(May the blessings and peace of Allah be on him Sublimity)
    To probe the reality of the eclectic prophet , Muhammad (may the Blessing and peace of Allah be on), is highly recalcitrant since Allah , Most high , alone knows his actual identity . Human beings , intelligent as they are , fail in comprehending the glory of this divine light which is conceited in our prophet . Glory to Allah , full of Grace and Mercy , in his holy Quran endured the chosen One There has come to you from Allah a new light and a perspicuous Book)    . This wondrous divine illuminative (The rabbani light) is the basic and sole stake of our Universe and its cause of existence . It is , However , the denominator of every being . Ibin Nabata Al-Massri delightfully portraits this fact by saying :
    Without Him no land no horizon , no history nor creation or generation would be .
   Without him no spiritual implications for straight way .
    Nor land for the Spirit for revelation .
    Thus it seems logical to speak gloriously about some of his splendours and divine qualities specified in our holy Quran . To the praiseworthy indeed be praised we welcome him to be welcome by the wellbeloved messenger of Allah , Glory to him , proclaims in Al-Tuba Sura , Ayat 33 In the name of Allah , most Gracious and merciful lIt is He who has sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion even though the pagans may detest2 

    Depending on this Ayat we may exalt in fath our exploration of some celestial features allotted to Propet Muhammad by Allah , Most High . He says He who sent his messenger Allah the Truth does not identify His messenger but one feels with sure that the inspired one is Muhammad . Ambiguity in this phase is deliberate to refering to Muhammad (Muhammad the messenger of Allah) . Scholars generally believe that such phenomenon is labeled Title assignment The semantic reference of the title does not deprive other prophets and apostles  of being Messenger of Allah like Muhammad . The phrase proposes that this attribution is completed and fulfilled in the very personality of Muhammad , this also entails that the revelation had come ,(He who has sent his messenger), with Muhammad as he greatest . among his messenger . al-Mighty Allah continues His description by stating (With guidance and the religion of Truth)
  We may also observe that guidance is opposite to going astray and the religion of truth is palatable with the situation i.e. the truth is applicable to the world state de facto . For Islam is the religion of inspiration and spiritual revelation ,a state which has clearly reviewed in the prophetic Hadith (Every newly born is being delivered with an inborn good until being Christianized or turned into Jewish y his parents)3  . Islam , then is the religion of truth because of its comparability with nature already forged by Allah, the merciful .
    Further more , Allah says (to proclaim it over all religion). The verb proclaim  refers to the pronoun ( ) which is supposed to have a nominal antecedent . In this Ayat we have two nouns viz.,(the messenger and the religion . To refer to messenger the Ayat can be interpreted as being (acquainted with . The term religion is made definite  by the definite article Pal-() . Thus the phrase would be interpreted as (He who had sent His messenger with guidance and with the religion of Truth to be acquainted with all the religious)4 .
  But if he antecedent of the pronoun is religion the meaning is to be mapped differently . The Ayat (It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of Truth to proclaim it over all religion even the pagans may detest ) can be explained as follows : He who had sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of Truth to proclaim new position over other religions , therefore , it is obvious that he revelation of Islam can be justified by the formula figuring the actions and their reactions which is Muhammad himself .Muhammad , may the
Blessings and peace of Allah be on him , was granted by Allah . Most High , with a wide spectrum of celestial and divine qualities . Imam Al-Shafi states All graces or mercy bestowed on prophets and messengers and all divine grants endowed to a prophet are established through our prophet Muhammad (may the blessing and peace of Allah be on him) who said (I was a prophet while Adam was between water and mud stage of creation)5 Allah , Most High , graced him before revelation . This fact is decisively settled in Al-Quran . Allah says (Behold , Allah took the Covenant of the prophets saying , I give you a Book and Wisdom . Then comes to you a messenger confirming what is with you . So you believe in him and render him help . Allah said , do you agree and take my Covenant as binding on you ? they said we agree He said , then  bear witness and I am with you among the witness)6

     We may infer that the Muhammad light is emitted in all directions to prophets and messengers . Al-Busseiri rightly states .
   All signs of miracles made by other apostles are but a reflection of his illumination .
    He is the Sun and they are its moons they reflect its brightness in the darkness.
    Muhammad high estimation above other prophets and apostle is legitimate . It is not negated by his Ayat (We make no distinction between one another of his messenger) 7 .

