موقع الطريقة العلية القادرية الكسنزانية


He was born in (1240 H) in the Northern region of Iraq . The name of Al-Tarriqa Al-Kasnazania is attributed to him .He was a open minded young . He was an excellent model and a pioneer . He was a glowing flame illuminating the dark ways in front of the followers and having the way of his grandfather the Prophet Muhammad-  Peaces be open him- in establishing the Islamic rules and shaping the human spirit on the spiritual rules of the Holy Quran . He devoted himself to Allah forsake all the mundane things . After he received the Bayaa from his uncle Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Qazan Qayat he kept himself off people and devoted himself to commune with his Lord contemplating in Allahs creation . He remained in his seclusion one thousand and six hundred days doing many different holy-works in order to elevate himself to the world of spirit .
    The Prophecy which his father was told about several years before his marriage ,that is he will have a son who will revive the religion , and will be a sign to holy  and Godly instructions, afront to Mohammedan background . Lamp lit by the secrets of the meanings of the holy Quran and the values os Islam , is now achieved .
The beginning of his behaviour and holy-works appeared during his youth then he kept himself off in mountain called Garmat . He kept off the sight of people and none knew his place during his stay in his seclusion which was four years in which he ate the leaves of vegetable and the bricks of pure clay, sitting all his day in remembrance of Allah and praying all the night to approach Allah .
The concealed secret was soon unveiled and people kmew that the one when they thought he was dead is a live . His brother whom Allah had bestowed him with a prophecy from which he knew the place where his brother is.He went once enthusiastically to see his brother till he reached him . He was astonished at what he had seen . He asked him about his food during the time he stayed there , then , the Sheikh handed him a piece of re clay mixed with the leaves of trees and asked him to eat it , when he ate it he left a taste more delicious than anything else . He did not eat anything after it two weeks during which he left a taste more delicious than anything else . He did not eat anything after it two weeks during which he felt neither hungry or thirsty .
Al-Sheikh Al-Ghawth Abdul Karim was called (Shah Al-Kasnazan) which means the Sultan of divination , Allah mighty and sublime He be- says (A.L.M This is the book in it is guidance sure without doubt , to those who fear God , who believe in the unseen are steadfast in prayer and spread out of what we have provided for them)


 The name os Al-Tariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadria was then connected to him . So it was called , from his time till this day , Al-Tariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadria Al-Kasnazania .
Al-Sheikh settled in the village of (Kerbechant) North of Iraq . It became the center of his religious guidance . He built the Takaya in it and constructed the religious school .It became the niche (polestar) of all Mureeds and followers , the pulpit of knowledge and light and the end or the seekers of right and truth .

His Traits
He was a pious righteous and mystic religious man . His career was but Holy-war the self to dispossess it from all the bad qualities and the cling to the Sunnat . He made the Holy-war as his course and comanded his Mureeds to follow his same course in Holy-war , disinfecting and serenity till they become a heap of dust on which the good and evil walk , but only good plant grows in it . In his speech he always repeated the Prophets Peace be open him- Hadith ( The real muslim is that whome muslims are safe with and feel secure from his tongue and hand ) .

His Saying May Allah Sanctify His Spirit -
 He said My son , this life is just an imagination and all what is on it will perish . The concern of the seekers of his life is their life ; the concern of the seekers of the other life . Thus avoid the false invoke . He said What you eat will go away, and will tear away . But what you whether it is good or evil you are going to meet . And going to Allah is inevitable , and the separation between lovers is a promise .
 He also said the beginning of life is weakness and tepidity and its end is death and graves , so connect your heart to Allah and disregard anything else , you have to walk on the way of poor people , keep intent pure from the impurity of suspicious , do not let your heart tend to people , eat dry bread and drink salty water , in legal way , do not eat fresh meat or honey from illegal ways .      
You mureed be aware not to break the poor hearts , be in contact with your relatives and be kind to them , forgive the one who does you wrong and be modest to the one who is proud to you , pay visits to poor people and meet the needs of the orphans . 
After he established the rules of Al-Tariqa , he revived the Sunna and brought back the glory of Islam , the Sultan os divination departed from this life in 1320 H permitted his son Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Shah Al-Kasazani , to be successor of Al-Tariqa .

