The self ( soul ) has many pleases depending on its feature and grades . There are seven pleases according to the traits through which the follower goes in his approach to Allah .    The Evil-Inciting Soul
   It is the one which has unjust deeds . It is exposed in the Holy quran as doing shameful deeds and not commanding its owner to do favorite as Al-Mighty Allah says ( Yet I do not absolve my self ( of blame ) the ( human ) soul certainly incites evil ) 1
  Muhammad bin Al-Sanosi describes it as ( It is the companion of ignorance , greed , pride , gluttory , envy , misconduct , going through nonsense , mockery , malice , harmful with hand and tongue . This self is refereed to the loser . We can get ride of these diseases with much remembrance of Allah and lessening the food and the sleeping hours , for these will make the devils path very narrow and assist with the reality of faith .
   The light of the evil inciting soul is blue . Its place is the chest . Its sphere is the witness . Its remembrance Is ( there is no god but Allah ) to be mentioned one hundred thousands transparent . The guidance in thus : O my Lord expose to me the exposure of ( There is no god but Allah ) and achieve my inner state with the facts of the ( There is no god but Allah , there is no god but Allah , there is no god but Allah ) and I indulge overt state with the enclosure of ( there is no god but Allah ) O Ye Allah keep me in the good reams lot your existence ( there is no god but Allah thrice ) .
  The self reproaching soul
    The traits of this self are blame , thinking , conceit , objections of creation , hidden hypocrisy and the love of whims and power .
  Allah names is ( the reproaching) for it , indulges its owner into its situation < if disobey Allah , still it attributes this reproach to what Al-Mighty Allah says ( I do swear by the day of judgement , and I do swear by the self-reproaching soul ) 2
    With regard to this soul , Al-Sanoosi said , ( it inclines to do holy struggle (Jihad) and accept law . It has righteous deeds such as prayer , fasting and alms and other good things , but it likes conceit and hidden hypocrisy and its owner likes to show off what the he does of good deeds ) 3
  Al-Mureed , therefore , has to exert his effort to get rid of its bad effects by holy struggle .
    The light of the kind is yellow and its location in the heart . Its return is Attariqa and its remembrance is Allah . The number of its refrain is one thousand  transparent : O Allah , O Allah < O Allah guide me to you and stide the fixate to you , O , Allah by your greatness and status provide me your love , O Allah , thrice may you make my weak heart follow your verses O , Allah thrice .
   The inspired soul
    It is the self went through holy-struggle till it inclined to the world of spirit and became enlightened and Allah illuminated it . Al-Mighty Allah says ( By the soul , and the proportion and order given to it . And its inspiration as to its wrong and its right Truly succeeds that purifies it , and fails that corrupts it ) 4
 Its qualities are generosity , satisfaction , knowledge , humble , patience , endurance , forgiveness of people and urging them for righteousness and accepting their excesses . Also it has many other features such as passion weeping worry , avoidance of creatures , doing of right , love of remembrance , the gaiety of face and bring happy with Allah ) 5
  Its light is red and its place is the spirit . Its return is knowledge , its remembrance is ( H U ) to be related for one hundred thousand things , The one who is Allah , there is no god but You , HU , HU , HU Oh , Allah ! make my interior with the secret of your identify and approach you make me indifferent to everything but you , lessen my heavy burdens , make me see and know only you . Ya hu , Ya hu Ya hu . No one is existing but you , none is aimed at but you . You are the existence of existence . Ya hu Praise to Allah , the Lord of all creatures .
  The satisfied soul
    Al-mighty Allah says ( O  thou soul in complete rest and satisfaction) .
  Al-Imam Alqushiri , in his interoperation of the satisfied soul  said " It  is the soul which feels secure with self , or with knowledge or , aith the remembrance of Allah  , or with hopes going into paradise . It is said that it is the motionless soul . (its features are ; generosity . The traity of the follower of this maqqam of gaining the prophet's manner , he cannot be satisfied but when obeying the prophet's saying . the Hujub  in this maqqam are ours and the preserving in obtaining them , Thus , let the followers know that everything after than Allah is institution He , then , must think but of Allah : ( That to thy Lord is the final goal ) 5
    You must know that this religious honour is not an ugly thing but a gift of Allah to his servants . But asking for and unclipping to it is the ugly thing which leads to cut the ties with Allah . This cannot be obtained but with slavery in which the divine secret put ) . In this Maqqam the followers of this self tends to the love of power and fame and acting with the matters of Al-Sheikh and guiding . So , he must be aware of this , for these are the selfs plots . When Allah gives him this status and fame without asking , he must restrict himself to Allahs orders .
