Al-mighty Allah says , ( O mankind ! we created you from a single ( pair ) of a male and a female , and made you into nations and tribes that Ye may know each . Verily the most hundred of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you ) 1
   From the early beginning Islam did not discriminate between man and woman but on the level of religiousness . Islam took into consideration giving the woman her rights and putting her in her suitable place and respecting the message of motherhood . It criticized the pre-Islamic contempt of her and depriving her from her right in the freedom to express herself and participation . Lady Khadijah deserved the surname of the Lady of Quriesh women , for she had , in addition to her noble birth , chastity , knowledge and religiosity , a great role in supporting the prophet (P) in spreading the Islamic call . She became , with the exerted of as to establish the doctrine of Allahs oneness , an active member and a woman participating with all her limbs side by side with men in the field of holy-struggle . Al-Zahraa (P) was the same , for she escorted the procession of the Muhammad Message . She opened her eyes to the inspiration and the light of prophecy . She kept her fathers said (P) in faith and doctrine . She lived with and witnessed the hot events , hardship and sorrows . In her house , she (P) was the ideal of the faithful and religious woman in worship , glory , holy-struggle and patience . She and Lady Ashah were the most honest of those who narrate the Hadith the same as the companions who related the Hadith . She , thus , deserved the surname of the lady of the Woman . This is not surprising , for she as the prophets daughter and his apple , and about her he said (Fatimah is part of me , therefore , to love her is to love me , and to abhor her is to abhor me ) , The situation with the prophets women were strong believers conveying the Islamic teachings to the other Muslim women . They did much glory by using stones and endocarps . They underwent a very difficult test when they were made to choose either Allah and his prophet or the vanities of the world . They , therefore deserved the surname of the believers mothers : ( O prophet ! say to consorts : If it be that ye desire the life of this world and its glitters then come ! I will provide for your enjoyment and set you free in a handsome manner ) 2
   The Muslim women : did holy struggle and endured the harms . She was most enduring with her husband in her belief in the truthfulness of the Muhammedan Message . Many women migrated with their husbands from Mecca carring the True religion . Of their was Ruqaya . the prophet's daughter (P) who migrated to Abyssinia with her husband Uthman bin Affan . The Muslim woman was known for her sacrifice and holy-struggle for Allah sake , therefore , Summeys was the first woman martyr in Islam . Many women offered much sacrikfice in Islam such as Nuseibah Al-Ansary and Khawla Bint Al-Azwar .
     The Holy Quran from the very beginning . did not discriminate between man and woman but on the standard of piety , and it always mentioned woman side by said with man Al-Mighty Allah says ( If any do deeds of righteousness be they male or female , and have faith , they will enter heaven . ) 3
And ( for men and women who guard their chastity , and for man and women who engage much in Allah's remembrance , for them has Allah prepare forgiveness and great reward ) 4 .
And ( then do thou receiver their fealty , and pray to Allah for the forgiveness , for Allah is off-forgiving , most merciful ) 5.
   One of the tangible facts that can be easily recognized by experience is that the ( kasnazni Tarriqa ) is basically a spiritual method inspired by prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) it is not religious sect or political movement , but it purely Islamic .
    Since Muhammad (P) represents Qura'n in all of its characteristics and deeds whom Asi'sha ( may Allah be pleased with her ) said about " His character was inspired by Qura'n , the kasnazani Tarriqa then is practical and spiritual applications of the who Quranic texts .
   Being so , Attariqa has given woman leading and respectable position in being equal with man to build the Islamic society .
    The sacred tie of marriage based on mutual understanding is considered by Attariqa , a prerequisite for successful marriage . To follow the sunnah of Muhammad (P) is a guarantee for a voiding slavery and whims separation of man and woman on shallow bases is a grave insult to woman and a real offense to her contribution in society .
  Woman has a very important educational role , for she in one of the bases or which the Islamic family built . Attariqa regards  woman as the first step to educate the Islamic generations , and as the school from which the troops of men , believers and armed with faith graduate ; of them the holy-fighters , scientist , jurisprudents righteous , leaders , and the brave knightrs with whom Allah conquers territories and countries . If woman is full of the Islamic principles , values and teachings , she can be the ideal and pioneers , thus , her positive effects will clear in her children in the range of her family forming a family conveying the good morals . This family achieves safety and peace and a happy and cooperative life in a united society . This united society is what Attariqa looks for and regards as one of its noble aims to achieve the cultural and human progression in all fields and levels .
