The course of Attariqa is a mans cure from every disease . The end of this course is to get to the rank of chastity accomplishment which is the most vital side of the Islamic spiritual life . It is a contemplation and purification of mans situation in life . Al-Mighty Allah says , ( Truly be succeeds that purifies it ) ( 1 )
    There would be no reformation without constringing of the limbs and restraining of the instincts . Attariqa is a means of progression and resurrection which cultivates the human personality . The behaviour will resurrection which cultivates the human personality . The behaviour will be performed with its instructionally and the morals would be putrefied with its values . Society , will , then be related with them . It forms the boundary of man social problems and crises . The followers are put psycho-analysts working to heal the disease of others , for they are as Al-Muhasibi says in his book Al-Mahabah the look by the light of divine prudence at the hearts . They were ordered to console the others suffering hearts( 2 )
  Attariqa is a cure which the doctor tried its drug himself so that he may make others make use of it . Attariqa is , as Al-Hassan Al-Nawawi says , not theoretical contents or extracts . It is conduct , i.e., a base of life and society . And as Al-Juniad-may Allah sanctify his spirit said , we do not follow Sufism as being gossip , but hunger , avoidance of life and cut ties with familial matters and pleasures ( 3 )
   From this comes the importance of Attariqa and the socieys need for it . From their interior life , the venerable Sheikhs could drive the means to cure the hearts sickness ; bandage the wounds and have the sacrifice as slogan to them . Allah says , (But give them preference over themselves , even though poverty was (own lot)( 4 )
    Therefore it equips the followers of Attariqa with new spiritual values that enable him to overcome the temptations of material life . psychological stability achieved then to overcome all sorts of problems .
   Thus , Attariqa makes life a means rather than an end of which takes his sufficient share denying all mundane temptations . He then , possesses his free will and resists all kinds of desires and wishes .
   It is important here to mention that the interrelation of the Holy deeds (Jihad) with Attariqa , for those who pretend jurisprudence have accused the followers of Attariqa with retreat , refraining from forsaking , but the reality is completely different .
   The followers have recorded bright papers in the history of Islam . We can see how Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gailani , had put faith in many breasts and affirmed the doctrine of (Jihad) holy-war for Muslims against the crusader . His mystical school in Baghdad was but a very important place for faith whose fruit was picked by the leader Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayoubi who made victory on the crusade armies)( 5 )
  The followers of Attariqa led the public in fighting against Spain and the Portugess and many of them died as martyrs .
  The were shelters to people in calamities besides the social services the benevolence , consolation and fraternity they show . It is worthy to be mentioned that Attariqa is characterized by the human , international tendency which is open to all the other religions and races , Allah says (We sent thee not , but a mercy for all creatures)( 6 ) and He says ( Verily , this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah and I am Your lord and cherishes , therefore serve me ( and no other)( 7 )

He also says (And verily this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah and I am your Lord and Cherishes therefore , fear ma (and no other)( 8 )

  If Islam by origins is open towards the other races ,i.e., there is on distinction between one Muslim  and another who differ in race , Language , color , place or time , but on the standard of righteousness : ( verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is ) the most righteous of you) ( 9 )
   Attariqa has widened the horizons which Islam made for the other religions . The safe , open and desired was consequently achieved , for Attariqa is open , comprehensive to all religions and to the human experience sympathetic with the other spiritual trends and courses and it gathers all the Muslims together as brothers in each different time and place . Allah says (But if the enemy incline towards peace . Do them (also) incline towards peace )( 10 )
   The first content revealed to Muhammad (P) by Gabriel is to tell people with its genuine opening : ( in the name of Allah , the merciful and compassionate) and all of us know the indications , evidences and epigrams this contact has which tongues fail to express . It emphasizes Islam in the religion of fraternity and love .    
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