In the name of Allah , the magnificent , the merciful peace be upon Muhammad and his Companions
Praise and peace to Allah for the light of existence , the best of all creatures , the moon of conversion , the star of the the providence of Allah , the lamp of enlightening bliss , the sun  of Islam whom Allah blessed with eternal care and best stature . The Mighty said if Muhammad (P) and his family (the family of Muhammad , Allah  wants to purge you from any mischief). They were the voice of Allah on earth : they together with the holy Quran are insuperable up to the Day of judgement , peace be upon him his companions who abided by his words , who , with complete obedience supported him , those who were the best people ever created ; who call for good and resists the devilish and the forbidden.
      We have the honour to introduce this book to be illuminous light for the souls and liberate the misguided hearts from all shackles and ills .It is a sound guide for those who want to get acquainted with (Attariqa) and to be true and devoted followers.  This book is not merely systematic in presenting the material , but it is meant to be a guide for spiritual elation that can be obtained through the major steps, namely (Attawba, Attawakul, Al-khawf,Al-Rraja,Al-Sidiq,Al-Ikhlas.Al-Sabr,Al-Wara,Al-Zuhd,Al-Ridda,and Al-Shuker).
   Attariqa is a hard, yet self-satisfying journey into the realm of Allah through the three stages (Al-Fanna visa vis  the Sheikh,Al-Fanna visa vis the prophet (p).and Al- Al-Fanna visa vis Allah .
   Attariqa ,then includes both joy and grief;the grief of eliminatin habits of the soul ,and the joy of being familiar with the right Path of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (P) . It is a geniune experience of significance that is closely related to the immortal omnipresence of Allah who said (Did those who committed wrong deeds believe that they would be equally treated with those true believers whose deeds are virtous in life of in death; their belief is but false).
  The Sheikhs of (Attariqa Al-Kasanzaniya) are known to be true followers and lovers of Muhammad (P) relying on his great personality and sound career as the best guide for the followers (Al-Mureed) .
   Finally, we hope that we can present what can satisfy Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P) for the best .
   Oh, my God, provide us with good deed in life and another one in the Hereafter and protect us from fire .

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