   It sounds that the end of Attariqa and its noble role is to form a deep-rooted and perfect family . This can not be achieved only through a virtuous woman who the Islamic spiritual sides which make her a brilliant light illuminating the way to her children and guiding them to the right way which Allah chooses to the humankind to do the message of the succession on earth .
   Woman , in addition to her message as a mother , went on her worshipping to Allah and believing in Mohammadan message (P) many woman were prominent in faith and doctrine . They followed the way of Sufism such as Rba's Al-Adawia , Raba's Ashamie and Ma'ath Al-Adawia etc , Eachone of them had situations , revelations and insights Among these , Raba'a Al-Adawia was the most famous one . She was the first woman in the Amaeian age who expressed the divine love she was elated with her soul above the world of materials . She become the people's gossip not only in Iraq , but in every age and place when those pious and deep religious were mentioned . She proved that woman , by her sincerity , chastity and transept proximate men in knowledge , religiousness and piety , and she had the priority to get the marks in the race-course of approaching Allah's presence . In her following the right way , woman did not stop at Riba'a Al-Adawiya and her companions , she proceeded on the way of Sufism generation after generation . She carried the flag of chastity , purity and legal competition . There were many women whom the vanities of live could not tempt ; their souls were elevated . They stood firmly against the hurricanes of life and self . Their love of Allah was full of piety mixed with religiousness . The case is with the Kesnezanian women who has been and still full of Allah's love and her heart is active with faith . She worships remembers and obtains high besides her guiding and education of the Women-Mureed . She runs the Tekia and presides the Sessions of teaching religious . As Attariqa Al-Kesnazania is characterized as being extension to the Muhammadan message , and a motion to give a rebirth of the Islamic religion , it did not discriminate between man and woman . It gives one his duty and freedom of conduct as has been and still Islamic ; the most generous creatures is the most religious and pious one Islamic ; the most generous creatures is the most religious and pious one . ( The most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you )
    The equality of woman to man is there in the religious legal rights and duties and the real participation in the public life since the beginning of creation Al-Mighty Allah says , ( And we said " O Adam ! dwell those and thy wife in the garden ) 6
    This verse indicates the real participation of woman to her husband in life whether in easiness or hardship still the enemies of Islamic accuse it as haring discriminated between man and woman in the social fields when they look at the holy verse , ( Men are the protectors and maintainers of women) 7 . The world a protectors . is an exaggeration from of the hat man has a wider field of work than woman . This is socially different from that of woman . Man's responsibility is to supply his family with living means and the sufficient protection from dangers . This does not mean that man has the basic duties unless they have disobedience to Allah .
     Islam gave women the freedom to work and have high positions . Many women became very famous for their literature competitions and their attending the meetings of knowledge and jurisprudence . In the Islamic Path ( The jurisprudent did not make exception in the rights between the two sexes but in the great Caliphate ; otherwise it was narrated that Omer bin Al-Khattab entrusted Ashafa'a the market , who was a woman from his tribe . Also it was related that Al-Imam Abu Hanifa authorized woman to be a judge of financial affairs . But other Imam authorized her to judge in all matters . Abu Hazm was prominent in this equality depending on the holy vers ( If Ye judge among people , judge with justice )8 which is directed to man and woman in general .
   It is clear from this that Islam has prepared many mental and educational opportunities to the Muslim-woman . If she exploits them wel, she will reach from the level of animal behaviour to that of the high sciences when it calls to teach woman and the interest in cultivating her and her culture . It opened many fields before her and authorized to go into the field of work which cope with her nature , as the prophet (P) said ( Looking for knowledge is a duty imposed or each Muslim and woman Muslim ) .
  Attariqa's interest in teaching woman the rules of religion , worship , and creating an equality between man and woman goes back to the interest of Islam in this principle , for worship and religiousness is Allah's command to all of his servants . Al-mighty Allah says ( I have only created jinn and men , that they may serve me ) 9.
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