   The distinction between messenger is  based on their belief to believe or not .
   Allah , Most Gracious , said in other occasions that Those messenger we endowed with gifts some above others)8

   Prophet of Allah is gifted with the utmost divine graces . Thus  Allah says (Muhammad is not the father of any of your men , but he is the messenger of Allah and the first and the last of all Prophets and Allah has full knowledge of all things)9

     This call is delivered by Allah , The Truth , to all mankind when He says (Muhammad is not the father of any of your men) . So Muhammad is not be treated as an ordinary man because of his divine prestigious position . Allah , Al-Mighty , continues (but he is the messenger of Allah and the first and last of all prophets). As mentioned above the epithet messenger of Allah reflect the high estimation and preference of Muhammad upon others .
    Lets try now questioning the term   in (   the first and last of all prophets )with fathatu short central low unrounded vowel and not with kasratu-short front high unrounded vowel . The world is the final or the seal but   means the initial and the final . The ring in Arabic () is called so because it surrounds the finger from all direction . Allah , Most High , in this Ayat states that Muhammad is the ideal of all other prophets He , Al Mighty , ends the Ayat by saying (And Allah has full knowledge of all things). The divine reference to the identity of Muhammad assures that only Allah knows the nature of such celestial identity .
    Only Allah , Most High , can guide some chosen group to understand the identity of Muhammad . He confirms this fact by saying (Allah does not guide whom He will to His light) 10

  Mighty Allah commands all His servant to bless prophet Muhammad , He says (Allah and is angles send blessings on the prophet : You that believe send your blessing on him and salute him respectfully)11
   This rabbani (divine) command is figured in a new Quraanic image distinguished from the set of other divine commands . Allah , Most High , ordered his prophet by saying (establish regular prayers at the suns decline)12

And said (You who believe fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you . That you may learns self-restraint)13

   And he said (The law equality is prescribed to you in cases of murder)14 then , he said (Pilgrimage there to is a duty men we to Allah those who can afford the journey)15

   Such commands need an action to fulfill . But , when Allah ordered to bless prophet
Muhammad another formula was used . This can be observed in (Allah and His angles send blessings on the prophet)16