His Religious Honours (Karamat)
 While he was sitting in a mystical session , he saw a falcon attacking a bird . He raised his hand and addressed that small bird , Come here , Ill protect you. The bird , at one , threw itself at the hand of the Sheikh .
 Once , one of his pious Mureeds asked him to see the prophet peace be open him- in his sleeping for he was very much eager to see him . Al-Sheikh told him that reaching the prophet is not an easy matter , so go to the cave . In the mountain . When the Mureed went into the cave , he found it full of gold and precious things . The Sheikh then said to him I know that you are poor fellow , so take from this gold what will change you to a rich man . The Mureed then said , I spent twenty years of my age doing Holy-war and I will never exchange the other life with his life . I am content with my poverty and I seek no richness , Al-Sheikh then told him You had passed the exam , go and sleep and you will have the honour of seeing the prophet peace be upon him- who said to him Do approach me . My son Abdul Karim had selected you to have the great opportunity to see me ).
 A jewish went to the village of Karbechnat in the time of our Sheikh thinking that he may find at the Sheikh Al-Shah Al-Kasnazani the conjuring minerals into gold , but he declared the real cause of his comong . One day and while Al-Sheikh was going to the water pool where he used to make his ablution he saw that jewish on his way and said to him , what you came for is not our intent, but look at the rock infront of you he referred to it with his finger , then it changed into pure gold and said take it and go , the jewish got surprised and asked the Sheikh why he doesnt make use of this knowledge to live in luxury , If we wished it we would not be granted this status replied the Sheikh . The jewish then professed Islam . Thus Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim Al-Shah Al-Kasnazani abandoned all lifes pleasure , and thus, Allah compensated him the knowledge thereby he changed things into pure gold .
 Al-Sheikh went to Berzenchat to visit his grandfathers and when he get three the dwellers of that village welcomed him and among them were the knowing and religious men . One of the knowing whispered to himself how can  he be Sheikh without a beard when the Sheikh completed his visit to his ancestress tombs and while he was surrounded by many of his Mureed and visitors , he looked at that knowing and said , You Mulla . A beard  is not the reality of worship , but worship is in making the intent pure for Allah ; and piety and holy-war for Allahs sake .
 It happened that in one year the famine was very severe , and thus , people were starving to death and the Sheikh went to a neighboring village to buy some barely and he was accompanied by his nephew who said My uncle , undoubtedly you are one of your times pocks so , why do not you ask Allah to give us money in this year in which people are starting to death ? when ? when ? when Al-Sheikh heard that speech , he referred with his staff to a rock on the way . That rock cleaved many golden out of it . His nephew said My uncle that is enough , we become rich . Al-Sheikh laughed then relied once again to that rock and the golden coin disappeared and said , my son a handlful of barely is quite enough for us . whereas gold is for its seekers .
 Al-Sheikh had a servant . One night and after the midnight Al-Sheikh went to the mountain for worship . When the servant went to his master he heard  him praying near a large rock praying with him . The servant sat near him and then he saw a bird like a dove coming flying slowly of him and talking in a language he could not perceive , Al-Sheikh passed his hand over the birds head and answered it with its language . When Al-Sheikh saw his servant sitting near him asked him never to reveal this secret until he is desd .
  A man narrated that he was infected with a disease in the liver since 1967 A.D and he had visited many doctors many times in vain .  my father was one of the Mureeds of Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim Al-Kasnazani . He told me to seek the blessing of the spirit of Al-Sheikh  and to read Surat . Al-Fatiha as a gift for his chaste soul . H did what my father told me and I slept at that night and I saw while I was sleeping , saying , My son you called for me , what for ? I said to him who are you I am Al-Sheikh Abdoul Karim Al-Kasnazani
he replied and rubbed my belly with his hand and said stand up you are recovered Allahs willing . I woke up , then , I felt not pain and there was no trace of that dangerous disease .

The reference
The Book of Attariqa Al-Alia Al-Qadriah Al-Kasnazaniyah -Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazaniy Al-Hussieny.P381-386.