His Surname 
The master of Paradises youth  and a sweet basil of Allahs messenger and Abu-Abdullah .

His Birth 
He was born in the fourth year of holy migration and he brought up between his parents , and his grandmother educated him .

His Status 
The prophet (P) said about him and about his brother ( They are my sweet basil in paradise ) and (they are master of paradises youth ) .

His Traits 
Our master Al-Hassan looked like the prophet what between the head and chest and Al-Hussein looked like the prophet what under that .

His Karamat 
 -  The old man who helped to kill Al-Hussein heard each one who helped to kill Al-Hussein , did not die until wounding scourge . He said ( I have participated in kill him and no misfortune matter afflicted  me) , then he stood to the  lamp to fix it , the fire awakened and afflicted him and he was calling fire , fire until he died
- Abi Awn said : when Al-Hussein bin Ali had left Al-Madinah for Mecca , he crossed Ibin Mutea while he was digging a well and he said To where , my father and mother gives their life to you , said to Mecca and he mentioned to him that his followers there had written to him , Ibn Mutea said enjoy us by yourself and do not go to them ) but Al-Hussein refused , Ibn Mutea I have filtered my well now , and If you invoke Allah to give it your blessed , said give me from its water   , he did , then Al-Imam drunk from the water and rinsed and he returned it to the well , The water became sweet and much . 

His Life
 In the battle which he died as a martyr he said :
- I am Alis son from bni Hashim and that is full of pride .
-  My grandmother is the best who walked and we are the light of Allah .
-  And Fatima my mother is Ahmeds progeny and my uncle called the one who has two wings Jafar .
- the book of Allah was descended to us and we have right way and revelation and the goodness .
- Um Salamah said The prophet (P) sat in my house and said no one come upon me , so I waited but Hussein come upon him , I heard the prophets voice when he was crying , so I looked then I found Hussein in his lap and the prophet rubbed of Husseins head , then I said I did not know while he had came , said Gerbil was with us and he said Do you love him , I said yes said your nation will kill him in a land named Karbala and Gabriel take some of its soil  and whenAl-Hussein killed said what is the name of this place they said Karbala . I said (the prophet said the truth it is trouble and distress .
- Ali said Al-Hussein will kill and I know where he will kill near of two rivers .

His Death
He died at the day of Ashora in Al-Taf famous battle .


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