(peace be upon him)

The sun of knowledges  and the moon of universality , the owner of perfect knowledge and comprehensive truth .

His Name 
Al-Baqir , he was named by it because he split opened  the knowledge , meant he knew its origin and mark of its hiding places .

His Surname
Abu Jafar .

His Birth 
He was born in Al-Madina Al-Monawrah in the third of Safar in 57 H .

His Sons 
Jafar Al-Sadiq , Abdullah were from Faewa bint Al-Qasim bin Mohammed bin Abi Bakir . and Ibrahim , Ali , Zienab , and Um Salamah

His Mother
Um Abdullah , Fatima bint Al-Hassan bin Ali ..

His Tarriqa (Sufism method)
He was loyal t his Lord and he was a model to the people of Sufism , the worship and the ascetic , and the hounorable of the greatest prophet announced  in him as the grand companion Jabber bin Abdullah Al-Ansari narrated when he said : the prophet told me that you will stay untie you will. See a man from my sons , he is the most man who look like me and his name likes my name , tell him I salute him and when Jaber became old and he was afraid of the death he was saying ( Ya Baqir , Ya Baqir , where are you ? until he saw him then he fell down kissing his hands and legs  , and said (my father and mother give their life for you  , your father saluted you , and he dressed the gowns of devoutness and he was lightened by the pure certainty and he remembered Allah to much and he had humble heart and much knowledge and he prayed in each day and night 50 bows with the written bows . , and his tears were speed and his laughter and his sadness were little  and his crying was too much and his servant narrated that I went with him on pilgrimage and when he entered to the mosque looked at Al-Kaba and he cried too much with high voice . I said : My father and mother give their life for you , the people are looking at you , please lower your voice . 
He said why do not I cry ? may Allah look at me by mercy m then  I will wing by it with him tomorrow . and after he laughed he said O God , Do not abominate   me ? .
Although he was a distinguishing personality of knowing men in his time and a master of believers but he was submission and humble between the hands of his Lord , and he said inside himself you order me but I did not  , you warned me but I wasnt warned , this worshipper between Your hands and I did not apologize . Once he lose his mule and he said If Allah return it to me , I would praise him too much Suddenly the mule was come with its saddle and bridle and  then he rode of it and said praise be to Allah and he did not exceeded ! the others said Is this only ?!
he said Did I leave anything ? I make all the praise to Allah    

His Contemporaneous Men 
Al-Sheikh Hassan Al-Basri , Al-Sheikh Habeeb Al-Ajmi , Sufean Al-Thawri , Sufean bin Aineah and Abu Hanifah Al-Nuaman . 

His Habitation 
Al-Madinah Al-Monawrah .

His Karamat and Blessed 
The family of the prophet still have Karamat and unusual actions every one has not this divine providence can not do them , our master Al-Imam Al-Baqir had divine visions and divine knowledge and he often  uncovered and from these Karamat :
-Al-Imam Al-Baqir was in the prophetic mosque when Al-Mansour and Dawood bin Suleman come upon him before bni Al-Abas took the caliphate , Dawood said to Al-Baqir Who prevent him to come ? ,  he said he has refuse .
-He said The life will not end until this man will hold the affair of the creatures and he will tread on the necks of men and he will own the east and the west and his age will be old until he will collect a lot of treasures of money . Dawood told Al-Mansour in this say and he came to him and said what prevent me to come to you only your sublime and he asked him about what he told Dawoood ? and he said Is your reign before your reign ? , he said Yes , he said the time of bni Umeah is longer or our time ?
-He said your time is longer and your youth will play in the reign as they play in the ball , my father told me in this and when Al-Mansour became the Caliphate , he amazed from his say .
- Malik Al-Juhaini said , (I was siting at Al-Baqir and I looked at him and said to my self , (Allah has glorified you and made you Hujah on his creation.) He turned to me and said , (You Malik , It is great then what you had thought.)
- Al-Imam owned sharp insight and he looked by the eye of his heart as the others looked by eye of the head as Allah says ( it will be said to the sinners : indeed you were heddless of this > Now we have removed from you your covering and sharp is your sight this day ) .
- Malik Al-Juhaini said , (I was siting at Al-Baqir and I looked at him and said to my self , (Allah has glorified you and made you Hujah on his creation.) He turned to me and said , (You Malik , It is great then what you had thought.).
- Abdullah Ibin Ataa Al-Macki said , (Once I longed for Abu Jafar Al-Baqir which I was in Meeca . I went to Yathrib in so eager for him . I caught a bad flu before  I had reached his house . At midnight I reached his housed . I stood at the door thinking whether I had to nock at it or wait till morning . While I was in that state , I heard him telling his maid to open the door , for Abu Ataa had caught a bad flue .
-  And from his knowledge his speech to the plants and animals and their response to him as what Abad bin Katheer narrated : I asked Al-Baqir about the faithfuls right at Allah , he turned his face aside , when I asked him thrice , he said , (The faithfuls right at Allah is that if he said to that palm-tree come . it will come at once . (I looked at the palm-tree which he refereed to and I found it moving towards us (He then said , he pleased I did not mean to call you) .
-  and nothing was hidden on him  , once a denying man come upon him and he wanted to test him and he saluted and sat . Al-Baqir said what is your job .
 He said ( I buy the wheat )
He said ( you are liar ) .
He said ( may be the barley) .
He said ( No , you buy the stone and you will as straying) , this man after a period the people asked about this man someone said he died before three days and he wasstraying .
Al-Imam Al-Baqir was knowing and spokesman In truths and Allah bestowed upon him  by the unusual actions and discoveries and he gave him from divine providence what he can uncover to others what was hidden on their eyes from the truths and knowledges , Ibn Baseer (he was a blind man ) narrated that I  said to Al-Baqir ( Are you the issue of the prophet ? ) He said (yes) . and I said (Is the prophet the inheritor of the prophet ?) . He said ( Yes) , I said ( Did you inherit the prophet ?) , he said (Yes) and I said ( Can you give the life to the deaths and recover the blind and the leper and tell the people about what they are eating and saving ?) , he said (yes , by the permission of Allah ) and he said ( Come to me ) So I did and he rubbed of my face by his hand  and then I was looking at the sky and earth and I saw them , and then  he rubbed of on my face his hand so I returned I did not see anything .

The Imam of the followers of Attariqa , Al-Imam Al-Baqir is the fourth Imam in our Tarriqa Al-Alya and from its golden wing and he is the divine folld flowing through our masters the family of the prophet (peace be upon them ) ..

His Death
 He transferred to the world of witnesses and the truth (Haq) in 114 H and he was carried from Al-Hemia to Al-Madinah and he was burried in the garden of Al-Baqea in his drees whivh he prayer in . His old was 57 years .

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