without anything . If you can see yourself and work , you will be astonished at what I refer to . You will abhor me , for I say the right and disagree with you . Only Allahs enemy who hates me . The one who knows nothing about Allah disregarded me . Those who say much and do less . The one who knows Allah-mighty and sublime He be- will love me . They are those who say less but do much . The loyal loves me ; the hypocrite detest me . The Sunnite loves me ; the heretic abhors me . When you love me , the return of what love will be yours . When you hate me , the harms of it will be yours . I am not here a listen to peoples praise or dispraise .
        The one who seeks righteousness must make himself the ground on which the Sheikhs would walk . Those Sheikhs who made their farewell to life and people . Those who left life from under Allahs throw to beneath the earth ; heavens and what is within , the two levels of earth and what is within . Those who said farewell to it as if they will never comeback again . They said good-bye to all creatures including themselves because they are with their Creator , Allah-mighty and sublime He be- in all conditions . Anyone who seeks Allahs companionship with his self being with him will be in rave and hallucination . The one whose religious devotions and faith in the uniqueness of Allah are right can hardly see those creatures . He sees but one all-giver that is Allah and no one very obliging but him . You people ! You are in bad need to hear this speech , You who worship creatures you are polytheist.
       You , who go to cells and corners , come to me , read even though a letter of my speech accompany me even though a day or a week , for you may learn something of use to you . Woe to you ! Most of you are in confusion . You worship creatures is your cells . What you ask for can not be obtained by more sitting with ignorance . Woe to you ! Go , look for knowledge and those who know about Allah , till nothing is left . Go till  nothing obeys you , When you fail , then, sit just in a appearance , then , in essence , then in your heart and content . When you grow tired in appearance and essence , then , you have approached Allah-mighty and sublime He be- and you are close to him.
      If you come to me while you do not obey what I say , you will just weary and annoy the others . Since you are at your shop , you are on the way to destroy your house . If you come to have a look on me , you will understand nothing of what you hear . You rich ! leave your money behind and come here , sit among the poor and be humble towards Allah and others .
       Leave your presidency off and come here sit at one of the group till my speech is planted in your hearts . If you have had a mind   . You would have chosen to accompany me and became satisfied with a little bit and became patient at the roughness of my speech . Each one who has faith with endure and grow , but the one has no faith with flee from me . Woe to you ! You who pretend the knowledge of others conditions . How is it that , which you can not have the knowledge about yourself ? That is lying . So repent your lying . Oh Allah ! May I ask you to make us honest in all cases , and give us prosperity in this life and posterity in the second world and protect us against hell.
        Woe to you ! You who disbelieve in creation . How many doors you knock at m whereas there is nobody there to open . How much you hit the iron without fire . You hare no mind ,no thinking , and no disposal  Woe to you ! Do approach me , eat from my food . When you taste my food , you will forsake the others food . When you taste Allahs food you will , your heart will be indifferent to the creatures food . It is something inside the heart , under the clothes , flash and skins . Since that heart contains some mundane thing it will never be righteous and its faith will not complete . When that faith changes to reality ; reality to knowledge to science , you will be a good patron to Allah-mighty and sublime He be- taking from the rich to give the poor . You will become likes the one who is in charge of a kitchen and all means of living come between your hands . You hypocrite ! You will have no honourable status unless you become like that . Woe to you ! Havent you been taught at the hands of a pious hermit sheikh who has a full knowledge about Allahs laws and rule . Woe to you ! You ask for something without giving anything . If anything in life can not be obtained but with work , then , what to do , and how will it be within matters that concern Allah1
      In his book The Revival of the Religious science Al Imam Al-Ghazali said As much as mysticism (Soofiya) is concerned , the Mureeds manners towards his Sheikh is the most important thing . This is to follow and imitate the prophet-peace be upon him- and his companions . And as Allah mighty and sublime He be- says ;(O ye who believe ! put not yourselves forward before Allah and his messenger but fear Allah ; for Allah is He who hear and knows all things 2
( ) .