He started with blessings to indicate the prestigious effects of blessings on the prophet , Such blessing however is an hounour and duty at the same time . In the above Ayat one feels the notion that Allah says He and His angles send blessings on his beloved Muhammad so you , man , should bless Muhammad to be at His presence .
   On the other hand the manner of blessings reviewed in the Ayat triggers a number of questions stipulated  by the companion of prophet Muhammad . They asked the prophet after learning the procedures of blessing how we can bless you ? Muhammad (may the blessing and peace of Allah be on him) responded (say O Allah pray on Muhammad and his relatives as you had prayed on Ibrahim and his relatives ; and grace Muhammad and his relatives as you graced Ibrahim and his relatives in the worlds , you are gracious and merciful).
    To review such actions and their fulfillment one can infer that in (Establish regular prayers as Suns decline)17
   He created starting with declaring Allah is the Greatest and ends with asking with peace be on you In commanding Muslims to pay Al-Zakat Allah , Al-Mighty , specified an annual tax to be levied on mans capital wealth . In commanding all Muslims to conduct the blessings Allah said (send your blessings on him and salute him)18
   Those who believe said (O Allah pray on Muhammad and his relatives as you had prayed on Ibrahim and his relatives ; and grace Muhammad and his relatives as you had graced Ibrahim and his relatives in the worlds . You are gracious and merciful) . This indicates that the servants of Allah authorize the blessing on prophet Muhammad to Allah ,Most High . It might be visualized in the following manner . Muslims proclaim that is not easy for us to bless the messenger of Allah since He and His angles send their blessing on him . Some interpreters of Quran state that the order of blessing is the only divine order all servants of Allah are disable to fulfill . In it all weakness , self-interest , devotion and humility are classified .
   Allah , Most Gracious and Merciful , had not forsaken his Prophet . He , Al-Mighty , assured this fact (by the glorious morning light , and by the night when it is still , your guardian Allah had not forsaken you nor is He pleased)19
     Muhammad was clear when compared to the divine care endowed to Moses , peace be upon him. Allah said (to be cared for by me) but about Muhammad (you are in our eyes) Moreover , the date appointed to meet Moses was (When we made appointment with Moses for forty night) but for Muhammad the care had never forsaken (Your Gardian Allah had not forsaken you nor is He pleased).
     Many scholars have tacked this prestigious position of Muhammad comprehensively (blessing be on him) . Sheikh Muhi Aldeen bin Al- Arabi probed this glorified fact and named it as (The Muhammadian fact). He considered it as the pillar of the dome of existence . It is the link between Allah , the Truth , and mankind . It is the driving power of all elements . Ibin Al-Arabi confirmed the definite fact by saying that  Allah , Al-Mighty , having created human being , He classified them into a number of classes , in each the selectives , in  each the illuminate , i.e. the believers . He chose some awliya (saints) from the believers from them He selected the Prophets from the believers He selected the purity (Al-Naqawah) . They are prophets of limited doctrines . From the purity He chose a selectives elite i.e. all the messengers of Allah . Allah , Most High , prophesized the chosen one of them as the prominent amongst all the creation. Al-Mighty Allah made him the lofty pillar of the dome of existence . On him all phenomenon are based and Allah had educated him even before creating Adam-that is Muhammad (may Allah pray on him)20
   Al-Qashani started in this concern following (Muhammad is the first in the assignment who is assigned some Unilateral ego , through him a number of assignment appeared . He is comprehensive and cover all the assignments . He is one and only one . No one likes his order and nothing supersedes him but the Unilateral ego . Thus He greatest name is his . The name of this prophetic sayings might be interpreted his way when he says I was prophet while Adam was between water and mud . since is the seal of all prophets . He also says I ve granted with all verbal expression . He is the preferred prophet instead fastness and rank Muhammad is the source of all assignment . He is the cosmic space between the Unilateral ego and all creatures21
   Ahmed Shawqi says :
  What , you have , prestige amongst prophets ; you the highest heaven .
  Non compared to your knowledge and features to be attended .
  They acquire some features as the image of stars reflected on water .
     In brief , Muhammad is the light of all prophets . He is the source of existence and the foremost assignment of the Unilateral ego . From him all assignments have been created . Thus , he is the Lord of mankind and the seal of all prophets .
    The ;ate Al Bakri summarizes this fact in saying :22
   A spectrum of illumination shows in all affairs expanded or repelled .
    An origin of all covers with favours the universe .
     It exists in odd number in science specific or pure .
    It begot a figure who begot human figures justice established by him .
    A puzzle puzzles all a treasure in sea in the depth lied 
    The main and greatest means of Allah for his servants is the chosen one-Muhammad (May the blessings and peace of Allah be on him) . Al-Mighty says (O you who believe do your duty to Allah and seek the means of approach unto Him). Maida Sura , Ayat 38 23
   He is certainly our means and the means of our father Adam . Therefore , to gain forgiveness and Allahs , Most High , favour one should love prophet Muhammad and seek spiritual links with him .
    It is most harmful and loathsome the current refutable discussion concerning whether Muhammad has Special prestigious position or not .
    To Probe such fact is an act of repudiation and depravity . The prophets rank can be summarized par excellence by : ( When they were unjust to themselves , and came to you and asked Allahs forgiveness and the messenger had asked forgiveness for them they would found Allah indeed oft-returning most merciful)24
      The sublimity of prophet Muhammad may be clarified in His assignment of means of living to him . It is said that the prophet said (Allah gives the means of living and I distribute them) . His Companions always say (This is the gift of Allah and His Messenger).   He who says the following truly states the following :
   What a mercy the compassionate sends , elevated or descended .
   Taha the chosen one and His prophet is its means  .
    He is the link comprehended by all so depend on him he is our everlasting intercession .
    To refute the argument against prophet Muhammads prestige we choose two types of blessings of Al-Kasnazani to indicate the high rank of our illuminative lights of Allah , His decisive sword and greatest vice-regent- Muhammad the praiseworthy .
 The functional blessing by late Ibin Mashish
            (O the Allah sand your blessing on the one who uncovered the mysteries , light pulsed realities highlighted , miracles bestowed on Adam , and all beliefs are belittled  . Bless the one who designs the divine entity and illuminators the greatest . Every thing is linked to him . He is the means of every power)25 
 The blessing of Magic by Mustapha Al-Bakri .
     (O the Allah send your blessing , salute and grace the noblest of all cosmic universe and bless and salute prophet Muhammad the cause of knowledge declaration . Bless the noblest of the nobles and the cause of existence )26 


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