Mohammeds password , the branch of timeless tree and the knowledge of knowing men and the best worshipper and delight of the eyes of lovers .

His Name 
Ali bin Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib .

His Surname
Zien Al-Abideen because of his much of his prayers .
-Ali the smallest distinguishing from his brother Ali the biggest (who died as a martyr in Kerbalaa .
-Thou Al-Kherateen because he was the best of Arab and Persians .
Al-Sajad because the much of his prostration .
-Thou Al-thafnat because the influence of the prostration in his face .
-Abu Al-Hussein .
-Abu Mohammed .
-Abu Abdullah .

His Birth
He was born in Al-kufa 38.H .

His Sons
Muhammed Al-Bakqir , Abdullah Al-Baher (and they were from Fatima bin Al-Hassan bin Ali) , Al-Hassan , Al-Hussein , Abdul Al-Rahman , Suleman , his daughters were Khadija , Fatima , Aulea , and Um Kalthoom .

His Mother 
Sulafa bint Yazdegered , the last king of Persians and her Surname was (Shahrnah) and she fell with her sister within the Persians captives .

His Tarriqa (Sufism method)
Attariqa Al-Alya took it from his father Al-Hussein .

His Contemporaneous Men
 Al-Sheikh Hassan Al-Basri , Salim bin Abdula bin Omar , Al-Qassim bin Mohammed bin Abi Bakir , Al-Zuhri , Al-Shouabi and Ibn Sereen .

His Habitation 
Al-Madinah Al-Munawrah .

Spiritual Life and His Sufism 
He was descendent of house of prophecy , the flag of knowing men and light stand of who were guided by him and he was a perfect example of  teaching us what must be between the servant and his Lord , and he was a typical of humble and lover his Lord and he had ecstasies taking him from his self and all the life as the prophet (P) said ( I owned  hours with Allah no prophet or angel can include me ) , It is a thirst of light to its origin and part to the all , and he said
- I have hidden from my knowledge its jewels
-So as not to the ignorant see the knowledge and he seduced us  . 
-My lord , the essence of knowledge If I don not hidden it .
-The other will say you worship the idol .
-and the religious men will regard my blood as lawful .
-and see the ugliest what they do is good .
and from his specific spiritual status we took these examples :
-if he performed the ritual ablution his face became yellow and when his family said to him what is the  matter he said Do you know between any hands I perform ritual prayer ?.
-His  cleanness became near the time of his collect and he put his hand in the dish and he raised his head to the heaven and moon and planets and he thought in their creation until the morning and his hand in the dish yet and he did not feel it ! 
-And when he was staying in his prayer his color changed and he prayed in each day and night 1000 bows .
-His house burned when he prostrated and they said Ya the son of the prophet , the fire but when he raised his head the fire went out so he did not feel it .
-and from another side , the spiritual life of Al-Imam had another side and  it took shape through his ties with his family and Mureeds followers and friends but even with his envies and it reflects the external of clearness of the Imams mirror and the extent of clearness of his mind and self taken from the light of his greatest grandmother .
-He took care of the poor men
-He did not eat with his mother in one side , and he said I am afraid that my hand may precede to what her eyes preceded to it .
-He always carried the bag of bread on his back at night and he gave it to the poor and he said the hidden charity goes out the anger of the Lord and when he gave the charity to the poor ,he kissed him ! .
-There were  people from Madinah living and they did not know from where their food came but when he died they loosed what was given at night ?
-Some one talked about him and fabricate up him . He said to him If I am as you say I ask Allahs forgiveness but if not I ask Allah to forgive you   and kissed his head , and the man said   I give my life for you  ,  you are not as I said . Forgive me  .
He said I ask Allah to forgive you  and he said  : Allah knows where he put his message .
-Husham bin Abdul Malik went to pilgrimage before he became the caliphate of Muslims and he want to touch the stone but he could not because of the crowded of people but when Ali Ibn Al-Hussein came , the people stood for him and they withdraw to make him touch the stone , someone said to Hisham Who is that ? . He said I do not know him , Al-Farzdaq when he heard that said poem :
-This is the best of Allahs worshipper .
-this is the righteous , pure and distinguished personality .
-this is Al-Bathaa knows his treading on .
-the house  , lawful and taboo know him about to the knowledge of his palm .
-the corner of Al-Hateem about to touch his palm If he comes .
- when Qureish saw him someone of them said to his generosity the generosity ends .
-this is the Fatimas son I you do not recognize him .        
-the prophets of Allah completed by his grandmother .
- your saying (who is that?) is not harm him because the Arab and non-Arab know whom you denied .

His Imamate Of the Followers Of Atttariqa .
Al-Imam Zien Al-Abideen was Imam the all and he was the  perfect educator and spiritual inheritor who inherited his father and grandfather , Al-Imam Ali,  in the knowledge , religious devotion and worship in Attariqa and the truth , and through this choice from Golden chain , the most of Sufism ways were flowed from its pleased perfume , many the owners of taste and knowledge took from him and so the Imams of confirmation and certainty . and he had collects taught them to his Mureeds and he made desirous of adoption from blessing of their lights to help them to walk in the pat of Allah and he was knowing in mysteries of the self and its knowledge and degrees and How we can struggle and purificate it and he taught his followers the means of advancement to ladders of sanctuary , and hee took the hands of his followers to pass the difficulties of the path and he considered the life as the first of these difficulties and he warned them from it and its seduction and he always uncovered its fancy to them .                                  

His Karamate And Blessed  
His karamate was much , Allah said in them ( And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless) they had from Allah the management and will in their self and selves of others , but they chose the acceptance and authorization and they authorized their affairs to what the lover had chosen as the prophet (P) did when he said (why not I will be thankful worshipper) . for examples :
-Abdul Al-Malik bin Marwan brought him and he was bound and Al-Imam Al-Zuhri entered to see him off and he cried and said I hope I am in your place .
He said Do you think , this is disturbed me ?
If I wish this was not happened and this has remembered me in the punishment of Allah , and he got out his legs and hands from ties and threw them and he returned them and he had divine knowledge and apparent visions for examples :
-Abdul Al-Malik wrote to Al-Hajaj bin Joseph and then < look at the blood of bni Abdul Mutalib and avoid them because I saw the Sufians family when they spilled in them , they did not stay along , and he posted it in secret , and he said to him keep it but Al-Imam was revealed by it when it was written , and he wrote to Abdul Al-Malik you wrote to Al-Hajaj in this day and this month in secret in our truth the family of Abdul Mutalib and Allah thanbed you this and he posted it with his servant In the same day and when Abdul Al-Malik wrote it , he found its date agreeing with the date of his writing to Al-Hajaj and the date of travel of servant agreeing with the date of travel his messenger and he became happy and sent for him with his servant money and clothes and asked him the Invoke .

His Transmission 
 He died in 49 H and his old was 58 years and he was buried in Al-Baqiea with his uncle Al-Hassan .