     It was narrated that Abdullah Ibin Al-Zubier said A deputation came to the prophet-peace be upon him- Then, Abu Baker said It is Al Gaqaa Ibin Maabads order Omar said But it is Al aqraa Ibin Habiss.
      Then Abu Baker said , You wanted but contradict me ? No , I did not said Omar They disputed with each other till heir voices went high , Allah , then , revealed his verse (O ye who believe ). Ibin Abbas may Allah be pleased with him- said (Dont come) means not to talk at the prophets presence . Habir said .people were offering their sacrifices before the prophet did . It is said that some people were saying if Allah revealed that and that , Allah hated it . Aasha may Allah be pleased with her- said Do not fast before your prophet does.
Al- Kalbi said Do not precede your prophet in an action or saying till he commands you .
Abu Al-Durds said , I was walking in front of Abu Baker , then , the prophet said ,You walk in front of person who is better than you in this life and the other life It is said , I was present at a group of people attending the meeting of the prophet . I noticed that when he was asked about something , they were going through the subject and uttering their speech and judgement before him , then , they were prohibited to do it
     In his Sanad- and on the authority of Al Masood Ibin Makhmara and Marwan who both agree on the story of Al Hudeibiya Al Bukhari narrated a long speech . We will chose the part concerned Urwa returned to his companions and said , By Allah , I have come upon kings Caesar , chosra , and Negus . By Allah , I have not ever seen a king glorified by his companions as did Mohammeds companions . When he orders them , they obeyed . When he speaks ,they lowered their voices , and they never look at him sharply in glorification of him .
       So , since the Sheikh follows the prophet-peace be upon him- from within and without , and inheriting from him the spiritual touch , the Mureeds state must be similar to the one of the companions and their prophet-peace be upon him- . For the Mureed the sheikh is the source of inspirations , as Gabriel is Mohammeds divine inspiration . Thus , the prophet never speaks from his own . It is necessary , then for the Mureed to follow , in dealing with his Sheikh , the following manners .
1- First of all , the Mureed must be in complete purity ablution before he comes upon his Sheikh or attends his meeting . He has to take permission before he enters . These are from the general manners.
2-  He must no precede his Sheikh in speech unless his Sheikh asks him to speak . He has to bow his read in shy and respect and must not suspect his Sheikh . He has to submit to him entirely and listen or even try to add .
3- When talking to his Sheikh , he should not mention his name , rather he should say Sir , my Imam, my guidance) . He must not turn his eyes to anybody when talking to his Sheikh , not to call him with a loud voice , not to raise his voice over his Sheikhs not to be insistent in his questions , not to trouble him with much talk unless this talk concerns the religious law
, and not be urge forward an answer .
4- The Mureed must not eat with Sheikh , not to run in front of him but when necessary such as to carry a lantern or to takeaway some obstacles from the way . He must not put on the Sheikhs drop , not to sit in his bed , Also he must not use the same vessels used by his Sheikh unless he is permitted . He should not do his praise with his Sheikhs beads , not to lean wile he is at him , not to frown , smoke or laugh . He must not make his collects because looking at his Sheikh  compensates for them , not to turn his back to him when he gets out . He has not to accompany the people who hate the Sheikh and , may , instigate him to abandon him . He must not accept to hear anything had against his Sheikh , especially from hypocrites . He must not be miser with his Sheikh and to give him everything he asks . He should not irritate his Sheikh with bad news . He has to please him and not to offend him , for Allah becomes angry at the Sheikhs anger .
5- He has to follow the prophet Ismaels example peace be upon him- in his submission to his teacher and father when he said O my son ! I have seen in a dream that I offer thee in sacrifice : now see what is thy view !(The son : said O my father !Do as thou art commanded thou will find me if Allah so wills one of the steadfast) 4 
(   )

     He must obey his Sheikhs orders , for the Sheikh is the spiritual father for the Mureed and the teacher of behaviour . He must believe aqnd be sure that his Sheikh  is the manager of his time and that his Sheikh excels other people in his knowledge and status . He must stand up when his Sheikh stands and never to sit till he is allowed . He has to defend him with everything possible, with hand , tongue , and heart . He must be kind to his Sheikhs offspring and family as he with his Sheikh.
6- Wen the Mureed commits a mistake , he has to confess in front of his Sheikh and to ask him for forgiveness because the
Sheikhs kind heart is large enough to forgiveness the repentant contrite.
If he is reading the Quran he most complete the verse , then stand in respect . He must keep his Sheiks secrets and not to suggest anything . When his sheikh consult him , he has to show ignorance and when commanded he has to say : sir , I think is .
He has to respect his Sheikhs gift , put it in a place which suits its status , keep it , for he doesnt know what secret is put into it . It is narrated that the prophet peace be upon him- put a secret in a dress then , he folded it and handed it to Abu Hureira whose heart became active and that he didnt forget anything

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