    The color of this self is white ; its location is the secret , its source is reality ; and its remembrance in Hay and the number of its reciting is one thousand transparent , his orientation is , Ya hay , Ya hay , Ya hay make me go a good like , let me drink of your loveliness . O , Allah ! make my life with you Ya hay . Ya hay , Ya hay make my life become perpetual with you and fill my heart with the divine knowledge ; and make my tongue with the divine knowledge . Ya hay , Ya hay . Ya hay .
   The well-pleasing soul
        It is the self which believes with everything that happens in the cosmos . It accepts Allahs destine . Al-Mighty says ( O (thou) soul in (complete) rest and satisfaction ! come back thou to thy Lord , well-pleased (thyself) and well-pleasing unto Him) 6.
   Ibn Arabi said in his interoperation of this verse ( come back to your Lord : in case of satisfaction when its features are perfect .
  Not to retire and go back to the self in satisfaction which is the perfectness of maqqam . And Allahs compliance cannot be achieved unless Allah is satisfied with it and as Al-Mighty Allah says ( Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with him ) 8.
   And about Muhammad bin Ali Al-Sanoosi said It is from the second degree of morality which is the rubbing off the human characteristics whiteout being followed by the remaining in this situation ) 9
   The qualities of this kind is to abandon everything but Allah , faithfulness , piety , forgetfulness and satisfaction with everything taking place in this cosmos without misgiving or attempting to relieve the harm or objection ; for he is contemplating in the evidence of the absolute beauty and his heat is obsessed with the world of spirits and the secret of secret ) 10
    Its color is green ; its location is the secret of secret ; knowledge is the source ; its remembrance is Aahid and the number of its reciting is one hundred thousand transparent : Ya wahid , Ya Wahid , Ya Wahid , Oh Allah ! you are existing , make my exist with the light of your oneness , ported by the evidence of your approach Ya Wahid , Ya wahid , Ya Wahid .
    The Well-Pleased soul
        It is named thus because Allah guards it with His care . Allah said , O (thou) soul in ( complete) rest and satisfaction ! come back thau to the Lord , well-pleased (thyself) and well pleasing unto Him . Enter thou , among my devotees ! Yea enter thou my heaven )
   The qualities of this self are the good conduct , the avoidance of what I not for Allah and showing mercy towards creatures , forgiveness of their sins ; loving them and approaching Allah .
   It is called so , for Allah is pleased with it . It takes what is needs of knowledge from the persona of Alqayoom . If goes back from the invisible world of that of witness with Allahs will to help people with what Allah bestows on it ) .
   The characteristics of the follower who is in their Maqqam is fulfilling its promise ; putting everything in its right place . He spends much when necessary to the extend the ignorant things that he squanders . He spends less when unnecessary . So when the ignorant sees him to thinks him greedy . These are the status of the perfect hearts)
   The color of this kind is black ; its location is the covert . It has resource . Its remembrance is Aziz to be read are hundred thousands transparent Ya Aziz . Ya Aziz , Ya Aziz make me one of your pious servants Ya Aziz thrice make me respected with your power and esteemed Ya Aziz , thrice .
    The perfect self
     The end of this kind is not to be satisfied with any of the previous ranks but is , as Al-Mighty Allah says ( That to thy Lord is the final goal)
  The one in this position does not cease to worship by the use of the complete body or only by the tongue or heart . He constantly asks Allahs pardon . He is to see people going toward Allah . He wishes right to his son . He was many aids , and does less motion . He hates on creature , commands to do favorite and forbids doing wrong . He shows aversion or loveliness to the one deserving it . No blame could stop him doing Allahs commands . He put everything in its place . He could be satisfied when he is angry or vise versa . what he want is Allahs desire and when he asks Allah for something , Allah will never disappoint him . The self has no light and its perplexity is its world ; its location is the concealment and its resource is all what had been mentioned , its remembrance is Wadud whose number is one hundred thousands transparent Ya Wadud , Ya Wadud , Ya Wadud may you make my heart love to you Ya Wadud , thrice , put love in my heart and the other believers hearts Ya Wadud , make a pledge and love for me at you and make an intimacy for me in the believers hearts O Allah , may you keep the evil of others off me with you Wadud , thrice .
     These seven names are the origins and there are six branches . When you get finished with these seven origins change to the branches one by one which are ( Haq , Qahhar , Qayum , Aahab , Muheimen , and Basit ) . After this you read the name , as we did with the origins , one hundred thousand transparent . When you finishes them these names with their branches , go back again to the beginning .

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